Monday night I headed on down to St Andrews, Strathfield for G.R.O.W., an initiative led by Matt Dodd and some guys and girls that he was reading the bible with over the last year. I headed in to support the initiative, and ended up running some sound, and taking photos. It was great to see and hear the way in which these young guys are keen to read the bible, and are wanting to bass the baton on, in the spirit of discipleship… Upon further reflection, the movement is very much what we (St Paul’s) do in growth groups; meeting with others to read through the bible and discuss it with people, however, I think that those outside of us would really benefit from such a movement, but for St Paulians, it’s a bit of a hit and miss. It would be good for some to head along in order to support and model these things, but for others it would be more beneficial to keep to our own.
Upon returning home I got to play some Gears of War 3 with some guys for a while, bagging a number of achievements in the play.

Tuesday lunch was our last ever St Paul’s Christmas Party. I was up early to slice and dice tomatoes for a salad, ala Jamie Oliver style. It was a pleasant meal with the family gathering around a number of tables. I continually find it interesting in the way that people gather.
In the evening I threw together some dinner for Jase and I from the leftover tomato salad with some spaghetti and some crispy pancetta, which we enjoyed over some television.

Both Wednesday and Thursday nights were fairly lonely, spending my nights playing some more Gears of War 3, watching some television and dining alone. It’s something that I’m kind of used to, but most of the time I don’t like it, it’s a real tension that I have…

Friday was a hectic day with plenty happening. In the late afternoon we had a knock on the door by one of the locals. She came to tell us that a car from the church carpark had smashed through a garage door… We went out to take a look, making sure that it wasn’t one of our cars. Upon further inspection we found an electric blue falcon that had crashed through the green garage door across the road from church and managed to close it completely behind it. It turns out that the car had been parked up the hill, but had managed to roll down the hill, veered onto the other side of the road, luckily with no oncoming traffic, hit a no parking sign in front of the church, and somehow pull a 90 degree turn straight into this garage….
In the evening we had our SALT leaders end of year bash. We ate and drank before thinking through the last year, and looking forward to next year, unveiling some exciting changes and plans.

Most of Saturday was a complete write off… Things just didn’t go according to plan…. It was infuriating and frustrating. The afternoon and evening were spent playing more Gears

This morning Nic and I continued to wrestle our way through Hebrews, in chapters 3 & 4, looking at the promise of rest. For the remainder of the day, I organised some things for graceat6 tonight, whilst watching some television & movies, before heading down to church to setup for our massive thanksgiving service. The evening was pretty good, though I had plenty of things to be doing… I was publicly thanked for being an awesome guy, though I’m not so sure that I deserve such praise…
When all was packed and finished I came back home for some television and writing…

This coming week should be fairly busy in the lead-up to Christmas…



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