The Sunday Summary [11-52]

This is the final Sunday Summary for the year!! It’s been an eventful 52 weeks, and an interesting way to work through them.

This week has been an especially busy week…

Monday night I headed out to Newtown, in the pouring rain, to see Geoff for our weekly meet up. We dined on chicken, ham, eggs and cheese, read through and discussed Galatians 3 before praying and chatting some more, and listening to some tunes.

Tuesday was a fairly social work day, with about a third of it being spent at Little Rock Cafe in North Rocks. In the evening I headed back to see my folks and have some dinner with them. We ate ocean trout, beef with tomatoes and veggies with rice. After heading home I sat down to some movies and video games before having a bit of a chat and pray with Lairdy.

Wednesday was also really hectic, with many things breaking or falling over in/around the office requiring tech support and repairs all over the place. It was good to head home at the end of the day and just relax.

Thursday the dramas with the office tech were still lurking… In the afternoon I was able to get off-site for a range of chores, including a quick drive up to Berowra with Nicky for more secret design project stuff. It was a successful journey and I can’t wait for the proper unveiling of it. It was also a good chance to chat through a few things…

Friday was a half day of work, meaning that I had to fit more bits and pieces in… We knocked off around midday and went up to Carlingford Village to have yum-cha. After that I went to do some shopping errands around North Rocks, Castle Hill and Carlingford before touch. It was a really good turnout this week with around 25 people on the field, plus spectators in wives and children. I got across the line for a couple of tries, just being in the right place, but missed a few other opportunities… Post game I headed up to Carlingford Court with Dodo, Tina, Luke, Josh, Rick, Helena, Elise, Ashley and Laura for dinner and a quick catch-up. By the time I got home I was absolutely wrecked, so it was off to bed for some extra rest…

Yesterday morning it was up and go again to keep the Christmas gifting going, and then heading off to family friends The Tsim’s for Christmas Dinner between their family and ours. It was a delicious meal, and the company was good too. At present time the two little girls: Poppy & Rose seemed to enjoy my gift of stacking cups the most, running around with them for the rest of the day, and chanting “Stacking Cups! Stacking Cups!“. Sadly I had to depart early due to a developing migrane and retire to my bed to sleep it off. After a few hours sleep and a couple of asprin I was feeling good enough to make it down to the Christmas Eve service practice. After setting up 7 mics for singers, 2 mics for guitars and a synth, it was time for the mix-down and actual service. Everything ran smoothly for the most part. Evan gave the message for the night from Colossians 1:15-24 on Who is Jesus? He is the creator and the saviour. First-born over all creation and from the dead. At the end of the night after packing up and tidying up with a number of conversations spattered throughout, I had to kick out the remaining attendees so I could come home and sleep, just after 1am…

This morning I headed out to my folks place to head to Living Stone Church’s combined Christmas Day service. The pastor John Gurusamy spoke from Luke 1:26-38 and God’s Rescue Plan. His plan is in Jesus, as saviour, as king and as shepherd.
My afternoon was spent watching some Christmas-ish movies, like Love Actually and playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and having a nap before heading off to my folks place for Christmas Dinner with my family and some of Mum & Dad’s friends.

For the next two weeks, I’m on holidays. I honestly think that it will be difficult to not think about work, and I hope to get plenty of bible in during that time; something I’ve been lacking in recently. The plan is also to play some games and clean up both my room and The Flat.


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