Well my first week of holidays has been fairly quiet….

My intentions for the week were to clean up The Flat, but they didn’t eventuate until after Lairdy left for beach mission at Windang on Wednesday. So far I have vacuumed and mopped most of the tiled areas of the flat, bar the common bathroom and launderette, which I plan to do this coming week, cleaned out the fridge of orphaned sauces, jams and condiments (some with a best before date of early 2008…) and wiped down most of the kitchen cupboards (potentially destroying a Vileda cloth in the process). On the agenda this week is my en-suite, the fridge, the oven, kitchen bench tops, and my bedroom (cleaning, ironing and folding).

I’ve also spent a heap of time playing Xbox 360 on Gears of War 3 and Arkham Asylum, boosting my way through achievements. I’m hoping to finish Asylum and move on to Arkham City in the next week or two.

Movies and TV shows have been the other thing that have been taking up my holiday time. So far I’ve caught up on a few shows; Gossip Girl, Grimm, Hart of Dixie and Survivor, and made my way through Breaking In season 1, and all three seasons of How Not to Live your Life, complete with the recent Christmas Special which closes off the series well.

My New Years Eve was spent quietly at home organizing and standardizing my mp3 library. Probably one of the quietest and tamest ones I’ve had for a long time…

Tonight at graceat6, one of our student ministers Pete Davies kicked off a series on Paul’s prayers, from Ephesians 1:15-23. He reminded us that we need to be thankful to God, both in our personal lives and for brothers and sisters in the wider Church/family, pray for growth of our (and the wider Churches) knowledge of God, and that we would know our future hope, worth in God‘s eyes and that we would know God‘s power.
After graceat6 a whole bunch of people headed back to Eliza’s place for dinner and hang-out.

Right now I’m writing this post whilst up against a wall of sound that is the legendary Sasha’s set. It’s been a tremendous journey through a range of progressive sounds from tech to techno to house to pop. So far some of the tracks I’ve heard are:

  • Saints and Sinners – Pushin’ Too Hard (Nic Fanciulli Mix)
  • Bart Skills – Hold Your Horses
  • Guy J & Henry Saiz – Meridian (Pryda Remix)
  • Nero – Reaching Out (Reaching Out)
  • LCD Soundsystem – You Wanted a Hit (Luciano & Sasha Remix)