Passage: Genesis 6:5 – 7:24

Today’s passage is the flood, something that is believed to be common in most historical religious writings, though I don’t think the majority of them explain the source and reason for it such as the bible.
There were a few of things that particularly struck me as I read through the reading today:

  1. From 6:5 – Everything that man thought and planned was evil
  2. It’s not some things, not most things, but EVERYTHING!!! The world, and even a lot of Christians, say that people are inherently good, but I beg to differ, and I think that this passage shows us that it’s not true…

  3. From 6:7 – God says that He is sorry to have ever made man
  4. That’s a pretty big slap in the face for mankind… Not undeserved, but still…

  5. From 7:2 – Take seven pairs of animals that can be used for sacrifice (clean animals)
  6. This is a common Sunday School and childrens story which tells us that 2 of each animal was taken upon the ark, but here we see that Noah is to take more than just the pair of animals for those that are to be used for sacrifice… Even though Noah has found favour with the LORD, he is still, I assume, to make sacrifice to Him.
  7. From 7:16 – the LORD closed the door.
  8. I just love the personal touch of the LORD in this. We’ve seen the breakdown of the relationship in the last reading, but then here we see signs of it coming back together.

We see how much God despises sin from this passage, so much that He is willing to destroy all that He has created. One point that the reflection notes made was that some people think that God is waiting just to catch people doing the wrong thing and punish them, as if He enjoys it, but rather God is pained and grieved by the fact that He needs to punish.

The application questions ask if we find ourselves in situations where we are surrounded by sin, and how we can respond in ways that are pleasing to God? Now I take it that you could read the first question as 1) Is everyone around you sinning? or 2) Are you tempted to sin with the many opportunities that surround you? and I’m going to take the second as the question that they’re asking. The answer is yes! Often sin is crouching at my back, it’s desire is for me, and honestly, my desire is for it, more often than not… I need to respond by not bowing in to the sin, by steering clear of it, praying that God would relieve me of it, and by reading the word, so that I can battle against it. Talking to fellow brothers and sisters and keeping accountable is also a great help, but not something that I often do, but I should and hope that you do, or are encouraged to actually do.