Passage: Genesis 21:1-22:19

The reading today seems to consist of 2 important parts with an arbitrary bit in the middle, though there’s no arbitrary parts in the bible, it seems that we because we don’t understand it properly…. We see God’s promise to Abraham fulfilled in the birth of Isaac. We also see the working of God’s promise that those who are with Abraham will also be blessed in the blessing and protection of Hagar and Ishmael. This is often an overlooked promise, but still important to God.
In chapter 22, we see Abraham faithfully obey God; willing to sacrifice his only son Isaac. It is a great foreshadow of what God will go through with Jesus, but rather than a substitute at the last minute, God must sacrifice His one and only Son.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed or at least paid much attention to Abraham mentioning that God would provide the lamb, but this is a huge point for biblical theology…