Passage: Genesis 37:1-36

Today’s passage is the beginning of the story of Joseph, the youngest and favoured son of Jacob, envied by his 11 brothers, and (it is implied that he is) favoured by God.

I find it odd, yet good that Joseph mentions his dreams to his brothers and his father. It may be arrogant, and the E100 response thinks so, but that’s his dream… It seems like back then, and even now, people can be a bit precious, so much so that anything can be taken as an offence… Jacob’s response to the second dream is admirable; he doesn’t understand it, gives an option of what it may be (which I think is right), but keeps wondering about it, and isn’t offended, as much as he could and perhaps should be…

Rueben is another unusual character in this passage, especially in his treatment of Joseph. One would assume that he hates Joseph, but he seems to want to protect him, rather than kill him, like his brothers.. I’m not really sure how we read that, or what we are to take from it….

The response tells us that Favouritism, Arrogance, Jealousy and Hatred are the things that drive this family feud, and that we should avoid them in our families and relationships, and address these things as they come up, rather than wait till things boil up into a big confrontation, something I’m learning to cope with.