Passage: Genesis 39:1-41:57

Here we see Joseph’s rise, fall and rise again as he ends up in Egypt. We see the Lord continue to uphold him, and he follows God by not wanting to sin against Him.
We see Joseph wrongfully thrown into prison, yet he continues to find favour, and even when he is forgotten, he remains true to God and God continues to bless him and his work.

When Potiphar’s Wife tempts Joseph, I really want to read that as an example of sin. I’m not sure if that is a completely right reading of the text, but it seems like that’s the way sin works; it keeps coming at us, and at us. I admire the way in which Joseph handles it was well, by completely avoiding it, and fleeing from her/it’s grip…

The other thing I noticed as I reflected on these chapters is that God is still carrying out the promise of blessing, not just to Joseph, but also to those who are with him.