This week has been mostly relaxed, however as I write this, I’m not feeling particularly great, emotionally….

Monday I got some more photos for the upcoming Crossway Ministry Training Strategy postcard; this time with headshots of some of the first years, along with a couple of the new staff for a new Crossway Anglican Churches website, which should eventually be launched…. After work I sat down to do my growth group homework and have a read of Men of God‘s third chapter in preparation for graceat6’s mens workers breakfast whilst waiting for my dinner to cook. At growth group we looked at the parable of the good Samaritan, trying to figure out who were our neighbours, and how we are to act toward them. In the end we worked out that who our neighbours were was not the important thing, rather it was that we need to be kind and loving to all people…

Wednesday night I got out to the movies with Geoff to see Contraband starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale. The movie tells of Chris Farraday; an ex-smuggler who has straightened out his life, rather than following his father’s footsteps to jail. When his brother-in-law, Andy, gets into some trouble with a smuggle gone wrong we see Chris have to step back into this old life of smuggling to redeem Andy. The movie was convoluted at times, and with quite a bit of violence, but it was enjoyable, striking, and surprising, with a few twists and unexpected turns…

Thursday after work, I got out to have coffee with Nicky. It was good to catch up and chat a bit. I felt it was a little under-done though; nothing like when we used to catch the train into the city and back, along with 3 hours of Moore Theological College, but I guess that’s the difficulty of busy lives and changing relationships… When I got home I cooked some congee and started to re-read John Stott’s The Cross of Christ.

Friday, despite the rain, some of the guys around the church got together to move a whole bunch of items out to the street for council clean-up, which is being picked up tonight/early tomorrow morning. It was good to get rid of a whole bunch of items that have just been sitting around the church for ages, most of them broken or in too poor a condition to use… Touch was very limited in numbers, managing to draw only 4 players… We still had a run though, playing a game of 2 on 2, with a surprising number of tries, most of which came using the same play…

Saturday morning at the worker mens breakfast, we were treated to cereal, bacon and eggs before sitting down to discuss the third chapter of Men of God on Growing a Personal Devotional Life. It covered the reasons why we should be growing this life, along with the specifics of how, when, where & how often. After we finished up, I grabbed a coffee at Little Rock Cafe with Chris Gillan before coming back to The Flat for a bit. Next stop was West Ryde Anglican Church for a meeting about a new youth camp happening in April which we are taking SALT year 7 to 9 to. The purpose of the meeting was to give us some flesh for the conference, and to field questions and concerns that we had, as well as for us to pass on any ideas to them. It was a good chance to catch up with some ex Carlingford guys like WuDan and Dodo as well as meet some other people who were bringing their youth along. I managed to meet guys from Shellharbour, Wahroonga, Wollongong and Lower Blue Mountains. I felt really built up by a heap of the guys there, as they had great admiration for administrators, and kept on asking me questions. In the evening I got along to Susannah’s 21st, which had a theme of floral dress. The speeches were funny and embarrassing for Susannah, but very much adoring of her, and her frivolous spirit. I bailed soon after the speeches though, not feeling particularly connected to the people at the party. Everyone seemed to have their place, but I was really struggling to feel comfortable, though I did manage to have a couple of chats to people I wouldn’t regularly talk to, and catch up with some others who have moved along, like Mandy Oram.

This morning I caught up with Nic and we read through Hebrews 8 before having some lunch and praying for each other. My afternoon was spent looking at website bits and pieces, in the hope of a refresh of a few different sites I’m responsible for. By the time graceat6 rocked around I was still feeling in that disconnected slump. I wasn’t ready to eat the hamburger dinner tonight, so I just hung around like a fly on the wall, watching things happen, and trying not to do too much. There were a few people that asked me how I was going, which was good, but it was hard telling them that I wasn’t really feeling right, and from their reaction, I think they felt a bit uncomfortable hearing that. Someone told me to at least try smiling, which wasn’t particularly helpful.
Tonight’s talk was an evangelistic one given by Scott Warner, who is one of the staff workers at Macquarie Uni’s Christian Union, titled Scandalous God from Luke 15:11-32, which is the parable of the prodigal son. Scott’s style is not one that I’m accustomed to, nor one that I particularly enjoy; he was very loud and boisterous, cracking jokes and modernising the text a little as well. I was quite sceptical for the majority of his talk as it didn’t seem like he was pushing grace much at all, especially when he said “God loves to welcome home people who have ignored Him, realised it, and come back to Him.” which puts the onus on people and what they do. He did manage to talk a little about Jesus and the punishment that He took in our place, as well as tie up the talk well, pointing us to the fact that it doesn’t matter what we do or have done, because God wants a relationship with us, and we are all in need of forgiveness by Him and relationship with Him, so we need to stop ignoring Him.
After the service I got to chat and catch up a bit with Chris Wilson, which was really good. She asked me how I was doing, and when I told her that I was so-so, she gently pried a bit more to find out what was really going on. She didn’t have many answers for my problems, but she was willing to listen, empathise and console me, and I really value that.



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