This week has been an interesting one…

Monday night at growth group we looked at Luke 11:33-54 which speaks of rules and regulations and hypocrisy. I was also on supper, so I ducked up to Carlingford Village and bought some goodies, including lychee jellies and sweet potato chips.

Tuesday night I got along to the movies with Geoff to see 21 Jump Street. It was a fun movie, fairly inappropriate at more than a few points in the movie, but enjoyable nonetheless, with a couple of surprise cameos thrown in…

Thursday evening I got out to have dinner with the Conways before heading out to help Mark to take some photos for his portfolio. We got out to Olympic Park only to find that the conditions weren’t suitable, so we headed to the St Paul’s Cemetery and took this shot on a long exposure with a number of flashes to light the headstones.

Friday was a bit more of an eventful day… In the morning I just went about my work, but in a slightly more hurried manner, as I was due in at Macquarie Uni Hospital at 1:25pm for a gastroscopy to follow up my hospital visit. Upon arrival, I had to sign the standard waiver forms, and then be admitted to get changed and prepared for surgery. After a short wait, the anaesthetist came to see me and then wheeled me into the theatre, putting a catheter into my right hand to administer the anaesthetic. As I was being gassed to knock me out, I could feel the anaesthetic racing up my arm, reaching my shoulder before I was out. The next thing I knew, I was being woken up by the nurse so that I could get changed, eat some food, see the Dr. and then be discharged. All in all, I was in hospital for about three hours… The Dr. couldn’t find anything explicitly wrong with me, but took a few biopsies for some further investigation. After getting home, I got myself together and wandered down to church for an easy paced game of touch… I was advised not to play by the nurses, but I was feeling fine, so I took it easy; not running with too much effort. I did manage to put down a couple of tries though, being in the right place.
SALT was an interesting one as well, with a battle of the sexes evening. There was a bit of an intense tech setup in a short span of time, which wasn’t favourable, but the night worked well for the most part.

Yesterday was a fairly easy day, stopping in for lunch with my family and doing some washing before watching the first game of the 2012 AFL season between the Sydney Swans and the debut of the Greater Western Sydney Giants. It was a good match, though fairly one-sided.

This morning I read through Hebrews 10 with Nic in our 1-2-1. It is a great reminder of what Christ has done for us, and the way in which we should be responding. Tonight at graceat6 I got to meet a number of newer people, which was good, as well as catch up with others. One of our student ministers Peter spoke from 2 Samuel 7. I didn’t follow the talk very well… I found myself confused, and I think I need to re-listen to the talk to mine the gold from it. I did glean from it were that we are all humble servants of the LORD; no matter how good we get it, or how good we think that we are, we need to remember our place compared to God.