Well this is probably the longest delayed SunSum I’ve ever written… A combination of weariness, procrastination, sickness and not really knowing how to write about the weekend that was has been the cause of this delay.

So Monday was the last day of Easter Convention. After packing up for the morning at our Leura accommodation, we headed up to the tin shed for the last time for the weekend. As pulled past each of the parking attendants, I handed them a Creme Egg each; totalling roughly 40 given out over the weekend. Post session, we stopped in at The Hatters Cafe on Main Street in Katoomba for lunch. The service was a tad slow, taking a while for our meals to be turned out on the table. I grabbed the Pancetta, mushroom and creamy pesto linguine with a sparkling blood orange to drink; it was a tasty meal, very filling. Then it was time for our trip back down the mountain, with quite a bit of traffic to fight.

The week at work was really very quiet, with plenty of the staff away on holidays. That meant that I could get plenty of smaller, odd jobs done.

On Thursday, I went out at lunch time to visit Medicare in Eastwood to make a claim on my specialist bills. On the way back I ducked into Carlingford Court for a quick Maccas. When I got back to my car, it wouldn’t start… I’d caught a flat battery, so I rang NRMA for some roadside assistance, who made their way out in about 30 minutes to jump start my car, telling me that would be the last time it would run… When I got back to the office, I placed a second call into NRMA, getting the same operator, and asked them to send out the battery guys, who promptly arrived in about 20 minutes to replace the battery. They told me that this was the original battery, so that made it 8 years old, which is an impressive effort!! It was fortunate that this happened on Thursday, rather than at any point over the weekend, when I was up the mountains at KYCK.

Friday was a fairly hectic day, with last minute KYCK preparations, along with regular work… I also received a package in the mail from Reach Records containing a tee, some hoodies, and a couple of CDs – Trip Lee’s new album The Good Life, and the 116 Clique‘s 13 Letters (both which I hope to review shortly). I hadn’t packed properly, so I needed to take some time out for that. I wanted to leave early; around 3:30 to have plenty of time to drive up, and make it into the High School to sort out my site hosting duties for the weekend, but a slight miscommunication meant that one of my passengers wasn’t able to make it, and me not knowing resulting in a 4:45pm departure with Nick, Ben, Dani and Eva in the car with me. The drive up was pretty average; there were some real snail moments of slow crawl, but for the most part we had momentum; I was grateful for the back-street shortcuts, which allowed us to avoid a fairly serious accident which held up traffic on the road.
I’m not really sure what to say about the weekend that was KYCK. I felt quite under-whelmed by it overall. There was plenty of singing, some interesting talks on doctrine (let me know if you’d like to hear them and I can lend you my copy once they arrive), and a whole bunch of other random things that happened. As a site host I found it more difficult than in previous years; this year there were a total of 5 groups staying on the site, making it difficult to communicate and convey my messages to them, rather than just SALT and one or two other groups.
Yesterday afternoon, I played a lot of soccer; about 2 1/2 hours in total I think…
Today on the way back, we stopped in at the MacDonalds on the M4. We were the first to arrive, and I gave them a heads up about the masses that were soon to land. This year they heeded my warning, as opposed to previous years.

Tonight at graceat6, Hamish spoke from Psalm 23. He made some really good and helpful points, along with a good challenge at the end. One of the important notes was that it’s easy to read ourselves into the Psalms, but that we need to read them in their context. His final challenge to us was to ask if the LORD is our shepherd?



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