The Sunday Summary [2012-18]

So this week has been one where I’ve tried to relax and recover from ill-health. It has been somewhat successful, though I’m still haunted by a niggling, tickling throat, and some bad mucus build up in the sinuses.

So last Sunday night I crashed out around 9ish, it was something very new for me, but the drawback of that was that I woke at 3am, feeling pretty much refreshed, and unable to fall back to sleep. After a bit of reading and gaming, I was able to finally get some more sleep in for another 3 or so hours…
I wasn’t feeling the best for work, but with some of the other office staff away, I decided that I should at least get in and man the desk for a bit. Of course I was the only one silly enough to do so, with my colleagues wisely staying away to rest up after the weekend. After getting my essential work done, I made my way home to rest up, jumping onto the Diablo 3 Free Beta Weekend for the afternoon, in preparation for it’s May 15 release, and helping Blizzard stress test their servers. I managed to have a play of 3 of the 5 classes: Demon Hunter, Wizard and Monk. It brought back fantastic memories of Diablo 2 but as a much more polished game. Mum offered for me to go home for dinner, but as I was sick I declined her offer, and also wasn’t able to make it to Growth Group. Mum offered food to me and of course I jumped at that chance. My Dad lovingly couriered it over to me, but had a bit of difficulty getting it into The Flat, because I had fallen asleep… When I eventually awoke to his numerous phone calls, I enjoyed a healthy dose of chicken congee, and another session of D3 before calling it a night.

Tuesday morning it was off to work early (7:30am) for a meeting, before struggling through the morning, and finally ending up at home for some more re-cooperation. This day was spent mostly in bed, catching up on some television and falling in and out of sleep. I also enjoyed some lamb shanks which mum had cooked up with some rice for dinner.
This was also the night that the Avengers Movie was premiering, however, neither Hamish, Geoff or I realised that the tickets we had purchased were for the midnight Tuesday session, instead thinking that it was midnight Wednesday. It was only when Hamish saw something on Facebook that he realised, as per his SMS at 1am…

Wednesday, being ANZAC Day, was another day of rest. I spent some of the day cleaning up my room, and watching the AFL, before heading out to see the Avengers Movie at Macquarie Centre with Hamish, Geoff, Nath Maginnis and Tim Patrick. It was an awesome movie!!! A great mix of action and fighting, as well as character development. It is definitely a film for purchase when it’s released. And the post/mid-credit scene is an interesting reveal, so stick around for that, and then ask someone who know Marvel comics, most likely a nerd, what it’s all about…
Post movie, after taxiing people home, I dropped in at my parents place to catch the tail end of dinner with them, my sister and brother in law, and my auntie Margo and uncle Daniel.

Thursday was a bit of a rushed day; it was another one half in the office, and half out; this time heading into the city for a meeting with Gary. The evening was pretty quiet, watching some tv, organising some files and slowly starting to edit various photos from the last few months…

Friday it was back to the super-long day with work, then touch and finally SALT. I feel like this whole week at work I’ve hardly accomplished anything… It was good to get back to touch on Friday night after 3 weeks absence. I could feel the lack of playing as I struggled to get runs going properly, even throwing away a sure try, and dropping a number of kick off catches… I still had my knack for defence though, which is much needed…
The first SALT of the term was pretty good, especially when Mike got up to show the whole of SALT the memory verse from DIG which was Titus 2:11-14 to a One Direction tune, complete with actions and the other ‘members‘. Post-SALT the leaders sat down to talk through the two camps that we’d been on with the kids over the holidays; KYCK and DIG, evaluating strengths and weaknesses of each, and just talking through opinions and thoughts on them. It was long and intense, but definitely valuable and worthwhile.

Yesterday was an extremely quiet and relaxing day. I think I did next to nothing…

This morning I slept in and then met up with Nic for our 1-2-1 at The Red Heart Cafe after a 3 week absence. To our delight, we found that they had changed beans to Campos, which is a goood option!! We read through Hebrews 11, which speaks of the heroes of the faith who have gone before us; their victories and their struggles, reminiscing of Simon Manchester‘s talks from JMC and prayed.
Tonight at graceat6 Mike preached through John 1:1-18 as the infinite, incarnate and intimate word. There’s so much in these 18 verses of John. Mike pointed out a few things to note:

  • The life and light motif can speak both of how Jesus is the life and light of the world, but it can also speak of the salvation and revelation that He brings
  • There is a strong call to believe the witnesses, as eternal life hangs on this belief

The talk was introduced using the That’s My King video which is an adaptation of Dr S.M. Lockridge‘s famous Seven Way King sermon, which certainly had quite an impact on the talk. I think it may have influenced the talk a little more than I would have liked… Mike seemed to pick up quite a bit of the language of the video rather than the text, which is now the Holman Christian Standard Bible

This week, things should be back to some sense of normal… I haven’t been away at a camp this weekend, most of the staff should be back on deck, though we do have a Moore Theological College Mission Team working from the church as they are at CROSSWAY Anglican Church, North Rocks this week, so that should bring some semblance of excitement… I’m also hoping to get my giving post up this week, as a number of guys I know who have started working in recent months are thinking through how to give…


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