This week has been an alright week, quite a bit quieter.

Monday night we had a diminished growth group, but we still went ahead and looked at Zechariah 3 & 4, as led by Garth in Brett’s absence. We looked at the rebuilding of the temple, modelling it in Lego and Duplo, and the way that the prophecies played out, linking the book with Ezra.
The Temple in Lego

Tuesday evening I spent the evening hanging out with Jason; watching tv and cooking up some dinner. I had bought some ingredients for tomato salad last week, but never got around to making it, so I ended up throwing that together, mixing it in with a packet of spaghetti and adding a bunch of sliced bacon in as well. It was good to hang out and just chill.

Wednesday I went to see the specialist about the results of my gastroscopy, which included a few biopsy’s along the way. After a lengthy, lengthy wait, roughly an hour, I got to see her. She told me that I have a condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis, often referred to as EE or EO. It’s not a particularly fatal condition, but it’s not something that is currently curable either, and the only real treatments for it are drugs; something to treat the reflux, or some kind of ingesting of Ventolin, which is difficult and quite intrusive.
In the evening I got to working on a couple of videos; they seem to be coming along together well and I can’t wait for the final product(s) to show you.

Thursday night after work, I drove into the city for dinner with my Auntie Jo, who was in town (from Port Macquarie) to see the podiatrist, as a celebration for her upcoming birthday this month, and a few of her friends and family. We dined at Palace Chinese Restaurant, taking in a fantastic spread, including lobster, and finishing off the meal with cake and taro sago
Purple Taro B'Day Cake

Taro Sago in a bowl

Friday and Saturday I spent at the 10th Semi-Permanent conference, run by Design is Kinky. I’ll be putting up a post to cover the event, so keep an eye out for that.

This morning, being mother’s day, I wasn’t able to meet up with Nic, so instead I ventured out to see what was happening at St Andy’s Wahroonga since I was headed out that way (to Pymble for mother’s day lunch at my sister’s place), and having recently met someone that has started going there. I turned up a little late and walked into the small hall, which was only one third full, taking a seat about half way back. After a few songs and prayers, and a kids talk, we had the bible readings from Deuteronomy 11:13-21 and 2 Timothy 1:1-7 as Philip Griffin got up to give the sermon titled Parenting Priorities: Our God-given Dignity. It was a much more systematic talk, with a number of priorities:

  • Know this Reality: We Have Equal Dignity: We Bear God’s Image
  • Teach This Reality: We Need God’s Mercy As Adam’s Children
  • Understand: Godly Christians Will be Persecuted. Hope in God!

I quite enjoyed the talk, even though the immediate relevance to me isn’t there with the parenting part. What reinforced the talk though, was a practical interview which followed, with one of the mothers of the congregation. She spoke about how these priorities are exercised in their household, and some of the realities of them happening and not quite happening.
After the service, I got to talk to some old family friends that attend the congregation there (I didn’t actually know that they go there), as well as meet and speak to Philip, and an MTSer that I’ve previously met Steve (for an hour; much longer than I would normally speak…), before heading out to Pablo & Rusty’s for a pre-lunch coffee.
Lunch was nice, we had Steam Boat, which you basically sit around a pot which is filled with soup and water, and you dunk all sorts of meats and veggies in to cook and then fish them out again to eat. Some pro Chinese will also crack an egg into their bowl with some soy to coat the finished food in before eating, which is what I did. It was delicious and well topped off with some baked pineapple and ice-cream for dessert.

Tonight’s graceat6 sermon was presented by Pete Davies; one of our student ministers, from John 11 on Death, Resurrection and Everlasting Life. It was a good talk, and one that I’m keen to listen to again. There’s a few difficult parts in this chapter of John, and I think Pete handled/explained them well (like why Jesus delayed going). It was a great reminder of death, and the resurrection that we do have in Jesus, though I found it tough to keep up towards the end, especially with a bit of double negative work in the application.

This week sees a bit of a busier time ahead, and I’m hoping to mix it in with some great, balanced down-time. Diablo III, the long-awaited computer game comes out on Tuesday afternoon, so I’m planning on getting that and spending a good few hours playing. I have the responsibility of looking after tech stuff at the graceat6 Weekend Away as well, so a bit of organisation of that will also need to take place, plus I should keep working away at these video projects, and process some more of my recent photos…