Well this week has been surprisingly busy…

Monday afternoon, after getting out of work a little early, I got up to Carlingford Court to do some shopping. I managed to spend quite a bit of money on food, one third of that being hospitality dedicated food for Tour de Flat (which hasn’t really been depleted much at all yet…). When I got home, I did a small clean-up before commencing a big pot of bolognaise cooking. Whilst I was preparing all of this, both Nat and Ian started cooking as well, which is probably the only time I’ve experienced all three residents cooking at the one time…. My bolognaise cooked slowly on the stove for most of the evening, finally being turned off around 2am, at the end of the Tour de France broadcast. Also during the night, I managed to re-thread my new Puma kicks – a pair of Deadmau5 high-tops.

On Tuesday morning, we had a training session on a newish database system, conducted by a guy from Kansas via the wonders of technology. I was able to setup my laptop, connected to the 50″ plasma we have, and also with a Logitech web-cam (allowing the trainer to see whom he was speaking to/training). I think it was quite successful, and I’m excited for the second session we’re running in just over a week. I’ve also picked up a couple more secret design projects, so I’ve been working on those of late. There’ll be more info on them towards the end of the month.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights of Tour de Flat were also very quiet, but I think my body clock is slowly adjusting.

Friday night touch was fairly quiet, with a game of 4 on 5; I’m not really sure why numbers are down, but it’s probably the combination of holidays and winter, injury and sickness…. I managed to put down a few tries, but also drop some easy tries too… In the evening I got along to Matty B‘s 21st birthday, out at the Baulkham Hills Sports Club. It was an enjoyable evening, with plenty of food (I got a takeaway container which covered me for 2 light meals), good speeches & company, as well as some amazing Star Wars fancy dress, featuring Darth Maul, Aayla Secura, Jango Fett & an X-Wing Pilot.

First thing on Saturday morning, I headed around to the Abraham residence for our monthly worker men’s breakfast, where we enjoyed porridge, cereal, fruit salad, bacon & eggs, along with tea, coffee & juice, before continuing on our discussion of Men of God, this month’s chapter on fatherhood. There was some healthy conversation, focusing a great deal on Ephesians 5 & 6 and also on leadership by service. My afternoon was spent playing some Diablo 3, before a power nap, then it was off to the Carrolls place for dinner with them and Hollie as they move through hosting our Growth Group for dinners. We had Fondue; my first ever experience, and it was delicious, though quite heavy. It was a pleasant meal, and I very much enjoyed getting to know those around the table in a smaller, more intimate situation; I think that’s a more suitable format for me, being introverted and all…. After finishing up dinner and dessert (chocolate mousse), it was time for the next stop: The Argyle in The Rocks for Takin’ It Back‘s tribute to GLOBE: a nightclub from the early 2000’s that was situated just off of Hyde Park. It was good to get out and just dance, despite a lack of space at times, and some of the crowd wanting ‘Dance Offs‘. I met one of the door girls from the GLOBE named Bekz, which was pretty good. I had danced so much that I was sweating, even as I drove home, which is something quite rare for me.

This morning, after about 4 hours sleep, I spent the morning relaxing, watching Once Upon a Time and playing Diablo 3, before my 1-2-1 with Nic which was delayed from 11:30 to after 12:30… After missing the 11:30 session at The Heart Cafe, we ended up in Gordon at Pablo & Rusty’s where we looked at Romans 1:18-25.
Tonight at graceat6, in our final E100 series sermon, we heard from James Moore on Revelation 20-22. We were encouraged to remember that satan has been conquered, that God has allowed him to act in this world, even though he has been conquered. That the new heaven and new earth are coming, they are a place where God is (James made the observation that plenty of the descriptions are synonymous with those of God), and that we are to live our lives now in light of the kingdom; lives transformed by the gospel, preaching the gospel, setting our hope in Jesus and investing in the growth of the kingdom. James addressed those who aren’t Christians by way of apology, telling them that he’s sorry for talking about all this stuff, but if they don’t put their trust in Jesus then they wouldn’t enjoy the treasures of heaven, and that they were on the ‘losing‘ team. I think that the text, in chapter 21, lends itself better to an encouragement/discouragement for Non-Christians.