The Sunday Summary [2012-33]

This week has involved quite a bit of running and moving around…

I guess the biggest thing for this week was getting a group of guys from graceat6 together to head to the AFL for the Sydney Swans vs Collingwood Magpies match at ANZ Stadium last night. Unfortunately the general admission tickets were sold out, and so that left me with the task of trying to find a bunch of tickets, 11 in total… There were a few of options:

  • Watch the game on a projector at church
  • Pay the higher price of buying some gold tickets
  • Search and see what I could find for GA tickets

In order to satisfy the group, I went with the last option, though it meant extra work for me…
Tuesday evening after work I headed on a little trip down to Penshurst to purchase some tickets, then I managed to score another 2 online on Wednesday, and I also managed to win an ebay auction for 3 tickets on Thursday, which I picked up yesterday morning from Pymble. So all in all I got my hands on 9 tickets at the last minute, then there were a few tickets that the Maginnis’ were able to get a hold of through work, originally 3 seats, but extended to 4 at the last minute… In the end, we had seating for 13, and had 10 people come along in our group, all dispersed around the ground… I got to sit with Mike, Josh and Liam; who is a Pies fan, so he had a good night…
When looking around the ground on the night, I really don’t understand why the GA allocation were exhausted, as there were plenty of empty seats around the ground, and the 83,500 capacity stadium only housed 45,827…
The game itself was close and tight, with the Swans up by 1 point at 3 quarter time, but the final 10 minutes proved too good by the Pies with a couple of goals, and a number of missed opportunities by the Swans.

On Monday night at growth group we looked at the tough question of Did Jesus really come back from the dead?. It’s a pretty interesting question, but the group didn’t think that it was a common question that would be asked… I guess there’s more common tough questions…

Thursday night I headed out to Church By The Bridge in Kirribilli for a Church Communications meet up organised by their Executive Pastor and a friend of mine; Steve Kryger who writes


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