The Sunday Summary [2012-37]

I have a feeling that I’m in the calm before a storm…

On Monday night at Growth Group, despite a diminished attendance, we looked at the question “No One can claim to have the truth, everyone’s opinion is valid“. It’s a bit of a no-where argument, and wraps around on itself… Because some truth claims are contradictory, then not all truth claims can be true, so there needs to be some kind of absolute truth. A way to win the person in this conversation is to speak about the truth of the gospel, and if they think everyone’s opinion is valid, then invite them to investigate that.

Tuesday afternoon I went for another run, adding another few hundred meters, to just under 4km, and managing to complete it in under 20 minutes. I also was able to download my pre-order of Gravity, the latest album from Lecrae. First listen through was enjoyable; favourite tracks so far are:

  • Free From It All
  • Falling Down
  • I Know
  • Tell The World

I’m hoping to put together a small album review soon. I’m still waiting on my package to come from the states, which I had thought would arrive during the week, but never did, so sometime this week it should get here…

On Wednesday and Thursday as I was watching the Twitter feeds, I noticed that the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out was taking place on Thursday night and made a decision mid-afternoon to head out to the city to take some shots… I headed in on the train to Martin Pl to be met with the Vogue Quarter with a few pop-up stalls including a ASOS, Palmolive and Kora Organics which saw Miranda Kerr signing autographs and posing for photos. I moved back and forth between Martin Pl, The Strand Arcade, Sydney Westfield and David Jones – Elizabeth St taking photos. Here are a couple of my favourites from the evening:

Confused old men with 28 Black Energy Drinks
This was a fun photo to take, as these two old men fronted up to the beautiful promo girls and got given these cans of energy drink. They then proceeded to study them, a bit confused, before fronting up to the other promo girls and then walking away confused again, having a good little chat amongst themselves…

David Jones Model
Perhaps my favourite shot of the night, this is one of the gorgeous models from a little David Jones fashion parade that happened during the evening. I wasn’t amongst the main group of photographers at the end of the runway, but off to the left a bit and further back, but whereas all the other models seemed to pose for the end of the runway only, this model looked there, then looked my way, resulting in this lovely shot. I’d love to actually know whom she is…

Friday at touch, we had a good number again, but it is very much becoming an us vs them game, which isn’t preferable. I’d like to see things mixed up a bit more, and also see more of a Christian character displayed on the field, as I notice less of a presence of that on the field…

Yesterday was a relaxed morning, with a wander up to Carlingford Public School to vote before heading back to my folks place to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday. We headed out to dinner at Lee Central Park Chinese Restaurant for a 10 course meal with a bunch of Dad’s friends and sisters. Next stop was Ben Davis‘ 21st. I found it a bit of a struggle to get into some good conversations, I honestly don’t know or understand how people are able to talk to the same people all the time…

This morning after a fairly early rise, I got on to having a bit of a mix with my new toy: an Allen & Heath XONE:DX – a midi controller with built in sound card. I felt a bit rusty at the start, but after about half an hour of warm-up, I was back into the swing of things. Wonki dropped around for a bit of a mix, along with a hair cut as well. In our 1-2-1, Nic and I read through Romans 5 – a greatly encouraging chapter about faith, grace and the love of God.
At graceat6 tonight, Gary spoke from 1 Kings 20 speaking about the war of words that we currently face, and how God‘s word is what we need to trust in. It is through His word that we know about Jesus and His work by obedience, death & resurrection that we are able to survive this war, not by anything that we do, but by Jesus.
Post graceat6 I got to have a chat to a few people, including Noah, whom I’d seen around a few times, but he’d always seem to be on his own, so this week I actually went up to him and talked to him for a good amount of time. He seems to be a really great kid, and, seeing as he’s in year 6, it’ll be good to see him come along to SALT next term.


A son of God & a son of Man, minister of the gospel.
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