Well this week has been an up and down one…

Monday night at Growth Group we looked at James 1. We went through quite topically, looking at the themes in the sections rather than straight exegesis. There is a temptation to just read each verse, or thought in the book to be separate ideas, but I think it’s important to read the chapter as a whole, and then within the context of the book as well.

Wednesday night Geoff came around for dinner and Diablo 3. We had BBQ Chicken, roast potato, peas and gravy, along with Coronas; a pretty tasty meal all in all…

Thursday night it was back home to my folks place for family dinner. Mum cooked up some kind of Moroccan fish, which was pretty tasty. Post meal we had a chat about life and work; there was some pretty tough stuff to swallow in there, and definitely some food for thought.

Friday Night touch was still fairly sparse despite the weather being nice. The oval is still in a bit of a state, with more sand than grass on the field, and quite a few rocks there as well… I was able to put a couple down, but I don’t think I got to 3…
At SALT we had Stu Robinson; Magician + Evangelist come to present a magic show and the gospel. It was amazing the things that he did!!

Yesterday I got out to the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre for the Australian International Motor Show, stopping in at Workshop for a coffee, and took a whole bunch of photos.

Tonight at graceat6 Mike spoke from 1 Thessalonians 1, teaching us to be thankful to God for those around us who have changed to be more like Jesus, whose faith, love and hope are seen in their actions. Mike also encouraged us in the gospel; how it has the powerful means to change, so we are also to keep preaching it, not just the minister of the church. The gospel goes out with the Holy Spirit, they are to go together, and we are to be Godly role models, teaching those younger in the faith the good gospel things we have learnt, and helping them avoid the snares of sin and death, like idols. We were also given the 4 T test to help us identify or check if things in our lives might be idols. We are to check:

  • What do we Think about
  • What do we devote our Time to
  • What do we invest our Treasure in
  • What do we put our Trust in

Post service I got to chat and to pray with my wonderful older sister in Christ Chris. She is always willing to just sit down and listen to me, not trying to solve my problems, and she’s willing to share things as well. I do love her and thank God so much for her and her example to me and others.

The week ahead is looking a little busy… I have a few things to organise, and am catching up with some old church friends, so that should be enjoyable as well.