I’m back to blogging again, starting afresh in 2013… The hope and plan is to write more often with smaller chunks of information and link to those posts in a shortened Sunday Summary. There are also plans to re-theme this blog, potentially moving it to another area, opening up a couple of other smaller sites for photos and music, and this CHONGLAND becoming more of a portal that is a leaping pad for all things CHONG…

So what’s been happening in my world?? I’ve been on holidays since Christmas Eve, which has been nice. Haven’t really gone anywhere, or done anything particularly exciting. The majority of my days have consisted of sitting around at home, watching tv and playing computer games… Things out of the ordinary that I did get to do:

  • Install a new car stereo (with the help of Sam ‘Rusty’ Russell)
  • Visit Costco for a shopping expedition
  • Spend the day playing Diablo 3 with Geoff and Marcus
  • See Aeroplane at SHE Pop Up Club in Surry Hills
  • Visit Christchurch, St Ives and Vine Church, Surry Hills

Tomorrow I’m back at work, in a closed office, to set things up for the office for the year. It should be interesting times with our new Rector. There’s plenty of potential for change, and hopefully some good efficiency within that. At this stage my job looks like it will again evolve, most likely becoming busier.

That’s about it from me for now. Thanks for reading.



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