The Sunday Summary [2013-06]

Wow, this week has seemed extremely long. I can hardly remember the beginning of the week, and am a bit of an emotional wreck. I feel like I’ve been taken for granted and mistreated, so it will be a hard bounce back, but not something that is beyond me…

So Monday I was able to take the day off, in lieu of all the extra time invested during CROSSWAY Ministry Conference, to watch the Superbowl. I got around to the Davis household in the morning to watch the game with Ben, and Mark. It wasn’t too bad a game between the 49ers and the Ravens; the second half definitely better than the first, mainly because I was going to the 49ers. There was a power surge in the middle of the game, which meant there was a 25 minute break in the game.

Tuesday night saw the ordination and induction of our new senior minister Gary Koo. It was a great service, and a great gathering of saints. I was on official photo duties for the night and managed to grab a fair amount of nice snaps, though they were captured as JPGs, due to some changed settings on my camera, rather than RAW files, which give more ability to edit the photos in a non-destructive manner.

I fought through the remainder of the week, which saw continual frustrations; from unwarranted tech support, to a light concussion, to lack of control of my domain…

For the most of today, I was debating whether or not to head to graceat6 this evening, because I wasn’t sure if I could face up to seeing so many people that I felt had let me down, but in the end I decided to put myself aside and head along.
We heard from Tony Payne who started his six week series based on the new Matthias Media Course Of Your Life. Tonight’s talk being on creation and purpose. It was a pretty good talk, more systematic than we are used to at graceat6.
In the end I was glad that I got along to church.

This week I’m praying for more open communication and transparency, less confusion as well as patience and understanding.


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What I’m looking forward to in this series is the great brain of Tony Payne, applied to the whole of life, but only through, in, and under Scripture.

What I’m hoping (confidently, I should add) for is a focus on the cross and resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

Hi Sam,

I was feeling exactly the same way this time last year as you are feeling. Frustrated, mistreated, taken for granted and used and abused.
But a very godly and wise woman gave me a loving rebuke and lesson in grace. To see that the beginning of any year is frantic, ever changing and frustrating as we try to get the year up and running. Also, the people who were frustrating me had so many things to balance and organise that I needed to be understanding and loving of the demands on them and to show them grace and to just help them in anyway that I could, rather than give them more headaches. People come to you Sam because you are so good at your work and they know you are responsible. Just go with the flow and love people as best you can Sam.
I have found this year just as hectic but it has gone so much smoother by picturing this woman in my mind every time I was frustrated and remembering to show grace and love and being as accommodating as best I could with people. If something is just too much just say so upfront and be open and honest about it but always showing love and grace to the other person.

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