Happy New Year

Back once again for another year, and once again I’ll be trying to get some stuff up more regularly.

2015 was a year full of downs and ups.
I’ve spend the majority of the year unemployed, and lost a few friendships. I have felt on the out and out with many people and things in my life, but I have coped with most of them for the year.

On the other hand, my photography game has been stepping up in leaps and bounds.
300C-PO has been a fun adventure, gotten me out shooting heaps and heaps, and meeting plenty of people.
I’ve been regularly shooting End of Month Meet, Supercar d’Elegance and KROSSWERDZ.
I’ve had coverage posted on ZEN Garage, BOTFC and Tuned., as well as images sold and reposted by people and companies.

Personally, I’ve eaten heaps, danced a bit, played way too many games and watched too many movies and tv shows….

Here’s looking towards 2016; a year of change.