Harbourlife is a festival I will always try to get to, year on year. It’s such an amazing place to be, with harbour views (and some other eye candy), and house music (mostly) all day long, what more could you want??

The Lineup

  • Gabby
  • Young Franco
  • Fred Falke
  • George Fitzgerald
  • Hayden James
  • Nina Kraviz
  • MK

The Run Through

I managed to make my way in just after Young Franco jumped up on the decks. He played almost the perfect mix of funky lo-fi jazzy hip-house. Definitely got my feet moving, much to the delight to on-lookers; prompting phones out to record videos and capture photos, smiling girls, and guys wanting to bask in my ‘limelight‘. (If anyone spots any footage, I’d love a link)
Fred Falke started off well, gracing us with some fantastic French house, before getting deep and techy, perhaps in preparation for George Fitzgerald, who continued on that tip, lulling the crowd into a heaving, throbbing sea.
Local hero Hayden James jumped on next, playing a whole bunch of his tunes and/or remixes, which brought smiles to many dials and the great crowd sing-a-long.

Totally juxtaposing to the day was ‘Techno QueenNina Kraviz, thumping her way through the crowd for an hour and a half. This was a good time to rest up the sore legs and feet for many punters, and a way to get them flowing for some of the newer-gens.
Finally MK wrapped up the day with a great set of house, which seasoned punters longed for.

I definitely enjoyed myself dancing around like no-one was watching, when in reality 100s of people had an eye or two on me. However, the realities of being short and small meant that there were times where I was swallowed up by the crowd, and pushed and pulled by others traversing to toilets, the bar or friends. I was even practically sexually harassed by an oversized girl who thought it funny to back her fat ass up on me and have her friends take pictures…


I will remember Harbourlife 2016 as a day of freestyle dancing, drawing in ladies like Bec, Erin, Tamara & Jodie (amongst others), and Young Franco & MK. Bring on Summer Party season with Electric Gardens, and bring back ‘House Music All Day Long‘ for Harbourlife 2017.