Farewell Cruel World…. (I WISH!!!!)

On the eve my my quarter century of existance I feel a great sadness, and a bit violated. You see last night whilst I was at a Wedding Reception in the city, some villan decided to break into my car (which was “valet” parked, and I use the term valet very very loosely) and steal my ‘friend and companion’ iPodius AKA my iPod. Now know that I’m not a materialistic person and I am getting over my loss. I’m almost as much to blame by leaving it in the car when I should have taken it with me, but alas I am naive. However the fact that someone has gone and taken my property is disturbing and I eagerly await the day when this world that we live in, with all the struggles, crime, and unjustice, is torn down and replaced with God’s perfect kingdom.


Kicks and toys

Time to ‘show off’ my new playthings :) Fresh from the Puma concept shop: Future Cat Hi: They are ‘supposed’ to be rally driver boots :D  Future Cat Low: Dunno if these are rally driver inspired, but they’re real comfy and I was lookin for something in a darker color and these kinda stood out :) From the Stanley street markets where many fakes and cheap items are found I grabbed this guy:  King: The first character out of the mind of Tim Tsui, King is part of Da TeamBronx. I would have liked to have picked up a few more, but time and money were a little factor. For more info on Tim Tsui check out teamzero In retrospect, I really should have picked up some BAPE gear, which is only officially available in Japan, Hong Kong and New York. It’s kinda dropping out of fashion in Japan, but picking up in America. The gear is quite exclusive and therefore expensive, unless you grab fakes. Bapesta kicks are pretty damned fresh, they’re customised Nike Airforce 1’s but there’s plenty out now. If you are keen on Nikes or Reeboks, may I suggest Hong Kong shopping, they’re EVERYWHERE!!!!


Sun Lien Fai Luk

Happy New Year!!! It’s the year of the Rooster and with it comes a few traditions. We’re supposed to clean up things before the new year and in days of old my parents used to get new clothes and new shoes etc etc. Dad always talks about how he only ever got new shoes at the new year and this only happened a couple of times… if that… (poor chap). So I’ve cleaned my room up (somewhat), but there still some more to go…  Another (good) tradition is lucky money in the form of red envelopes. I’m not sure on the whole deal, but married relatives give them out and they generally contain money. Monday is my 25th birthday, and as things roll about with New Year and my 25 years of existance on this planet, I’m trying to make a few changes in my life in terms of habits and thought patterns. It’s kinda funny, when I was studying my brain activity seemed to have an active lifestyle, but since I’ve been unemployed, my brain power is limiting itself and this is something that needs to be rectified.


Home Sweet Home

Today is my 3rd (??) day back in Oz and it’s lazily good. I’m still a little jetlagged or time-shifted or something. Hong Kong and Singapore are 3 hours behind Australian time, so I’ve infact ‘stepped into the future’ somewhat. Hong Kong is especially more noisy than home and I almost even feel like I’ve gone or am going deaf becuse there’s not much noise at all. So the people that know me are maybe dying to know what I’ve done for the last little while so here goes. I’ve eaten plenty, including about 4 Buffet meals and maybe 6 or 7 Banquets. Went to my cousins (Isabelle) wedding and reception, saw my Nana’s ‘grave’ (well it’s more like a small shelf on a wall, but you geth the drift), saw my Pop in the nursing home (he devoured 2 slices of Mango cake and a bottle of Mango Nectar, but doesn’t seem to remember me. He also sings and is a bit of a clown.), travelled up Victoria Peak and had afternoon tea in a place where my Mum and Dad went on a date (how cute is that??), went to Stanley markets to look at some bargain items, but didn’t end up buying much from there. Saw a fair bit of my relatives and family friends and mum’s old classmates from like High school including a Millionaire. With this guy, we went for a trip on his ‘boat’ (read bigish yacht) to his fish farm pontoons, went to his Japanese restaurant, visited his wife’s preschool, visited his ‘Office’ which seemed more like a house (it is actually bigger than our house) and went to his ‘Mansion’, which is built into the side of a mountain , for dinner, Karaoke and to see his ‘zoo’ which has plenty of birds (including 12? peacocks, dogs and a pig. Tonight at church we heard about rest with God, and it was both reassuring and alarming. We can trust that if we have the belief and trust in God that we will get final rest with him in the end, but it’s not automatic. We need to strive for it. And another good thing is that even if your best friends dissapoint you, Jesus is always there for you. Apart from that it seems that some people from Church have been busy; In the 2 and a half weeks that I was away, 4 couples got engaged!!! I had a good chat tonight with a friend of mine – Delia. I guess I’m a bit down on being invisible and unnoticed or not respected, but she gave me some light on the things that I believe and how they affect the way that other people see me. I’m going to experiment and try to consciencously believe something different and see how people react. Now that I’m back (even though I’ve talked to many a person who didn’t even know I was away) I have to ‘catch up’ on things that I’ve missed out on, like bills and readings. I have to tidy my room, as you can see from these pictures    Well that’s a fair bit of reading for you and a long yarn from me. Any thoughts, suggestions, questions, just ask away either via comment or on the forums. Nighty Night


Time Gentleman

Reporting to you from Times Square where the internet flows freely (well for half an hour at least) Still in Hong Kong and having fun. We’ve been doing a fair bit of shopping, I’ve been lookin at gadgets and such, cause they’re a fair lot cheaper over here. So far I’ve got a mini DV camera which is good and some clothing but am looking to purchase a new mobile phone (my current one has served me for at least 3 years and is about to die), some new kicks to rock in (mainly lookin at Pumas or Adidas) and then some figurines to inspire/enhance my creativity. Apart from shopping, there’s been PLENTY of eating to be had and we’ve done a few touristy things, but mainly looking at mum’s old classmates properties and possessions (he has a fairly significant empire….) Missing Australia a fair bit and I can’t seem to get over the time difference, like I’ll wake up at 4/4:30 AM here, which is around 7 AM in Oz… It’s crazy… It looks like no one’s reading this blog, but I’ll be persistant!! if anyone out there is reading this thing, let me know by posting comments or jumping on the forums.


Singapore, No More

Howdy guys, I’m in semi-tropical Singapore where the temperature is a warm 30 degrees outside, but about 20(?) degrees inside. It’s been an interesting few days, we’ve done plenty of touristy things, but the one thing I don’t like about ‘tours’ isTourists. They all seem to be wanting their own way, want to get there first and see everything first, even though the amount of time is the same… So we went to Sentosa island which is south of Singapore and went to the Butterfly and Insect Park,Carlsberg SkytowerUnderwaterworld, and we saw the Water Show. We also got a city tour and went on the Night Safari. There’s a few things about Singapore which are kinda cool. Most of the buildings are pretty well designed, with Feng Shui in mind. The pedestrian crossings are funny as well. They have a counter on them so you know how long you have left to cross the road. Oh and a bird pooped on my sister in the street, that was real funny, well not for her, but yeah :). I wanted to pick up some figurines and stuff, but they seemed kinda expensive. I didn’t really get any souvenirs here, but there will be plenty of that in Hong Kong. p.s. the time below is local Singapore time, which is 3 hours behind AEDST, that’s what we’re in right?? p.p.s for those that are reading this and aren’t on my forums yet, which seems like most of you, get on!!! I haven’t had a lot of time to tweak them and contribute myself, but I will be there!!


Fly Away CHONGie

Thanks to the wonders of technology and SAMSUNG I can now update the CHONGLAND blog from Sydney International Airport. (How cool is that!!) Here’s my itenerary for those who are interested:

  • 2005/01/17 12:55 PM Fly from Sydney to Singapore 
  • 2005/01/20 13:00 PM Fly from Singapore to Hong Kong 
  • 2005/02/03 ??:?? ?M Fly from Hong Kong to Sydney via Singapore 

Sure enough I’ll miss people here. I’ve tried to catch up with people over the last week, with little success, but of the people I did get to catch up with, and the new people I’ve met, all the time was enjoyable and, even though I haven’t even left yet, I can’t wait to get back and catch up again… Expect some more from me in the next few days, unless I can’t get to the net by some unfortunate incident.



So CHONGLAND is coming along fairly well. I’m happy with the current design, look and feel of things, but it has been a bit of a struggle. I’m utilising XHTML and CSS as the ‘coding technologies’ and I must say that these languages have changed quite a bit since I was at TAFE. The amount of things that you can do with them is incredible, and they’ve made other bits and pieces of HTML absolutely redundant. I’ve also had a dabble at some PHP with a lot of help from Mudweg. As it turns out, Internet Explorer doesn’t like certain transparent images, so I’ve found a lovely workaround on that, but I’m not sure how I’m going to implement it into this blog page…. Anyways, on Thursdays I’ve started the habit of going to ‘The Loft Cafe’, in Macquarie Centre in the afternoons, to go over what we did in PTC the night before. I seem to concentrate a bit better out where there is ambient noise(??) and less controlled distractions, plus the staff are especially friendly. Today I ended up there in the morning, after a haircut, but didn’t have the concentration to do a lot of Bible reading, so after a semi-solid effort, I turned to jotting down my CHONGLAND V2.0 ideas and by gum I had some good ones. They’re looking somewhat hard to implement, and I’d say the chances of me having them ready by the 16th are virtually none, but it’s somewhat of a project to upskill me in Flash and programming. Tomorrow sees a lot of travel organisation and general running about, but I also hope to have a crack at getting some forums up and running, so that when I launch this baby people may actually be able to interact somewhat with me and each other, and I’l also try to get some sort of little card published to hand around to friends and aquaintances so the know CHONGLAND exists. A bit of a techy yarn tonight, but for those that aren’t into all that techy stuff, here’s what happened in my day today. I had a nice haircaut today at ‘Hair After’ at Trafalgar Square in Marsfield by a lovely young lady Carissa. Not as friendly as my previous hairdresser, Sara, there, but nice enough all the same. Apart from drinking coffee, reading the Bible and designing in Macq centre, I collected my winnings on a scratchie, deposited a cheque, bought a pair of board shorts and had a nice chat with a girl from Church (hopefully many more of those to come). 3 Days to launch CHONGLAND and pack for Hong Kong, so looks like busy times ahead, better get some sleep, so I can watch movies on the plane :D



First entry in what I hope to be a long running and not too long winded blog. I’ve actually had this thing since April 2004 and haven’t touched it. But with the new year and all, I’ve decided that it’s time to let people know about me and what I’m doing, hence Blogness. Some people know, some people don’t, some people think they know but have no idea!! So let me set the record straight. My name is Samuel Law, but people call me Sam, Jacques De, CHONG, that guy in white that dances real good. First and foremost I am a faithful child of God, although at times it doesn’t seem that way. I am on the path to becoming a designer, after completing a Diploma and Certificate IV in Multimedia in 2003, but that doesn’t seem to be working out for me at this present time, although I’m confident that God will lead me to a place where I am happy, productive and challenging myself and other people. But that’s enough about me for now, I don’t generally like to blow my own horn. If you stick with this blog for long enough you’ll get to know me and my nature, and hopefully discover different facets of my varying personality in all it’s glory. On to what I actually wanted to talk about today… CHONGLAND is going v2.0. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally got enough effort and stayability to go ahead and revamp the site. Within the month the rebuild should be complete, but for the moment it will be blog and forums on CHONGLAND whilst I’m jetsetting across Asia and such. ETA on something will be in a couple of days. So check CHONGLAND then and sign up for forums and get interacting with me, or check CHONGLAND now and see what I’ve done in the past.



This is the H1 Heading

Above this paragraph should be the H1 heading for your web page. If it is not visible, the design settings for the H1 tag is set to display:none which many WordPress Themes use to hide the blog title text and replace it with a graphic. Do not use H1 within your blog post area.

If the design in the H1 heading looks like your blog title or blog post title, then that is the style set for that HTML tag and you should not use it within your blog post area.

Inside of this test data section are most of the basic HTML and XHTML and CSS styles that you might use within your WordPress Theme.You need to know what that will look like as part of structuring your styles.

This is the H2 Heading

While WordPress assigns the H1 and H2 headings to specific places, such as the header and post title, not always are they in the same places. For your Theme, the H2 might be the post title, or it might be used in the sidebar for the section titles, and the H3 is used for the post title. You need to know what each looks like and identify it on your Theme and layout.

Look at how the heading is styled, but also look at the space around it. It might have a huge amount of margin or padding above or below, background colors, and other effects. If you want them for that heading, fine, but if not, change them.

This is the H3 Heading

Is this the same heading as is in your post title or is this the section headings found within your sidebar? Or is it different? This is the post content heading for the HTML tag h3, as is the one below, H4, for section headings within your post to divide up topics. If there is an H3 or H4 tag in your sidebar, you will need to identify the parent HTML and CSS container for the sidebar and style those appropriate in your blog’s stylesheet.

For more information in searching for your styles in your WordPress blog, see CSS: Studying Your CSS Styles and Finding Your CSS Styles in WordPress.

Also notice how the links in that paragraph are styled so you can style links within your post content area. Links have three styles. There is the link color, link hover color, and visited link color. Be sure and design for each style.

This is the H4 Heading

In this section under the H4 heading, we’re going to look at what the post content, the meat and potatoes of your site looks like. In general, you will have multiple paragraphs, so we will add another paragraph so you can adjust the spacing in between them to the look you want.

Paragraphs are not just for typing your blog babble, they can also hold frame and hold other information within your content area to help make the point you want to make in your writing. For instance, you will commonly have three types of lists.

  • General Lists using the <ul> tag
  • Ordered Lists using the <ol> tag
  • Definition Lists using the <dl> tag
    • Definition Lists use two other tags to generate the list:

      • <dt> sets up the word or phrase to be “defined”, usually set in bold, and
      • <dd> sets up the definition, which is usually in a normal or slightly smaller font and indented under the definition.
  • And that’s the end of the lists

And we’ve just tested a paragraph before and after a general list along with a nested list to help you see what at least three levels of the list will look like. Make sure that each level of the list is styled to match your specific needs. You might want to use the default disc or circle, or you might want to add graphic bullets to your list, too.

This is the H5 Heading

While the H5 heading is not always used, maybe you might find a need for it if your H1 and H2 and H3 headings are used. You might need one to two levels of subheadings in your post content, so this one gives you another option.

We also need to look at the other two lists and then add some images and other styles to flesh out your WordPress Theme sandbox.

  1. You need to do this first.
  2. You need to do this second.
    • You could do this in between.
    • Or give this a try, too.
  3. But this is the third and last thing to do.

This should give you an idea of how a nested number list would look on your site. Now, let’s look at a definition list.

WordPress Themes
A WordPress Theme is not a “skin”. Though many young people call it one. The reality is that a WordPress Theme contains many files that come together in various ways to generate a WordPress web page. A “skin” simply changes the look, and rarely the results.
WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins add flexibility, features, and capabilities to your WordPress site. There are hundreds to choose from. Some add power and control like monitoring and busting comment spam and enhancing your administration features. Others add fun things like random elements and polling and rating systems.

And here is another paragraph to show the relationship between the various parts and pieces.

This is the H3 Heading

Daisy, photograph Copyright Brent VanFossenIf the H3 heading is your in-post section heading, then you need to see how it works within the post itself. If it isn’t, simply change the H3 to whatever heading number you are using.

Daisy, photograph Copyright Brent VanFossenWe need to look at how images, another major feature of most WordPress sites, are used within the site. Images tend to sit on the left, right, or middle of your post, depending upon how you are using them. For an image sitting on the left or right, you need to add appropriate padding around the image on the text side to push the text away from the image so the text won’t push up against the edges of the image.

Daisy, photograph Copyright Brent VanFossen

A centered image is a little different. It is centered in the middle and the text is pushed above and below it. NOTE: Currently, the Theme used here doesn’t feature “right” or “left” or “centered” styles. It uses the CSS deprecated “align”. Please change the code here from align to class so your site will validate and you will have much more control over image placement.

How to add the CSS styles for images is discussed in the Codex article, Using Images.

Testing Font Looks – H3 Heading

You will need to test the looks of the different font styles, too. This is bold and THIS IS BOLD. This is italic and THIS IS ITALIC. This is bold and italic and THIS IS BOLD AND ITALIC. This is code and THIS IS CODE. And now let’s look at what the PRE tag, also known as the preformatted tag, looks like:

This is the pre tag.
It should be formatted as written
     so if you add spaces to the front of the line
  it will show the spaces and the <code> as written

This should be back to the normal paragraph style and we hope you have been paying attention to the margins and padding around each element, including the paragraph, so you can position things appropriately to the rest of the content.

Your CSS Here – H3 Heading

Let’s look at the blockquote, one of the most common tags used in most blogs. It is designed to “frame” a quote from another blog, website, or reference that you are “quoting” from. For the most part, there are three examples of usage:

This is a simple quote. It is either preceded or followed by a link within the text to the credited source. A blockquote must be designed to stand out from the rest of the text content, but it does not have to “really” stand out, just separate itself from the content so we know it’s not your words.

A second style to the blockquote is one that includes a citation. Under HTML guidelines, this citation should be wrapped in the <cite> tag and then that tag can be styled to be in italics, bold, or whatever look you want in your design.

Take care with the style of the <cite> tag as some WordPress Themes use it in the comments area. I recommend you style it specifically withblockquote cite {style declarations} in your stylesheet.

This is an example of a blockquote which also contains a link to Designing a WordPress Theme – Building a SandBox to help you see what links will look link within a blockquote.
Lorelle on WordPress, your guide to all things WordPress and blogging

The citation includes a link and text to help you see what a link and text will look like within the cite tag.

There are many tags that can be found within a blockquote, just as can be found within any container within your web page design, but a last example includes an unordered list. Many bloggers love to quote examples from lists, so this is a good tag series to test.

Within this web design sandbox test page, we’ve tested:

  • Headings
  • Text styles like bold and italic
  • Ordered (numbered) and unordered (bullets) lists
  • Links
  • Code and PRE tags
  • Blockquotes
  • And much more…

Which should show you what a list looks like within a blockquote.

Each website is unique with it’s own look and feel for the various parts and pieces. This cut and paste section looks only at what you might have within your content section. So if you will have boxes for lists or little aside information, you will need to add them so you can see how they will look in the overall page layout.

Some elements in a WordPress Theme are controlled by the style sheet, while others are controlled by the Template files. Try to work on as much as you can from the style sheet first, then you can mess with the template files.

Remember, any changes you make to the style sheet and template files will be not available if you change themes. If you want them carried over, you will need to copy and paste them into the new Theme folder.

As a last element in the content area and throughout your site, check the hypertext links. These are the links to external websites and/or internal pages within your site. They come in three flavors: active, visited, and hover. Make sure you work on the styles for each of these.