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So I’m an avid consumer of Apple products, and they push a lot through their online stores now (iTunes & App), and I also enjoy a good discount; so when I found BigW selling their iTunes cards at 25% off, I grabbed a whole bunch, which arrived in the mail this morning. Read the Post iTunes Fail…

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Well, I’m still working away on that re-theme, which is being distracted by relaxing and down-time…

This week I got to spend some time with my brother in Christ Nic on Tuesday evening. We headed to the movies to see The Hobbit, as well as have some dinner, a catch up, and some bible. The movie wasn’t too bad, though there were some flow issues, I thought; at some points in the film, it seemed to stagger… I did like the several allusions to Jesus that could be picked out in there though… I spotted at least three…
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