New Music

In the last week and a half I’ve purchased a few albums, mostly along the same vein, but all are exciting my aural senses!!

Album Review

Garage Hymnal – Unity

Track List

  1. Hymn 140
  2. Bind Us Together/Unity
  3. Fairest Lord Jesus
  4. We Are Waiting
  5. Amen
  6. Holy One
  7. Sunday Came
  8. Found In You
  9. We Praise You
  10. Stand Firm
  11. May The Words
  12. All That I Am

Unity is the fourth album from Sydney band Garage Hymnal. The album was recorded over the course of 3 nights in May at St Stephen’s Newtown featuring a choir and the crowds singing along, which have been mixed with the bands vocals.


The Gate @ Pablo’s

Last night I got on down to Pablo & Rusty’s Expresso Bar in Epping for another of The Gate‘s trial events, having run their course of shows in the backyard. On the bill for the evening were: Loopsnake, Cleptoclectics and Wintercoats – artists I’d never heard of before.

When I wandered up towards Pablo & Rusty’s, there was the familiar banner of The Gate leading people up the side alleyway. After presenting my ticket at the entrance, I wandered into the back ‘red’ room and saw Chris & Tracy Tate, old stalwarts of St Paul’s 7:15 service and guys from an old bible study group. I also met Jon Key, Tracy’s cousin and got to chatting with him for a short while.

After a little while of setting up, Loopsnake took to the small stage and began playing, laying down some electronic bleeps and pops with a dubby minimal sound. He looked to be enjoying himself on stage, constantly bopping along, which was a stark contrast to those in the audience who sat still on the floor, even when Loopsnake moved into a funky breaky sound. For those that are keen to hear some of Loopsnake you can do so at his bandcamp site.

After a short interval and equipment change, it was time for Cleptoclectics to start. His music was a quirky, offbeat Hip-Hop sound with many oriental sounds… He seemed to bounce between a good energy and a more subdued state… For some Cleptoclectics please visit his myspace.

Final act for the night was Melbournian Wintercoats; one guy with a violin and a few effects, delay and reverb switches. His method for making music was phenomenal; playing a bar or two, capturing it and then adding more and more layers, all generated with his violin by bowing, plucking, strumming or brushing the strings, flicking or tapping the body of the violin, and then singing over the top. It was quite an amazing act, similar to two other acts I’ve seen: Erik Mongrain, who plays the guitar in a different way, and Jamie Lidell, who often samples, loops and effects his voice to come up with something new. Most impressive track that Wintercoats performed was a cover of TLC’s No Scrubs. For some of Wintercoats‘ music, please visit his bandcamp site.

I think the night was pretty successful, it certainly got a little warm inside the venue, despite the temperature drop outside, and you wouldn’t want to grow the audience too much more than an extra 20 persons, which shouldn’t be a problem given the following that experimental sounds has… I got some video of the night and hope to put that up somewhere soon…



Around every corner is the lure to consume.

A desire to be satisfied.

Unfortunately no human being has found anything under the sun that brings satisfaction.

So we consume more, and more, and more.

Eventually we overdose.

However, there is hope if Christianity is our rehab.

In Jesus satisfaction can be found. Grace, Love, Peace and Hope can be found… And there is always more.

Consume more of Jesus.


from the inside cover of Lecrae – Rehab: The Overdose


The Gate

Last night I got along to the trial gig of The Gate: It’s an experiment. It’s an experience. Some of Sydney’s best music in our backyard.

The premise of The Gate is an occasional event seeking to uncover and showcase some of the bands buried around the North Shore and Western Suburbs at an interesting DIY space in the inner suburbs.

First up on the bill last night was Telafonica. They style their music as “traditional (&non) song structures utilising live instruments, soundmachines and computers” while asserting that “the pop song lyric book is never far from hand“. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the stuff they played. To me it appeared to be an attempt to get as many unusual instruments and sounds as they could and mash them together into something that wasn’t particularly musical. Throw in some seemingly nonsensical or meaningful lyrics and there was the performance. The only real satisfaction I took from them was the pre-produced beats they had which were pretty jazzy and almost funky.

Garage Hymnal was the other act on the bill. Having only really seen them at KYCK twice, I was interested to see how/if they were any different as a performance band rather than a worship band.

They played a number of songs from their three albums, including Father’s World, The Light Has Found Us, Love, Like A River, Child’s Play, I Am, Take My Life and Hallelujah.
Despite the cold of being outside, the band really seemed to have fun with the gig, giving some insights into their writing process amongst other things. The members are all greatly talented musicians. I didn’t notice a great difference in their performance compared to leading worship, which I think was a bit of a shame, as I believe that there should be some kind of segregation of the two. For Garage Hymnal it is a hard line to draw, being a band that was formed to be a worship band.

I’m interested to see how things develop for The Gate down the track. It would be good if they are able to have a wide range of musical stylings as they continue to grow and develop this idea. Being a fairly intimate area though, some kind of a more personal touch would be nice. Last night felt a bit stand-offish having people from all sorts of places in attendance.


Hometown Glory

I really love the lyrics of Hometown Glory by Adele. Whilst travelling home on the train from class, I’m currently listening to the High Contrast Remix as played by London Elektricity on his Radio1 Essential Mix in November 2008; lyrics slightly edited from the track:

Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met
Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met

I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque
I love to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades
I like it in the city when two worlds collide
You get the people and the government
Everybody taking different sides

Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met
Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met


Happy New Year

I’m standing at town hall awaiting a train to take me home to a nice cleansing shower and my cosy bed.

My night was spent at Chinese Laundry to hear UK DJ Danny Howells. His set tonight was good, but not great, having plenty of nice tracks, especially those of the funky bouncy progressive variety, but it was missing that spark that binds a set together making it flow on a proverbial journey.

Tonight was the first time I was able to test out my leg on the dancefloor after my knee reconstruction 4 months ago. I had a great boogie towards the start of the night before the crowds started to fill up the space around the dancefloor. Everything seemed to flow smoothly giving little to no pain, which was good. The only thing that seemed to be lacking was stamina, mainly in my calves and soles of my feet. As usual there were plenty of looks, stares and giggles, some of them appreciative and others in jest, along with the occasional request for pills…

The crowd tonight was a big mix; probably 1/3 was there for the DJs and got into it well, the other 2/3s seemed out of place or to not be enjoying themselves. There were plenty of beautiful girls fluttering about, dressed to impressed. It was tough not to continually look at them and cross the dangerously thin line of appreciating beauty and lust.


London Elektricity@Bassdrop

On Wednesday night I had the absolute pleasure of seeing and, more importantly, hearing London Elektricity aka Tony Coleman and MC Wrec for Bassdrop at Favela.

It was odd heading out on a Wednesday night to a Kings Cross club, but upon arrival there was a short queue to get in, the lovely Sorcha managing the entry. She greeted me with a smile, a peck on the cheek and stamped my arm and it was off to join the masses upstairs, which was already at 80% capacity.

The crowd was already bouncing off the walls thanks to the $5 drinks happy hour between 8 and 10, some more evident than others, and the warmup DJ and MC, who seemed to be doing a good job. I settled into the tightly packed crowd atop the mezzanine steps, where I would drift back and forwards for the remainder of my night, and began to reacquaint myself with the drum n bass style of dance. There’s not a whole lot to it; it’s kind of like doing standing situps or ab crunches, but to the music, and with regular bending the knees, and then there’s various modifications you can add. The speed is quite fast though, a regular DnB track will run along at 174bpm, and you’d want to be hitting every beat, or each off beat at least.

When London Elektricity graced the decks, the crowd bellowed with excitement, and Tony responded with his track Just One Second, I think it was the Apex Remix, followed by Deadmau5 & Kaskade‘s I Remember (J Magik & Wickaman Remix), a great party tune, nice and summer-y. Completing the magical triplet was the dnb mix, possibly the High Contrast Mix of MGMT‘s Time to Pretend. The rest of the set just took off from there, including a few sections full of low end dubstep. Other tracks of note were:

  • London ElektricityAll Hell is Breaking Loose
  • Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Vocal Mix
  • MistabishiPrinter Jam (Barbarix Remix) This was teased and sampled multiple times before actually dropping.

Overall the crowd was pleasant. It was pretty refreshing to be out without having all these dolled up girls in short dresses showing plenty of flesh, rather the girls were mainly in singlets, jeans and sneakers. Not many “look at me girls”, but they seemed to be just out there for a good time with good music.

Big thanks to Paul Strange, Sorcha, Bassdrop,
MC Wrec and Tony Coleman for one of the front-running gigs of the year.


The Week Ahead

Mundane Monday off to a flying start!!

Listening to a random selection from several albums:

  • Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
  • London Elektricity – Syncopated City
  • London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy
  • Mistabishi – Drop
  • Cicada – Cicada
  • Gift – 3

Diary is looking quite busy for the week. So far I’m booked in for:

  • Steak Dinner at West Ryde for Hamish’s Birthday today.


  • Bible Study on Tuesday night
  • Thursday Lunch at World Square Pub with City St Paulians
  • Work Social on Friday night, we’re having a poker night
  • MANDAY on Saturday at church. We’ll be hearing from Geoff Hall, James Moore and James Warren on Paul, a man that suffered much for the sake of the Gospel
  • Hamish’s 21st on Saturday night
  • Church on Sunday night. It’s a guest night with a guest speaker

Hoping to drop my new CHONGLAND theme in some time mid-week, it’s mostly finished, but I’m having issues getting some aesthetics looking pretty….

And from my reading this morning: Psalm 136

26 Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.

A great reminder to pray and thank God for the great love that He shows to us. I’m also reminded of the love that He showed in the sacrifice of Jesus.


Renaissance – James Zabiela

Today I received Renaissance – The Masters Series [Part 12] (Mixed by James Zabiela) in the mail.
I’m quite excited about it as Zabiela has been quite the musical innovator over the years. He’s kept a four part blog whilst compiling this 2 disc selection which also contains plenty of ad-hoc recordings in the streets.

Shall get back to you when I’m ready to review…