Last night I went along to see this enjoyable theatrical production, which they class as a Song Cycle. The premise of the production is a showing of the magical beginning and less respectable ending to relationships. There is a cast of four plus the composer/pianist on the stage who cycle through 2 acts of song, the first being the beginnings and the second the endings.

The stories that run throughout vary in intricacies, time frames and seriousness and were all fairly well written. The singing is fantastic, conjuring up visions of joy, love, happiness, remorse, regret, and numerous emotions. The cast does very well, albeit some stage directions detracting from the singer at times. I was impressed with them all, but especially the girls; Octavia Barron-Martin and Sarah Croser (whom incidentally is dating a friend whom I went to High School with) and their impressive vocal ranges.

There is a fair bit of language spattered throughout the production as well as topics such as gay relationships and marriage, which is contrary to what I believe in, but we are to live in the world, but not of it.

The season ends on Saturday night, so if you want to see it, definitely need to take action soon. Bookings through the Seymour Theatre with a standard ticket setting you back $39+bf.


Mark Farina – Fabric 40

Mark Farina - Fabric 40

  1. Glom – Together
  2. Chuck Love – Yellow Truth (Atnarko Mix)
  3. JT Donaldson & Uneaq – Why Not Rock?
  4. Ricardo Rae – Lead The Way
  5. John Larner & Slater Hogan – Hettin Ready
  6. Inland Knights – Where Ya At?
  7. Homer Espinosa – Got This Feeling (LNS Disco Dub)
  8. Alexander East – Believe En Me
  9. Frank Solano – The Blue Line (Tommy Largo Remix)
  10. Kris G – Feel My Love (Bobby Valentine Mix)
  11. Non Believers – Stasera
  12. Johnny Fiasco – Last Word
  13. Mood II Swing – Closer (Oliver Desmet & Fred Everything Mix)
  14. James Curd – Pick Up What I’m Putting Down
  15. Rylan White Featuring Olly Brunton – There Goes The Neighbourhood
  16. Lawnchair Generals – Broke Acid
  17. Jeremy Joshua – Make Dat Shit (Derrick Carter Mix)
  18. DJ Sneak – Mumbler
  19. Prztz – Brutality
  20. Mark Farina – Das Shibuya (Cheeba Mix)
  21. King Kooba – Hoose Musik

Always a fan of Mark Farina and the amazing versatility he brings to all of his sets, when I saw this, there was no question of whether the purchase was justified, and Mark hasn’t let the audio interceptors down at all. The disc moves between jackin and minimal house the whole way through, which is a nice little change up from Farina’s normal jazzy style and quite reflective of the Fabric label. When Farina mixed the CD he said

“… I played a sort of fictitious set at fabric on a night that doesn’t exist. Musically, I tried to capture the techy, jackin’ Chicago/SF side of the house spectrum – dubby, chunky tracks. I tried to pick tunes from all over the world. I picked a good variation of underground goodies, a lot of which are unreleased or hopefully not on any other compilations. Tracks that have a good “shelf life” but that aren’t proven hits; hidden gems that might go over looked in this fast paced music era.”

Frank Solano’s The Blue Line (Tommy Largo Remix) is one of the standout tracks on the CD and really kicks it up a notch. This is the stuff I’d love to hear all night long, to keep a dancefloor going all night long. The combination of Mood II Swing’s Closer (Oliver Desmet & Fred Everything Mix) and James Curd’s Pick Up What I’m Putting Down is another standout moment on the disc and really picks me up!!! The tracks are melded together so well that it’s hard to tell where one starts and the other finishes. This peak tails off very quickly into a minimal sound, which sounds like Farina was trying to emulate the later hours of the morning of a night at Fabric. The bouncy minimalism of Lawnchair Generals’ Broke Acid is quite fun and enjoyable, and Jeremy Joshua’s Make Dat Shit (Derrick Carter Mix) definitely continues on this trend, albeit slightly tougher… Prztz’s Brutality is just that; quite brutal on the ears, being quite quirky in it’s vocals and fx. The Cheeba’s Mix of Mark Farina’s Das Shibuya is quite mellow and chilled with some crazy japanese man rambling on and on over a bassline that sounds like the hook from Afrika Baambaataa’s Planet Rock which was a bit of a spinout when I first heard it and actually placed the bassline… King Kooba’s Hoose Musik is a nice finishing touch to the disc placing warm synth style chords and unusual effects over a bouncy minimal house sound combined with a quirky acapella sample to sign off and out.


Housexy [Autumn 08]

Housexy [Autumn 08]

Disc 01 (Mixed by Alan Thompson)

  1. Bob Sinclar & Steve Edwards – Together (Eddie Thoneick Dub)
  2. Funkerman – Speed Up
  3. Fedde Le Grande – Get This Feeling (Original Mix)
  4. DJ Pearl & Patric La Fun featuring Shena – Keep Pushin (Kurd Maverick 08 Remix)
  5. Alp vs Outwork – Fiesta Elektronika (Paolo Alberti Reprise)
  6. Till West & Eddie Thoneick vs Alexandra Prince – Hi ‘n’ Bye (Eddie Thoneick La Guitarra Mix)
  7. Eddie Thoneick – I Wanna Freak U (Original Mix)
  8. Yoav – Club Thing (Funkerman Remix)
  9. Eddie Thoneick presents Female Deejays featuring Chelonis R. Jones – If Only (Funkerman Remix)
  10. Nicola Fasano vs Rat-Rich – 75, Brazil Street (Original Mix)
  11. Martin Solveig – C’est La Vie (Fedde vs Martin Club Mix)
  12. Quentin Harris featuring Margaret Grace – My Joy (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)
  13. Carl Kennedy – The Love You Bring Me (Eddie Thoneick Remix)
  14. Soul Avengers – Drop The Bomb
  15. Mighty Dub Katz – Just Another Groove (Tocadisco Remix)
  16. Seamus Haji featuring Doug Lazy – Head To Toe (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix)
  17. H Two O featuring Platnum – What’s It Gonna Be (Jason Herd’s Mo’Funk Remix)

This disc shoots off straight away and doesn’t show any signs of slowing up!! It’s a well mixed disc of House and Electro flavours with a very techy sound although I felt that it was a little soul-less… I’m not sure if there was much of a lull, but the last track What’s It Gonna Be (Jason Herd’s Mo’Funk Remix) sounded out the end with a magnificent house sound, taking the sound back to the beginning of the disc and beyond.

Disc 02 (Mixed by Graham Cordery)

  1. Martin ‘Mayhem’ & Timmi ‘Magic’ featuring Elisabeth Troy – I Need Your Lovin (M’s Reprise)
  2. Cerrone featuring Jocelyn Brown – Hooked On You (Jamie Lewis Radio Edit)
  3. Puzique – Nice & Tight
  4. Kenny Thomas – Keep The Fires Burning (Classic Vocal Richard Earnshaw Remix)
  5. Fish go Deep featuring Tracey K – The Cure & The Cause
  6. Reanshaw & Giles – Round & Round (Main Cut Instrumental)
  7. Panevino – Freeze The Frame
  8. Steven Stone vs Roberto de Carlo featuring Seyla – Believe (Danny Clark Funk Workout Mix)
  9. Secret Sounds – Come Back Home (Joey Negro Club Mix)
  10. Michael Watford – So Into You (B D’s Revisited Mix)
  11. Bobby D’Ambrosio featuring Kelli Sae – Optimistic (D’Ambrosio & Toppert Club Remix)
  12. Groove Junkies featuring Solara & Raya Beam – Deeper
  13. Hardsoul featuring Amma – Love Weigh You Down
  14. Lee McDonald – I’ll Do Anything For You

Wow, what a great mix of warm, soulful, sexy house in typical Graham Cordery fashion!!! Kicking off with a great disco sound in I Need Your Lovin which put a warmth in my ears and heart straight off the bat… Cerrone’s Hooked On You is a fantastic classic track with strong vocals from Jocelyn Brown, the Jamie Lewis Edit treats it with great love and respect. Nice & Tight is another classic track pulled off the ranks to continue the warm glow of this disc. From here the disc starts to slow down a little and moving away from the great disco sound that it started off with. It kicks back in with Panevino’s Freeze The Frame hitting some great vocals and strings… and then back to the disco inferno sound with Joey Negro’s mix of Secret Sounds’ Come Back Home finally rounding out to some soulful vocals and piano…


Jamie Lidell – JIM

Jamie Lidell - JIM

  1. Another Day
  2. Wait For Me
  3. Out of My System
  4. All I Wanna Do
  5. Little Bit of Feel Good
  6. Figured Me Out
  7. Hurricane
  8. Green Light
  9. Where D’You Go?
  10. Rope of Sand

Having just picked this Album for a friend; Julie, she allowed me the pleasure of having a quick listen and review before giving it to her, so here we go!!

It all begins with the great little number Another Day which is reminiscent of a Gospel track surprisingly fused with the Sesame Street theme song….
Wait For Me combines some great vocals with some awesome instrumentals including a nice little diddy on the piano…
Out Of My System brings back a great Oldskool Funk feel, especially with the little guitar rifts around the chorus….
Jamie changes gears yet again with All I Wanna Do dropping it back to an acoustic rhythm and bluesy track, with some haunting backing vocals, still giving a church choir feel…..
Little Bit of Feel Good starts to bring the vibe back up with that olde funk feeling again…. Strong vocals and nice guitars make this track!!!
Jamiroquai-esk with a twisted turn is the only way I can describe Figured Me Out which consists of punchy vocals supported by some cool synths, twisted, tweaked and filtered to goodness.
Hurricane feels just like that with it’s rocky guitar rifts and underlying rhythms and harmonies…. The breakdown pushes the hurricane effect even further and ventures into what feels like an eye at times: eerily calm.
Following on from the calm after the hurricane is Green Light which has a nice 60s loungey sound…..
Where D’You Go sounds a bit dangerous with the piano rhythms sounding off, but turning out quirky and fun in the end, although ending a little abruptly….
The final song on the album is Rope of Sand: a hauntingly beautiful track combining an acoustic guitar with warm melodies and seemingly vulnerable vocals.

Having never heard much of Lidell, I was pleasantly surprised with his offering, great feel to the album which soared all over the place like a roller-coaster, but still kept you pinned to the seat for the entire journey, a great listen indeed.


New CDs

Picked up a couple of discs on Wednesday during a much needed lunch stroll

    Reviews to come, eventually, as with my last acquisitions…
    [EDIT – JIM review is now live, click the link to see it…]


GU034 – Milan (Mixed by Felix Da Housecat) [Limited Edition]

Arrived in the mail today, can’t wait for a listen and I’ll have some sort of a review in due course…. Still digging through reviews of my last purchase….

If you want a prelude, or watch a nice little video of Felix on his journey, check out the originators: Global Underground


Soothes the soul…

After a stressful number of days, lingering towards a week, I need some time out, or something to calm me down; draw my focus to something else…
Music is one thing which I use to escape….

Today at work I’ve been listening to the Tech-Trance Feb Special mix by some guy that goes by the alias of HeaT1 which I picked up from inthemix‘s trance forums. It’s been a nice smooth flow towards some tougher techy stuff at the end…

Also at lunch I ducked out to JB Hi-Fi in search of some new CDs for purchase. I picked up 3:

I’ll be sure to get some reviews up as I listen through them, so check back soon!! Also on the way I have Global Underground 034 (Mixed by Felix Da Housecat), which should arrive in the next few days!! It certainly is a great time to have ears to hear.


House Love, straight from the Internet

Listening to Digitally Imported’s House Stream ( at work whilst filing reports and typing up letters to clients and I’m loving some of these tracks

  • Lo Motion – Fatback Fonk
  • Kathy Brown – You Give Good Love (Jay-J’s Moulton Studio’s Dub)
  • The Rhythm Slaves – I Can Feel It
  • Mutiny UK – Secrets (Original Mix)

Check em out if you get the chance!!! That’ll do for today, maybe some more another day!!


SHE Featuring Robert Owens

Much respect & love to the SHE Sydney crew for all the work they continuously put into their monthly parties. I know that when I go to a party of theirs that I’m guaranteed to have a great night out, which is why I try to get friends to come along. This time around, I had a list of twelve down to attend with me, mostly guys and girls from church. Of that list, only one person came along…..

A week before the party; three quarters of my list were confirmed as coming along. Halfway through the week, a couple dropped out due to sickness. On the day, everyone else let me know that they weren’t coming, but they didn’t take the initiative in letting me know, I made contact to essentially confirm that they were, or in this case weren’t, coming. This both annoys and saddens me, especially since it’s not the first time it’s happened, and I’m certain that it most definitely won’t be the last. [I’ll come back to you on the desertion issue, let me tell you about the actual night].

I got in about 10:15 after an enjoyably frustrating parking spot safari that lasted about half an hour, and Industrie seemed to be a bit short on patrons…. Unfortunately I missed Grahams set & Liam Sampras was playing a loungey house set, so after attempting a short dance, and talking to some SHE regulars, it was time for a drink & to greet the friendly Industrie bar staff. Whilst up on the mezzanine level I got to have a short chat to Nick Vidal, who was about to jump up next on the decks, so I got back down and had a boogie as Liam finished up and Nick started. It was a very nice start with MAWs ‘To Be In Love’!!!

I met up with some more SHE regulars before a mate Damien showed up. The crowd was now starting to build upquite nicely now, although that meant that space was in great demand. We ended up sitting on a little ledge at the back of the club, appreciating beauty in many of its forms when a lovely blonde girl informed us of ‘another lounge area’ out the back. We pondered a while before taking advantage of this invitation and ventured out there. It turned out that this was the VIP area… So whilst we were out there she and her lovely legs occasionally wandered up to offer us drinks, which we finally accepted. The drinks didn’t sit too well however; the Jagerbombs came without enough redbull to cover the jagershot & my Canadian Club and lemonade was pretty brown aka Coke, and all this came with a slight surcharge for her ‘table service’.

As the night rolled on, Mr Robert Owens arrived and graced the VIP area. He happened to sit down right next to me, but no one was chatting to him, so I started to talk to him; asking him about his time in Australia, which he was enjoying, due to the fact that he actually got to spend some time here, as opposed to his normal jet in & out. During the week I’d read a few interviews of his in which he stated that his singing was developed by and large in the Baptist Church when he was younger, so I boldy proceeded to ask him whether he was a Christian or not. Sadly he isn’t, but we did have a nice little religious debate. Who would have expected?? After that, the camera crews arrived & shot an interview with him. Embarrasingly, however, the interviewer thought that he was Ron Carroll.

1 AM rolled around so it was time for Mr Owens to grace the decks and mic, and me to grace the dancefloor. The corridor that is Industries’ dancefloor wasn’t as occupied as normal, but patrons seemed more spread out. I settled into my regular area and started to boogie down. Owens sung up a storm, much like his set from the week before at Melbourne’s YumYum, however the flow of the set seemed quite disjointed.

As usual, I drew plenty of attention with my dancing, which was good. Best line of the night was courtesy of Erin; one of the Industrie staff, with “You look cuter when you’re dancing” whilst I was taking a break. The night ended on a sour note: someone had taken one of Roberts CD wallets, promptly ending the night.

With respect to my friends not coming along, I was pretty livid about it. I’d given them plenty of notice – 3, maybe even 4 weeks, and set out movements for the evening, giving them a chance to respond, no objections, so I could only assume that everything was fine… The most annoying thing was them not taking initiative in contacting me to let me know…

When Sunday night came around, where apologies & explanations seemed to flow like water, I was more sympathetic and loving. I mean, I’d prefer that my friends take care of themselves first of all, rather than exert themselves to keep me company, and I’d like to think they’d have the same attitude if ever the roles were reversed.



Seeing as my last post was at the start of February, I think it’s well time that I put something else down in writing here, and there’s plenty to say, and hasn’t been enough time/effort on my part to get on here to write it all down, so here goes…. (plus there’s some additional back-dated posts as well, just for good measure.)