I Need Air

I Need Air by Magnetic Man

I’m typing up this post on my new 13″ Macbook Air, affectionately called Magnetic Mac.
So you may recall that my old Macbook Pro 17″ was stolen out of my window at the flat, along with my iPod touch. This is my replacement and upgrade of that machine and my Dell mini 9 hackintosh. It is not as powerful a machine as I want it to be, but for my basic, on the road requirements, it is all I need.

The decision process was quite difficult. I was in a few minds as to what I wanted/needed, weighing up where and when I would use my new machine. As well as having a portable machine to take notes, I also wanted something that I’d be able to use at AWESOME!!: our annual youth camp to show powerpoint and video, with some video editing; basic if need be. Finances were also a factor that needed to be considered. The two major candidates were this 13″ Macbook Air, and then the recently refreshed 13″ Macbook Pro, with the addition of a 256GB OWC SSD. In the end, the portability and the complete package won out.

I placed my order online on the 13th of April in the evening, expecting delivery by the 27th of April…. Three days later, in the evening, I received notification that it had been shipped from Shanghai, giving me hope that it would arrive soon… As I watched the TNT tracking page over the coming days, there seemed to be a holdup at Pudong International Airport, but then yesterday afternoon, the TNT delivery guy turned up with a box. 6 days from go to woah!!

Over the last day I’ve been updating, installing, and customising my new machine in order that it be usable for sermon & lecture notes, watching tv & movies, listening to music, capturing & editing photos, emailing and web browsing.


Macbook Air

I’m considering purchasing one of these to be used as my mobile computer, replacing my Dell Mini 9″ Hackintosh, which is a little on the tiny side, and not particularly powerful, being based on an atom chip, whereas the Air have a Core 2 Duo in them.

So as part of my investigations, I’m currently in the Chatswood Apple store, blogging away on an 11″ Air. It’s a pleasant experience so far, the keyboard is nicely spaced out, although I’m struggling a little with the placement of the delete key. I’ve currently got 4 tabs open and am testing out the multitasking capabilities… It doesn’t seem to have slowed down much, but I wonder how it would go running Aperture as well, which is something I’d be keen to do whilst out on the road… It feels quite nice and light as well when lifting it up, though the screen feels a tiny bit flimsy to be honest.

I think that if I was to purchase, I’d run with a 13″, so I could make use of the extra speed of the processor. The added benefit of the SD slot would be nice, but with a 256GB SSD, I’m not sure whether it is a great added benefit, especially since my camera uses CompactFlash cards rather than SD Cards.

My dilemma is that I want a powerful laptop to be able to edit video on the road, not sure if an air could quite handle that, so I’d have to jump to a Macbook Pro in order to fulfil that, or else just hold off on video edits until I’m at home with my desktop i7 Hackintosh, but as I mentioned, the Dell Mini 9″ isn’t cutting it any longer.

I guess I’ll keep contemplating, calculating, reading, praying and discussing the need to go ahead with this and keep you updated..


Renaissance – James Zabiela

Today I received Renaissance – The Masters Series [Part 12] (Mixed by James Zabiela) in the mail.
I’m quite excited about it as Zabiela has been quite the musical innovator over the years. He’s kept a four part blog whilst compiling this 2 disc selection which also contains plenty of ad-hoc recordings in the streets.

Shall get back to you when I’m ready to review…


GU036 – Bogota (Mixed by Darren Emerson) [Limited Edition]

Arrived in the mail today, listening now as I trudge through my work and I’ll have some sort of a review in due course….

If you want a prelude, or watch a nice little video of Darren in Bogota, check out the mini-site: GU36.

Would love to get my hand, or body as it were, on one of the Boxfresh tour tees


October GU CD Acquisitions

I ordered a couple of CDs from the Global Underground label just over a week ago, they’ve arrived today from the UK. Looking forward to having a listen…..

They are
Sasha – Invol2ver – The highly anticipated follow up to the Billboard #1 Involver album Featuring exclusive Sasha remixes and reworks of Thom Yorke, Ladytron, Rone & Home Video. Limited special edition, with bonus CD featuring Girls In Hawaii & Charlie May.

Nick Warren – GU 35 – Lima An awe inspiring journey through modern progressive house. Featuring 25 exclusive tracks from Way Out West, Analog People In A Digital World, Alex Dolby, Martin Brodin & Paul Rogers.

Both artists were also set to tour around the end of November, however Nick WarrenSasha will still be gracing out shores…


New CDs

Picked up a couple of discs on Wednesday during a much needed lunch stroll

    Reviews to come, eventually, as with my last acquisitions…
    [EDIT – JIM review is now live, click the link to see it…]


GU034 – Milan (Mixed by Felix Da Housecat) [Limited Edition]

Arrived in the mail today, can’t wait for a listen and I’ll have some sort of a review in due course…. Still digging through reviews of my last purchase….

If you want a prelude, or watch a nice little video of Felix on his journey, check out the originators: Global Underground


Soothes the soul…

After a stressful number of days, lingering towards a week, I need some time out, or something to calm me down; draw my focus to something else…
Music is one thing which I use to escape….

Today at work I’ve been listening to the Tech-Trance Feb Special mix by some guy that goes by the alias of HeaT1 which I picked up from inthemix‘s trance forums. It’s been a nice smooth flow towards some tougher techy stuff at the end…

Also at lunch I ducked out to JB Hi-Fi in search of some new CDs for purchase. I picked up 3:

I’ll be sure to get some reviews up as I listen through them, so check back soon!! Also on the way I have Global Underground 034 (Mixed by Felix Da Housecat), which should arrive in the next few days!! It certainly is a great time to have ears to hear.