iTunes Fail…

So I’m an avid consumer of Apple products, and they push a lot through their online stores now (iTunes & App), and I also enjoy a good discount; so when I found BigW selling their iTunes cards at 25% off, I grabbed a whole bunch, which arrived in the mail this morning.


The Sunday Summary [2012-12]

This week has been a better one for me… I’m feeling better, thanks for those who have been praying…


I Need Air

I Need Air by Magnetic Man

I’m typing up this post on my new 13″ Macbook Air, affectionately called Magnetic Mac.
So you may recall that my old Macbook Pro 17″ was stolen out of my window at the flat, along with my iPod touch. This is my replacement and upgrade of that machine and my Dell mini 9 hackintosh. It is not as powerful a machine as I want it to be, but for my basic, on the road requirements, it is all I need.

The decision process was quite difficult. I was in a few minds as to what I wanted/needed, weighing up where and when I would use my new machine. As well as having a portable machine to take notes, I also wanted something that I’d be able to use at AWESOME!!: our annual youth camp to show powerpoint and video, with some video editing; basic if need be. Finances were also a factor that needed to be considered. The two major candidates were this 13″ Macbook Air, and then the recently refreshed 13″ Macbook Pro, with the addition of a 256GB OWC SSD. In the end, the portability and the complete package won out.

I placed my order online on the 13th of April in the evening, expecting delivery by the 27th of April…. Three days later, in the evening, I received notification that it had been shipped from Shanghai, giving me hope that it would arrive soon… As I watched the TNT tracking page over the coming days, there seemed to be a holdup at Pudong International Airport, but then yesterday afternoon, the TNT delivery guy turned up with a box. 6 days from go to woah!!

Over the last day I’ve been updating, installing, and customising my new machine in order that it be usable for sermon & lecture notes, watching tv & movies, listening to music, capturing & editing photos, emailing and web browsing.


Cedar Boys @ Apple Store

Tonight after work I dropped into the Apple Store for their first ‘meet the filmmaker‘ event featuring the writer/director/actor Serhat Caradee and actors: Rachael Taylor and Les Chantery as they talked about their film; Cedar Boys, from creation to finish and all the juicy bits in between.

The film opens in cinemas tomorrow, for those that haven’t heard of it here’s the synopsis:

A young Lebanese-Australian panel-beater, struggling to realise his dreams, is offered a chance to set himself up for life. All he has to do is follow a plan to outsmart the cops and a gang of serious criminals. He wants the prize….but is he ready to pay the price?

Cedar Boys is an authentic, compelling and adrenaline charged ride into the lives of young men of Middle Eastern decent today in Sydney, Australia.
It’s the real world – a side we haven’t seen.

It was really interesting to hear these three speak about the film and all the work that has gone into it. I guess we take for granted the actual amount of work that does go into a film. Serhat probably has been working on this for a good 10 years now… Amazing to hear that the film was shot on a RED camera and only over the course of 26 days!!

I also enjoyed seeing the gorgeous Rachael Taylor in the flesh. Having watched her many years ago in Hedland as the off-balance Sasha and then seemingly re-surfacing in Transformers, it was pretty amazing to hear her speak, showing how down to earth, and also how intelligent she is as well. She did seem to struggle with her dress though as it was not the best outfit to be sitting in, but she had some great moments of sarcasm and humor, plus some inside jokes that were funny to her and Les. I got a few photos up on my flickr, and I possibly got a wink out of Rachael, although I’d imagine it was someone else out there in the crowd.

I’m hoping to see Cedar Boys soon, and I’ll post up a review after my viewing. It could be a great way to spend the bank holiday next Monday!!


The footage from the Apple Store has been uploaded to itunes


iPhone OS 3.0

The Internets are a buzz today with iPhone OS 3.0 going live via iTunes. The software brings a number of features that were lacking in previous versions of the software, and then a little cream on top of that.

So the main features that are particularly useful include:

  • the ability to cut/copy/paste both text and images
  • the spotlight functionality to search the entire phone
  • ability to use the phone in landscape mode for SMS and emails
  • a voice memo application

Some lesser known features include:

  • (carrier specific) Internet tethering, i.e. allowing a computer to connect to the Internet via the phone
  • notes sync, allowing you to sync notes on you phone to programs like Mail and Outlook
  • IMAP search, so you can search your Internet mail account
  • calDAV, which allows you to sync to Internet calendars like google calendar.

There are plenty of people talking of the pros and cons so far, and a few who have thrown up hints, tips and hacks as . I’ll be interested to see how this plays out with Nuevasync which I currently use to sync my google calendars, and also Optus‘ rediculous decision to charge extra for tethering.

Are you on iPhone 3.0 yet?? Any thoughts, improvements, tips, tricks or insights?