Public hug

After lunch with some St Pauls people today, we were saying farewells and after a handshake Manny throws his arms up in the air and embraces me in a hug, I reciprocated with a one hand pat on the back before breaking it off. It was a little awkward… I’m not a fan of manhugs in public places.

It did get me thinking though as to why this was an issue?? What concern is it of anyone else around? Any thoughts on public hugs??


Growing on Me

So my avid readers will know that this year I’ve changed salons to Inspiration in Castle Hill. My latest cut with Ashley was about 3 weeks ago now.

I’m not generally one that likes to stand out. I generally won’t go out of my way to do so, the way that works out in practice is a different story, but I do like to with my hair. This, I guess, was inspired by a previous hairdresser of mine Jo back in Canberra. So the pretense of my cuts is that it needs to look good, different and be fairly easy to maintain; I like to leave the stylist some creative freedoms, something I don’t think they are used to being given often….

Ashley had something in mind for me when I rocked up this time, something she’d been pondering for a little while; a modern day comb-over. When she explained it, I was a bit “What?!?! I’ve still got most of my hair….“, but willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. As things got nearer to completion, she kept on asking how I was coping. I think I told her that I felt like I required a pair of thick black rimmed plastic glasses just to pull the look off…. What I came out of the salon with was a very slick, smoothed comb-over from left to right, with a part on the left hand side, yes, a part, an obvious one…..

Over the last few weeks, people seemed to have seen this new style and just given me a 2nd or 3rd glance with a kind of awkward “are you serious??” look. Those now have subsided as my hair has grown and thickened up, so there’s now some so-called meat to my hair and it’s actually looking quite good. I feel more comfortable wearing it combed-over now. Ashley mentioned at the time of the cut that this look she was going for was a 2-3 cut process, and I can kind of see her vision now.

EDIT: Photo as requested, poorly taken on my iPhone….


Fervr Launch Event

Yesterday afternoon I got along to the Fervr Launch Event down at the Courtyard Marriott, North Ryde.

It was good to see a whole bunch of Christians supporting Fervr. After mingling for a bit, we all sat down to listen to Eugene Hor talk about social media and how it fits into Christianity. The most helpful point being that the tools are there, we just need to use them to facilitate Christian community. A few ways that we can do this is by being regular, and Christ focused in our statuses, updates and responses. It’s also helpful to take note of peoples updates and to pray for them.

There was also a panel with representatives from Crusaders, Scripture Union, EMI and Google, as well as other web ninjas and media aficionado. There was some interesting discussion about Gen Y and their online habits, how to reach them and what not to do.

We heard from Kitty Fung, Fervr‘s marketing manager giving a rundown of what the site does, which is a general site with plenty of Christian content covering culture, reviews, Q&A and other helpful articles, video and audio clips. Then there’s the fervr groups; a customisable site for Christian groups to create and share information and media. It’s a great resource for those that are less tech savvy, as well as having the ability for greater customisation by those that are. I think the greatest and most useful feature is the ‘find-a-group‘ google map based search function.

Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon, good to catch up with Mark Earngey in the flesh as well as meet a couple of people, like Anthony Flatt.
I did have an awkward moment with Alison OpdeVeigh where she asked me if I needed her to run me through any information on the Scripture Union table, to which I responded no, and then turned down her followup of offering me a bag. I do apologise Alison, pretty girls that I don’t know tend to make me nervous and less communicative.