Round 05 – Mighty Kites vs Skitz

After a week off for a bye, the Mighty Kites were back with a vengeance and great passion to hit the courts. The rostered line-up was solid, but due to early game circumstances, James Moore wasn’t able to be there, nor was new-comer Josh. James had become a key player in the team dynamic as he’d usually be up and down the court with space and confidence to shoot, but this was a small hurdle for the Kites to scramble over…

The game started out tightly with neither team being able to score for a short time, you could tell that this match was going to be intense… Each team was testing out the boundaries of the other… Skitz were very regimented in their defensive zone, making it fairly difficult to move the ball around without pressure. In addition to this, their plays in offensive mode were well set, especially in a fast break, taking at least 2 people down the court on each run; luckily they weren’t particularly consistent on the break… When slowed up in offense, Skitz made several attempts to run plays, the majority of which were not particularly successful, forcing low-percentage outside shots. Tensions boiled and several team players also got a bit hot-headed and frustrated at times…. Things definitely slowed during the second half with the scores still fairly level, each team striving forward, edging past each other, only to be pulled back by missed opportunities and silly plays… Our defensive pressure in the last minutes of the game was particularly intense ensuring us of our win 28 to 21.

Stepping up again this week was tall Geoff Hall using his great height advantage to clean up both offensive and defensive rebounds, giving second, third and even fourth opportunities to score. Nima as always was key, taking it to the hoop plenty of times, but also whipping out some amazing passes. Garth also played an amazing game, plenty of movement on the fast breaks, setting up other players for scoring opportunities, and then Dan Wu with the asian domination, creating plenty of defensive pressure, and gaining the ball in numerous situations all night long!!!

This week I scored a lovely 2 from 2 at the free throw line, drove through the key and 4/5 of the opposition, only to be swatted away on my declination and took a 3 point shot, which failed miserably… My focus this week is to keep trying the ranged shots and work on some more fitness and movement around the key.

Training tip for the week is fitness again… Especially stop:start recovery… Try hitting intense fast paced stuff for a short burst, then rest for a shorter period and continue that for a period… This will be especially important when trying to make movement through the key to create space and draw defenders away from the ball.


Round 03 – Mighty Kites vs And Far Away

This week The Mighty Kites went head on against And Far Away. Numbers were up with the experienced players back in action and the first signs of Arthur and Josh, a father son team with plenty of heart!!

And Far Away’s makeup was full of older gentleman that were very solid, making it kind of hard to get around them, see where the ball was and stop them when they had momentum. I experienced the latter first hand when I was charged down by one of them about half court; I certainly flew a little there, horizontally but not vertically…

The game was a blur with plenty of movement up and down the court. Each team trading shot for shot, we won that battle in the end, preferring to drive in towards the basket rather than looking for shots from the perimeter, and running the fast breaks off of steals and big boards from Geoff and Nima. Fitness was up this week, which was good, and it was one key to our victory.. Final score being 16 to 45.

Personally I thought tonight was alright, I should have exploited their lack of ball skills a bit more on the defense, again with the more active role… In terms of offensive play, I was proud to have driven to the basket, although I didn’t have any success with those shots. As a team, some variation on both offense and defense would be good as we’re mainly playing a Zone defense and using the same players in the offense… I’m fairly confused in my offensive role as I don’t currently have the confidence to play point, and the bigger players seem to be hanging around the top as opposed to working around the bottom of the key, making for a condensed area… I’m just putting some movement through and trying to draw defenders and looking out to stop any fast breaks, but I’m not satisfied in doing just that…

Props go to Geoff and James for their efforts tonight on the court. Geoff for his rebounding and scoring skills, and James for his hussle and stealing skills.

Next week is a bye, so no Flights there, but Indiana J hits the big screens and I’m sure there’ll be a contingent heading along. I will be out of play with my Parents for their Anniversary Dinner. (How strange is it to have your kids and friends for an Anniversary dinner???).

CHONG‘s training tip for this week/fortnight – VARIATION. Look at different methods of play. Get some research in on things like man-to-man defense, how Traps work, how to cut the key and make some movement, and posting up… I’ll be looking also at doing things under pressure to build my confidence….

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Round 02 – Mighty Kites vs Bruin

This week The Mighty Kites took on Bruin in the D grade comp. Numbers were low for both teams with only 1 sub available to The Mighty Kites and Bruin having none…

The game got off to a promising start when I scored the opening points off a quick tip from Nemah to Dan to me, but alas the remainder of the game would not mimic the first few seconds as our team and my scoring remained low, if not non-existent..

From my observations the team didn’t play as one, there may have been a few key partnerships, but outside of that, everyone was on for themselves… Defensively we didn’t lock enough out, being lazy in stopping the player and taking the easy foul option, and offensively we looked too often for the same players, who looked to make the same plays without repeated success, which was noted by the opposition who countered easily and constantly. We failed to exploit their weaknessess and use our strengths.

On a personal performance note, I tended to lock up a fair bit on my offensive skills, which is a big focus to train on in the coming weeks. I was fairly happy with my defensive play, although there is always more that can be done. I’d like to see some support when it does come to defensive play, taking a more active defense than waiting for them to come to us..

Round 3 next week sees us playing at 9:30, again with a depleted roster.

CHONG‘s Training tip for the team this week – FITNESS. I’m going to try and find an hour to run suicides for the length of time, and then maybe another half hour to stride some out which should result in endurance at a fairly strenuous effort level.

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