Floor, Three, 2, One!!

It’s Friday morning, AEDT 04:00 and my alarm sounds to the daunting tune of Pharoahe Monch’s Simon Says (Instrumental)…. 
It’s the 8th of December here in CHONGLAND, but in the U S of A, it is still the 7th; PST 09:00 to be precise, and it’s launch time for the Nindies game Floor Kids from the talented folk at MERJ Media.


DNA at Uprock 2011

DNA Flip at Uprock 2011

So here’s one of the shots I took at the inagural Uprock Bboy Jam. I’m really pleased with how this shot turned out. It was quite challenging to get good shots of the guys whilst they were dancing because of the quick movements, and being fairly far away, but I think having danced in the past, it gave me a good knowledge of how the dancers move and the ability to anticipate moves to capture shots.


The Sunday Summary [11-46]

Well this week has been a tough one….