After yet another hiatus, CHONGLAND is back again in this 2014 RELOAD

For those longer time readers, I’ll be changing up my posting habits: Sunday Summary will no longer get a run, rather I’ll be trying to post more regularly. ┬áSome of the newer planned┬áposts should include television I’ve been watching, photos I’ve been shooting [300C-PO], videos I’ve shot and or edited [Mo], and then things that have taken my fancy from around the interwebs [Exhort].


So keep your eyes peeled for new stuff coming soon, read, interact & share


The Sunday Summary [11-43]

So this week has been fairly quiet, I’m not too sure why that is though…


Readers Response

So I’ve been writing this blog for a good 5+ years now, and over that time I’ve had an average following.. However I never actually know who is reading, so I’m interested in finding out who reads this thing… This requires a response from all of you folk who are, you know, reading this….

If I could ask that you click on the yellow speech bubble in the right hand corner of this and enter some information in the comment box down the bottom, or if you’re reading this on Facebook, to just comment. I’m keen to know your name, or alias, at least, and perhaps what you enjoy, don’t enjoy about reading this and maybe some suggestions on what you’d like to see.


The Sunday Summary [11-38]

Well this week has been a mysterious roller-coaster ride for me, that’s about the best I can describe it… One minute I’m up and enjoying life, and the next I’m overwhelmed and about ready to shed tears, or break things. The strange thing is that I’m not really sure why all of this is… I don’t think I used to be this way, or maybe it was such a torment on my life that I’ve blocked it out of my senses. Either way, I need to remember that sin is always crouching at my back, it’s desire being to rule over me, but Jesus has conquered sin and death!!!


The Sunday Summary [11-22]

This week started alright, before sharply falling and then rising up again slowly.

Monday morning, I got an hour off to recover from the weekend. At night I missed out on catching up with Geoff because of his college work, but I spent the time resting and recovering a bit more from the weekend.

Tuesday was the killer day. There were some problems with our new email system where people were upset. It brought up past issues with church technology and it’s past implementations, which had nothing to do with me, and felt like they laid blame on me, whether they meant it or not. Now I must admit that I’m a bit of a “blame monger” i.e. I seem to look for the blame in most things; where it rests, what was the cause of the confrontation etc etc. I’m not sure why, but whenever people seem to have a problem and approach me about it, I always seem to get on the defensive, seemingly subconsciously. So that pretty much ruined my Tuesday.. It was such a rough confrontation that I was almost in tears… and fragile for the rest of the day. In the evening it was my turn to cook dinner, so it was off to Coles to grab some ingredients for a prawn & pea risotto, which was delicious!! I spent the rest of the evening tweaking my parents new laptops.

Wednesday was a fairly good, quiet one. In the afternoon I made some physical changes to the church by swapping the projectors in the main hall because the main one had a yellow tinge to it. It was quite an involved job, especially since I did it with no help. After work, I got home to see my folks and deliver their laptops, before heading to growth group where we studied some more Matthew

Thursday night college was alright. We looked at the resurrection and the Holy Spirit, before our lack-lustre peer group on the biblical theology of the Sabbath. One of the guys that was supposed to be leading left early because he felt sick, so the rest of us had to work through without much direction. Rather than looking at the biblical theology of things, we looked at the passages almost solely, trying to understand them as individual passages, rather than threading a biblical theological thread through them.

Friday was again quiet, but a little tough to concentrate on proper work… It was good to get back into touch football after a couple weeks worth of breaks. I scored a try early on in the piece; a good stride down the left hand wing, off a ball from Mike. At SALT for supper, some of the kids had brought some sarsparilla, some chinotto, and some vanilla coke; all black in color. When I put them out, I did so alternately, making for a good troll on the kids after coke.

Saturday was an extremely busy day with 3 engagements to get to. The first was Equip Women’s Convention where we had to be in at Sydney Harbour Convention Centre at 7:30am. I picked up Alfie, Tim & Jack and we made our way out there. Basically our job was to prepare nametags and booklets, heard women to the auditorium for the talks, collect donations for morning tea, and then the big task of getting roughly 3,500 women to 6 different electives, including distribution of around 1,500 booklets at various entrance points. I enjoyed my time there, seeing many people that I knew from various Christian circles, as well as a whole punch of faces that I knew from seeing them around, but don’t actually know them. I can say that was really quite impressed with how many beautiful Christian women are out there, and would take the time out to attend such a conference, though I do find it a bit of a shame, for me, that the majority of them look to be married or engaged. I would like to hope that I’d find a wife out of a bunch of women like them one day… After dropping off the guys at the end of the long haul, I headed over to Pennant Hills for Jorge & Claire’s Engagement Party, which seemed to be in full swing, for some delicious gourmet foods, and good company. After a quick nap at home, it was time to get back on the party wagon at Alex Trevena’s 21st, with more good food and company.

Today I was meant to meetup with Nic, but since he had such a late night, we called it off. I helped Jase film a little movie in the hope of winning him a new phone, before heading to Macquarie Centre to see Fast & Furious 5; a good movie, with a nice twist, bringing it to a level of Fast & Furious meets Oceans 11. If this movie is the final in the series, then it wraps up well, however, like most movies these days, there was no definitive end with 100% closure, leaving an optional sequel.
At graceat6 tonight, James Davidson spoke from Luke 11:1-13 which is the Lord’s Prayer. From this he drew a number of conclusions:

  1. We need to remember that God is our Father
  2. We are under His authority, yet, He is not like human fathers who are ‘evil’ in a self centered sense, rather He is tender hearted, generous and caring.

  3. We are to pray that God our Father is increasingly known and revered
  4. He is hallowed; meaning that He is completely unique and set apart, but that we should truly know Him as He actually is, and that His kingdom is progressively made known, not just in non-Christian hearts, but also in our own, so that the desires of our hearts move from being just centered around ourselves and our friends, rather around the glory of God.

  5. That we continue to ask God.
  6. Not in a nagging way, but with complete reliance on Him, persevering and letting God be the one who answers our prayers.

  7. Practically
  8. Seeking daily bread both in the provision of food to physically strengthen, but also in giving us eternal rest at the end of our days. Continuing to seek and ask for forgiveness Asking that we are not led into temptation or hard testing.

After church I got a chance to catch a few people, including Josh Charles who has stumbled upon this blog. It was encouraging to hear that he does read it, and finds it helpful/interesting to see how Christians are fairly normal, which is one of my main reasons for writing. Although I am also keen for discussion and feedback on how things are going, and that’s something I do lack on this blog.

The upcoming week should be kinda busy with a conference I need to organise for next Monday: N E X U S for those that are coming, it should be enjoyable. I’m also down to be taking a few photos for a Japan fundraiser we’re holding next Saturday, 4th June at church, called Jam4Japan. I’ll get some up here, but if you’re in the Carlingford area, and/or keen to travel there, then please do come along, should be a good evening with good tunes: 7pm – 10pm at St Paul’s Carlingford, entry is $10, with all proceeds going to relief in northern Japan.


The Sunday Summary [11-01]

Welcome to 2011 sojourners of CHONGLAND!!! This is a new weekly feature that I hope to write weekly on, who would have guess it, a Sunday…

For most of this week I’ve been getting used to my new abode, The Flat. A shared apartment I’m living in with Jase and Lairdy in Carlingford, which I’ve been residing in for just under 2 weeks. I’ve been setting up my room, building and installing a Hackintosh Pro (a PC running Mac software; the benefit being a significantly cheaper machine with some ability to upgrade and add components in the future), and getting reacquainted with the tasks of cooking and cleaning for and after myself. On Wednesday I got out to yum cha at Fook Yuen in Chatswood with my folks, sister and brother-in-law and his mum. It was a tasty meal. Thursday night was a BBQ at the Billet residence with some guys and girls from church.

On New Years Eve as i was making my way in to the city, i caught the 9pm fireworks on the train as it made its way between Milsons Point and Wynyard before I got down to Slip Inn to catch Random Soul aka Yogi & Husky DJ, and see Julie before heading downstairs to Chinese Laundry to see and hear one of my prog heroes Nick Warren ring in the new year behind the decks. He was impressive as always, managing to maintain a regular thump through a range of progressive house styles. Carl Cox also made an appearance down at Laundry, but didn’t manage to jump on the decks for a spin. He was in town for Space NYD, which I made my way to the next day, after getting a train home and to bed around 4:15am.

I got a fairly late start to the day, cooking up some scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon, and a banana and whey milkshake, before heading off to Moore Park around midday for Space NYD. Upon arrival I wandered into the main arena to find Darren Emerson playing to a small crowd of maybe 30 people spread out across a large grassy area. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was pushing out some funky proggy tunes. As he wound up, with Rock To The Bit by The Youngsters, I could see Dave Seaman in the wings ready to take to the stage.
Dave masterfully pushed a great progressive set out to the slowly growing crowd with peaks and troughs, hard hitting tunes and softer melodies. It hardly felt like he’d even warmed up when his set came to a close… I moved on from the main arena over to the smaller Coachbay Arena to hear Ralph Lawson of 2020 Vision Recordings, making a slight detour into the cool of the air-conditioned Forum where Bassdrop were hosting the drumnbass party, catching a small taste of AndyC who was going hard. Back out in the sun with Ralph, I danced up a storm to his funky deep house, stirring up cheers from many a passer-by, people with video cameras to record some footage (of which I’d love to see, if anyone comes across any…) as well as less welcome visits by drunk-guys asking me to teach them how to dance, or poorly imitating me. By the time that Nick Curly jumped up on stage to play my feet and abs were in pain, so It was time to sit in the sun for a bit. During this time the medics and cops descended on a guy that was in a bit of trouble, strapping an oxygen mask over his mouth and leading him off. Another chick was escorted off by the cops, which is always a sight to see…
After another short dancing stint to Nick Curly, met with a hearty cheer by one of the professional dancers passing by, I decided that it was time enough to stop dancing for the day and retire into The Forum again for some drumnbass madness. I got in there just on the changeover from Kobra Kai to Netsky, who was met with many a great cheer by the crowds. His set was a great rollercoaster through the Hospital Records discography as well as a few other popular dnb, dubstep and grime tunes, mashed together. There were a few technical hitches along the way through, with the sound tech wandering around the stage the whole set, fiddling with levels on the mixer and the amps, and Netsky asking to turn the volume up more often than not. As he finished up, Lincoln Barrett AKA High Contrast took over to the sound of almost silence, thanks to another sound hiccup… After that got somewhat sorted the crowd gave up a great cheer for the man who threw down a great deal of quality tracks whilst also battling with sound problems. Halfway through the set I decided that the mediocre production quality and the fact that I was fading fast was enough to drag me away from The Forum and Space NYD to head off home.

Today was a lazy day full of rest and relaxation, so much so that as I sat down to eat some fried rice on the sofa, I nodded off to sleep twice during my meal….
At graceat6 tonight James Warren returned to the pulpit to speak on Flee Sexual Immorality, Wazzaisms included, with talk of prayer for sex lives & race comments. It was a good sermon, re-assuring us that Jesus is the reason why we want to flee, because He told us to and because He knows how hard it is, helpful in distinguishing the thin line between desire/temptation and lust/action, and outlining & encouraging practical actions to take. The week wrapped up with a bit of hang-time with some guys and girls from graceat6 at the Trevena residence, chatting and catching up, playing iPhone games and a few rounds of Mafia, around some food and drink.

I’ve been slack already in delving into the Word over this week, but I hope to rectify that over the next one…


So Long Summer

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote here. The month of February has been seemingly long and extremely busy. Here’s a run-down on what has happened, with a view to potentially blog happenings at a later date:

  • Graceat6 launched
  • My sister Anna married Arthur
  • Con Campbell gave an intro to Colossians
  • Growth Groups started for the year
  • I turned 30
  • Moore College
  • The Hurt Locker
  • Mens Katoomba Convention
  • One Night Only with Way Out West and John Digweed

I’m currently in the process of re-theming CHONGLAND again. This year should hopefully see an upgrade to HTML5 & CSS3 in the code as well as a mobile site for you iPhone users.


Fire Eaters

I’ve just gone and burnt my feed using feedburner. To those of you out in RSS land, you shouldn’t need to do anything if plugins work correctly. If you have any problems with my RSS, please amend your feed to:


Nice Photos

In my reader I follow several photoblogs that amazingly post a daily photo, each of good quality… I thought I’d share a couple that recently caught my eye:

This one is from and is called flying solo:

flying solo

This one is from Ron Dubin Photography and is called downside-up


Blogging History

The other night as I was skyping with Simon Nixey who has recently cottoned on to reading CHONGLAND; Welcome Simon!! He asked me if I go back and look at my old posts and how often. I tend to have an occasional look through things older than 6 months. They serve as a good reminder of what has happened in the past, but also how I’ve changed and been changed. You could go as fas as saying that these blog posts are a sort of time capsule.

I took a look back all the way to my first ever post, which I’ve archived inside CHONGLAND Capsule, and it happens that it was four and a half years ago today!! Here’s to a great blogging history and hoping there’s many more to come!!

Do you read your old posts?? Have you noticed the changes that have taken place?? Are they for the better or worse??