The Sunday Summary [2013-07]

Wow, what a week!!! An absolute rollercoaster, and I’m not really sure where my head and my heart are at…


The Sunday Summary [2012-37]

I have a feeling that I’m in the calm before a storm…


The Sunday Summary [2012-23]

An interesting week of ups and downs, and plenty of new music being played!!


The Sunday Summary [2012-16]

Well this is probably the longest delayed SunSum I’ve ever written… A combination of weariness, procrastination, sickness and not really knowing how to write about the weekend that was has been the cause of this delay.

Album Review

Garage Hymnal – Unity

Track List

  1. Hymn 140
  2. Bind Us Together/Unity
  3. Fairest Lord Jesus
  4. We Are Waiting
  5. Amen
  6. Holy One
  7. Sunday Came
  8. Found In You
  9. We Praise You
  10. Stand Firm
  11. May The Words
  12. All That I Am

Unity is the fourth album from Sydney band Garage Hymnal. The album was recorded over the course of 3 nights in May at St Stephen’s Newtown featuring a choir and the crowds singing along, which have been mixed with the bands vocals.


The Sunday Summary [11-26]

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through the year. I’ve felt like I’ve grown a huge amount already, but then I still have so much further to go; the growth has revealed other flaws that I’ve not previously noticed, or given enough attention to… My time in Hong Kong has been très busy, and you can see that by both the length and content of this loong Sunday Summary.


Renaissance – James Zabiela

Today I received Renaissance – The Masters Series [Part 12] (Mixed by James Zabiela) in the mail.
I’m quite excited about it as Zabiela has been quite the musical innovator over the years. He’s kept a four part blog whilst compiling this 2 disc selection which also contains plenty of ad-hoc recordings in the streets.

Shall get back to you when I’m ready to review…


GU036 – Bogota (Mixed by Darren Emerson) [Limited Edition]

Arrived in the mail today, listening now as I trudge through my work and I’ll have some sort of a review in due course….

If you want a prelude, or watch a nice little video of Darren in Bogota, check out the mini-site: GU36.

Would love to get my hand, or body as it were, on one of the Boxfresh tour tees


Mushroom Jazz

Listening to some Mushroom Jazz by DJ Mark Farina after seeing him play at Oxford Arts Factory on the weekend….


October GU CD Acquisitions

I ordered a couple of CDs from the Global Underground label just over a week ago, they’ve arrived today from the UK. Looking forward to having a listen…..

They are
Sasha – Invol2ver – The highly anticipated follow up to the Billboard #1 Involver album Featuring exclusive Sasha remixes and reworks of Thom Yorke, Ladytron, Rone & Home Video. Limited special edition, with bonus CD featuring Girls In Hawaii & Charlie May.

Nick Warren – GU 35 – Lima An awe inspiring journey through modern progressive house. Featuring 25 exclusive tracks from Way Out West, Analog People In A Digital World, Alex Dolby, Martin Brodin & Paul Rogers.

Both artists were also set to tour around the end of November, however Nick WarrenSasha will still be gracing out shores…