The Sunday Summary [11-50]

This week has seemed fairly long, with a few things going on…


The Sunday Summary [11-36]

This week has been fairly quiet due to Oxygen taking out the ministers for half the week. It did ramp up by the weekend, reminding me of the days when weekends were super busy and the work week was just ‘the grind‘.


The Sunday Summary [11-24]

Wow, this week has been really busy and intense…

Monday was the double act of N E X U S and the aftermath of the server upgrade. I was pretty much non-stop G.O. from about 8am. It wasn’t a stressful preparation for the conference with some last-minute sign-making, nametags and final room setup. The other side of the coin were questions relating to the use of our computer network, which had gone through some significant changes, for the better, over the weekend, but weren’t totally complete. I had the great opportunity to say “No” to various requests and questions, passing them off to Craig. I got out to have lunch with some of the guys before entering zero-hour as guests started turning up. The talks from the day were really good, looking at what the church is, and ways in which we can improve and make changes. Last year for dinner, I went and ate by myself, and I made people aware of this fact because it was such a disappointment. This year I had 5 groups of people ask me to eat with them, a significant change up from last year. I ended up going with Gary and Pearl with a few older guys up at Carlingford Court.

On Tuesday morning, there was again some computing issues (something that would ‘plague’ me all week), but we got to discussing a fair bit of the things that were said at N E X U S, especially at graceat6 meeting. One thing that was of note was the church and it’s mission: whether evangelism, and holding an evangelistic meeting, was part and parcel of that.
Tuesday night I went home to pick up my dad, before heading out for dinner at Fook Yuen in Chatswood via Macquarie Uni to pick up my mum. We were out for my sister’s 28th birthday, which was happening on Wednesday. Dinner was tasty; dishes of note were the spicy & salty pork chops, and the pigeon.

Wednesday night at growth group, despite intending to start at 7pm, we got going at 7:30ish and read through a great chunk of Matthew; the main concentration being on chapter 24. We split into groups and creatively worked out ways to explain the passage as well as come up with questions for the sections we were assigned. To be honest, I found it detrimental to the study, as I’m not a fan of the creative, and I’d prefer that we just go through the passage and discuss it as a group. I do see the reason why our leaders are doing it though; it gives our less vocal people a chance to interact and speak up, whereas they may not do so whilst the main group is together, either because they’re a bit shy, or more vocal and opinionated people constantly speak up, something that I think need to be addressed, or they need to be made aware of…

Thursday night was the last night of lectures for college for this semester, and sadly the last night of college with Nicky. In the lectures, Peter spoke about preaching biblical theology, something that is commonplace at St Paul’s, but apparently less so at other churches, by the way people were asking questions. There were some interesting (practically pointless) questions asked by some of my classmates again… I’m really going to miss Thursday night college with Nicky, she is a great sister in Christ and always helped to calm me down, listen and talk through things over the last semester. I really really value her friendship, but at the same time need to be quite cautious in how much I tell her/rely on her since her main male relationship is, and should be, with Steve. If God does bless me with a significant other, I hope and pray that she is as kind, caring, thoughtful and loving as Nicky (And no, I’m not writing this just because I know she is reading this).

Friday was a long long day. More computer problems, quite demanding ones, which I still managed to avoid, before talking to Rose and Toni about some of the duties they may need to cover in my absence over the next three weeks. At the end of the day, I got onto the usual touch footy. Numbers were down, I think a combination of long weekend absentees and ‘wet weather’. We ended up with probably 13 people. I managed to score 4 tries coming from a few intercepts and a few well timed runs. At SALT we had Pat Jones from Menai Anglican come to speak for an evangelistic talk from John 3. After SALT I headed out to The Argyle with Nicky for Random Soul Recordings’ first Sydney party called Takin’ It Back. Yogi and Husky AKA Random Soul pumped out a great mix of funky, deep and jackin house tunes, warranting some great dancing.

Saturday morning I got a good sleep in, something that is rare in my world… After a little bit of room organisation, I headed down to the bowls club in Denistone for part 1 of Hamish’s bucks. It was a good bit of fun, and I got to rekindle some of my lawn bowling skills. We wrapped up mid-afternoon and I snuck in a quick nap before heading out to the Red Oak Brewery in the city for part 2 of the bucks, aka dinner and drinks. Traffic in, and parking were a bit chaotic; I took a good 40 minutes to make it from Milson’s Point to parking the car. For dinner I had the bread board, quite the tasty light meal consisting of 4 types of breads with a pumpkin dip, avocado dip, Asian marinated olives and garlic oil.

This morning, Nic and got to read Acts 16 and talk about a number of different things, including Hillsong and the way that we approach it as Anglicans… In the afternoon I headed to the movies to use up another movie ticket that I had, due at the end of June, to see X-Men: First Class. It was a good film, looking into some great X-Men lore. Some of the effects were a little off, I don’t recall seeing Stan Lee, and unfortunately there wasn’t a post-credit scene. There was also a scene in which Raven/Mystique is speaking to Hank/Beast about living in the world, but not being a part of it, which I thought rang true with the Christian experience.

Tonight at graceat6 I tried to do as little as possible, quite a difficult task really, hopefully to gear up everyone to ‘cope’ in my absence. I got to sit in the ‘pews’ with the regular people and experience church without tasks or jobs to do. I managed to hold myself back and not touch any equipment, or get up to correct errors, in the hope that people would learn to fix things themselves. Our preacher tonight was one of our overseas ministry partners: Kent. He spoke from Mark 1, which, after introducing Jesus, goes on to speak about guilt and shame in the healing of a leper and a paralytic. There were some great insights into the text, drawing out the deliberate actions of Jesus, and helping us realize/remember the relational nature of God.

This week will be an extra extra short week with tomorrow being a public holiday, and I have Wednesday off as a make up for the Saturday server install. I have quite a bit to do, and I’m flying out to Hong Kong next Saturday for just under three weeks. I’m looking forward to the time off, but then I am also aware and a bit fearful of the fallout that this will cause and I’ll have to sort out on my return.


The Sunday Summary [11-02]

This week I’ve been (unofficially) back at work, even though the office is closed. It’s been a good chance to kind of get some things done, although I’m not 100% sure what needs to be done…

On Thursday afternoon, after work I ducked down to Lidcombe to see John Keighley, a guy from church who owns a clothing store, about my suit for Alfie’s wedding. The original suit was too big, as most clothes normally are on me, so it was sent off to the tailor to shorten the coat and sleeves, take the jacket in a little bit, and shorten the pant legs and take it in slightly around the waist. When it first came back from the tailor, the left side of the jacket was longer than the right for some unusual reason. The suit is now ready for February.
After that I dropped into IKEA at Rhodes to look for some furniture for my room. I’m looking for some chairs, bookshelves/storage and a desk. I ran into Lesley and Christina Dodd in my wanderings.
Next stop was Top Ryde City for a tour. The ‘city’ was quite aesthetically pleasing, with wide isles, but the shops weren’t particularly well suited to the place. It’s definitely no where near as nice as the Pitt Street Mall Westfield. I was after a wedding present for Jimothy and ‘The Fish’ from their registry at Myer, but after waiting at the bridal registry counter for a good 5 minutes and wandering around with a list that could hardly be fulfilled in that Myer I decided to head over to the source: to Castle Towers. I wandered around the Towers Myer with a view to purchase a couple of items on the list, however, when I wasn’t able to find one on the list, and feeling that the other item was a little too cheap to be gifted on it’s own, I found another item which suited my price range, and was fortunate enough to be discounted in the post Christmas stocktake sales.
Finally it was time for dinner, and being quite famished after all that driving and ‘shopping’ I stopped in at Carlingford Village for my standard meal at Cafe de Hong Kong:- minced beef on rice with a raw egg, and a hot lemon Coke whilst reading some bible, according to my my 2011 reading plan.

Friday seemed to go by fairly quickly. Work wasn’t too bad, although some last minute disorganisation, mis-communication and natural disasters meant that I was feeling some pressure of a wedding at church on the Saturday. I wasn’t a part of the ceremony, but at times it almost felt like I was being pressured into becoming involved, without directly being asked to.
Our regular touch football on Friday afternoon at 5:30 was extremely popular this week. We had about 30 people there, making it difficult to play and run with space, but was enjoyable nonetheless. When we finished, I had time to get home, have a shower and get ready to duck over to my parents place for dinner with them, my sister and brother-in-law and my Uncle Daniel and Auntie Margot, who were visiting from Canberra.
After dinner, it was off to Favela in Kings Cross to catch Random Soul warm up for Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw. It’s rare to get a night where you get to hear 2 great vocalists, especially a male and a female. There were also so many familiar faces and people from the House industry out. Favela was packed out, so much so that I could not bust a move, but given my day, I was happy enough to sit and bop to the house tunes.

Saturday morning was pretty much a write off, drifting in and out of sleep until I actually had to get up to head off to yum cha at Fortune Palace in Carlingford Village with the extended family of Friday night. It took me a quick 5 minutes to wander up there, which was good, especially in the sun. In the afternoon, I finally made it around to doing some cleaning of the flat by mopping about half of the floor tiles. The kitchen needed it the most, however I think there’s still some stubborn parts that I wasn’t able to get clean entirely….

Today has been a fairly quiet one as well… I’ve been procrastinating on my Hackintosh, spending perhaps too much time on here… I got both of my flatmates back, who arrived mid-afternoon and pretty much just landed in bed after a quick “hello”.
Tonight at graceat6, Manny spoke to us on Fleeing Idolatry from 1 Corinthians 10:1-22. The talk wasn’t exegetical, but it wasn’t quite systematic either. The style was a bit removed from the norm that we have at graceat6 and I wonder how a lot of the younger audience found it. There were certainly a large quantity of long and complex words strung together, which I’m generally confused with, and Manny is known for. And also references to famous theologians, like Driscoll, and Piper. It was certainly a good reminder to not worship idols, rather to worship God.
Post graceat6 we headed over to the Everett residence for some pizza and fellowship. It was a good chance to meet people and to chat, especially to people who had been away on beach missions, and to hear of some of the good things God has been working through those, and through them.

My reading has been pretty slow, though I’ve managed to get into some bible at least. This week I got some Matthew in, about 4 chapters so far; still need to catch up in this discipleship journal reading plan. I do enjoy the genealogy at the beginning of Matthew, and the way that it traces the lineage of Jesus back through the ages, highlighting King David and Abraham. I’m not sure of the significance of the number 14 though, being the generations between Abraham and David and David and Jesus.

I also need to get into some routines around the flat, like cleaning, washing, cooking and eating. Everything is still a bit up in the air, and I feel like if I don’t lock something down soon; wake up with a kick, if you will, then everything will remain lofty and unstable….


The Sunday Summary [11-01]

Welcome to 2011 sojourners of CHONGLAND!!! This is a new weekly feature that I hope to write weekly on, who would have guess it, a Sunday…

For most of this week I’ve been getting used to my new abode, The Flat. A shared apartment I’m living in with Jase and Lairdy in Carlingford, which I’ve been residing in for just under 2 weeks. I’ve been setting up my room, building and installing a Hackintosh Pro (a PC running Mac software; the benefit being a significantly cheaper machine with some ability to upgrade and add components in the future), and getting reacquainted with the tasks of cooking and cleaning for and after myself. On Wednesday I got out to yum cha at Fook Yuen in Chatswood with my folks, sister and brother-in-law and his mum. It was a tasty meal. Thursday night was a BBQ at the Billet residence with some guys and girls from church.

On New Years Eve as i was making my way in to the city, i caught the 9pm fireworks on the train as it made its way between Milsons Point and Wynyard before I got down to Slip Inn to catch Random Soul aka Yogi & Husky DJ, and see Julie before heading downstairs to Chinese Laundry to see and hear one of my prog heroes Nick Warren ring in the new year behind the decks. He was impressive as always, managing to maintain a regular thump through a range of progressive house styles. Carl Cox also made an appearance down at Laundry, but didn’t manage to jump on the decks for a spin. He was in town for Space NYD, which I made my way to the next day, after getting a train home and to bed around 4:15am.

I got a fairly late start to the day, cooking up some scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon, and a banana and whey milkshake, before heading off to Moore Park around midday for Space NYD. Upon arrival I wandered into the main arena to find Darren Emerson playing to a small crowd of maybe 30 people spread out across a large grassy area. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was pushing out some funky proggy tunes. As he wound up, with Rock To The Bit by The Youngsters, I could see Dave Seaman in the wings ready to take to the stage.
Dave masterfully pushed a great progressive set out to the slowly growing crowd with peaks and troughs, hard hitting tunes and softer melodies. It hardly felt like he’d even warmed up when his set came to a close… I moved on from the main arena over to the smaller Coachbay Arena to hear Ralph Lawson of 2020 Vision Recordings, making a slight detour into the cool of the air-conditioned Forum where Bassdrop were hosting the drumnbass party, catching a small taste of AndyC who was going hard. Back out in the sun with Ralph, I danced up a storm to his funky deep house, stirring up cheers from many a passer-by, people with video cameras to record some footage (of which I’d love to see, if anyone comes across any…) as well as less welcome visits by drunk-guys asking me to teach them how to dance, or poorly imitating me. By the time that Nick Curly jumped up on stage to play my feet and abs were in pain, so It was time to sit in the sun for a bit. During this time the medics and cops descended on a guy that was in a bit of trouble, strapping an oxygen mask over his mouth and leading him off. Another chick was escorted off by the cops, which is always a sight to see…
After another short dancing stint to Nick Curly, met with a hearty cheer by one of the professional dancers passing by, I decided that it was time enough to stop dancing for the day and retire into The Forum again for some drumnbass madness. I got in there just on the changeover from Kobra Kai to Netsky, who was met with many a great cheer by the crowds. His set was a great rollercoaster through the Hospital Records discography as well as a few other popular dnb, dubstep and grime tunes, mashed together. There were a few technical hitches along the way through, with the sound tech wandering around the stage the whole set, fiddling with levels on the mixer and the amps, and Netsky asking to turn the volume up more often than not. As he finished up, Lincoln Barrett AKA High Contrast took over to the sound of almost silence, thanks to another sound hiccup… After that got somewhat sorted the crowd gave up a great cheer for the man who threw down a great deal of quality tracks whilst also battling with sound problems. Halfway through the set I decided that the mediocre production quality and the fact that I was fading fast was enough to drag me away from The Forum and Space NYD to head off home.

Today was a lazy day full of rest and relaxation, so much so that as I sat down to eat some fried rice on the sofa, I nodded off to sleep twice during my meal….
At graceat6 tonight James Warren returned to the pulpit to speak on Flee Sexual Immorality, Wazzaisms included, with talk of prayer for sex lives & race comments. It was a good sermon, re-assuring us that Jesus is the reason why we want to flee, because He told us to and because He knows how hard it is, helpful in distinguishing the thin line between desire/temptation and lust/action, and outlining & encouraging practical actions to take. The week wrapped up with a bit of hang-time with some guys and girls from graceat6 at the Trevena residence, chatting and catching up, playing iPhone games and a few rounds of Mafia, around some food and drink.

I’ve been slack already in delving into the Word over this week, but I hope to rectify that over the next one…


SHE Featuring Robert Owens

Much respect & love to the SHE Sydney crew for all the work they continuously put into their monthly parties. I know that when I go to a party of theirs that I’m guaranteed to have a great night out, which is why I try to get friends to come along. This time around, I had a list of twelve down to attend with me, mostly guys and girls from church. Of that list, only one person came along…..

A week before the party; three quarters of my list were confirmed as coming along. Halfway through the week, a couple dropped out due to sickness. On the day, everyone else let me know that they weren’t coming, but they didn’t take the initiative in letting me know, I made contact to essentially confirm that they were, or in this case weren’t, coming. This both annoys and saddens me, especially since it’s not the first time it’s happened, and I’m certain that it most definitely won’t be the last. [I’ll come back to you on the desertion issue, let me tell you about the actual night].

I got in about 10:15 after an enjoyably frustrating parking spot safari that lasted about half an hour, and Industrie seemed to be a bit short on patrons…. Unfortunately I missed Grahams set & Liam Sampras was playing a loungey house set, so after attempting a short dance, and talking to some SHE regulars, it was time for a drink & to greet the friendly Industrie bar staff. Whilst up on the mezzanine level I got to have a short chat to Nick Vidal, who was about to jump up next on the decks, so I got back down and had a boogie as Liam finished up and Nick started. It was a very nice start with MAWs ‘To Be In Love’!!!

I met up with some more SHE regulars before a mate Damien showed up. The crowd was now starting to build upquite nicely now, although that meant that space was in great demand. We ended up sitting on a little ledge at the back of the club, appreciating beauty in many of its forms when a lovely blonde girl informed us of ‘another lounge area’ out the back. We pondered a while before taking advantage of this invitation and ventured out there. It turned out that this was the VIP area… So whilst we were out there she and her lovely legs occasionally wandered up to offer us drinks, which we finally accepted. The drinks didn’t sit too well however; the Jagerbombs came without enough redbull to cover the jagershot & my Canadian Club and lemonade was pretty brown aka Coke, and all this came with a slight surcharge for her ‘table service’.

As the night rolled on, Mr Robert Owens arrived and graced the VIP area. He happened to sit down right next to me, but no one was chatting to him, so I started to talk to him; asking him about his time in Australia, which he was enjoying, due to the fact that he actually got to spend some time here, as opposed to his normal jet in & out. During the week I’d read a few interviews of his in which he stated that his singing was developed by and large in the Baptist Church when he was younger, so I boldy proceeded to ask him whether he was a Christian or not. Sadly he isn’t, but we did have a nice little religious debate. Who would have expected?? After that, the camera crews arrived & shot an interview with him. Embarrasingly, however, the interviewer thought that he was Ron Carroll.

1 AM rolled around so it was time for Mr Owens to grace the decks and mic, and me to grace the dancefloor. The corridor that is Industries’ dancefloor wasn’t as occupied as normal, but patrons seemed more spread out. I settled into my regular area and started to boogie down. Owens sung up a storm, much like his set from the week before at Melbourne’s YumYum, however the flow of the set seemed quite disjointed.

As usual, I drew plenty of attention with my dancing, which was good. Best line of the night was courtesy of Erin; one of the Industrie staff, with “You look cuter when you’re dancing” whilst I was taking a break. The night ended on a sour note: someone had taken one of Roberts CD wallets, promptly ending the night.

With respect to my friends not coming along, I was pretty livid about it. I’d given them plenty of notice – 3, maybe even 4 weeks, and set out movements for the evening, giving them a chance to respond, no objections, so I could only assume that everything was fine… The most annoying thing was them not taking initiative in contacting me to let me know…

When Sunday night came around, where apologies & explanations seemed to flow like water, I was more sympathetic and loving. I mean, I’d prefer that my friends take care of themselves first of all, rather than exert themselves to keep me company, and I’d like to think they’d have the same attitude if ever the roles were reversed.



Seeing as my last post was at the start of February, I think it’s well time that I put something else down in writing here, and there’s plenty to say, and hasn’t been enough time/effort on my part to get on here to write it all down, so here goes…. (plus there’s some additional back-dated posts as well, just for good measure.)


We Love Sounds 2007

Header We Love Sounds

Triple J, Inthemix, Sounds & We Love present the fourth annual We Love Sounds 2007 winter festival. After the success of last year’s sellout event, Sounds and We Love return with undeniably the largest, most diverse and by far the most impressive We Love Sounds to date. Featuring twenty international headliners, thirteen bands and live acts, and a lineup boasting more than fourty-five artists in its entirety, We.. Love… Sounds!

International DJs


Local Talent

TZU live


Future Music Festival


Headed along to Future Music Festival today and had an absolute ball!! It’s definitely an event that has secured itself as my favourite festival each year.

I didn’t get inside till about 3 in the arvo, thanks to Pushack and Fleur’s delayed commuting to Randwick, however in that time I did see some guy walking along outside with a group of friends, beer in hand and head turned in almost the opposite direction that he was walking, run smack bang into a wooden light pole, just as he turned to the front. The impact pushed him back a little, but no beer was spilt.

On arrival through the ticketing gates there was a quick ticket check, no checks on ID, drugs, guns, alcohol, gum etc etc and it was off for a fun-filled wet wet day. An added touch to the day were about four midgets handing out programs. I quickly passed through the ITM VIP tent to get a stamp and have a look at it – nice small tent with it’s own bar and dancefloor, however the port-a-loos seemed sub-standard compared to those around for the general public.

So first DJ I ‘witnessed’ was Fedde Le Grande who was playing in the Famous tent. When I got there it was pouring heavily down with rain and the tent was overflowing at the edges with party people, so not wanting to venture in amongst the sweaty wet bodies, I decided to start my dance in the rain on the grass, and that seemed to grab at least a little attention. So I danced in the pouring rain with my white shirt sticking tomy back for a while, always watching the time so that I knew when THE MAN – Nick Warren was to go on stage.

Mr Warren got on stage just after TV Rock, which is a bit of a strange position to come into it, considering TV Rock’s brand of Electro and Nick, however varied in his sound, not touching much Electro at all. (It’s almost a swear word!!!) So Nick proceeded to storm out many a track including Paolo Mojo’s 1983, The Killers Mr Brightside and finishing off with Way out West’s Mindcircus and I was loving every minute of it!! I danced up a storm during that set, taking advantage of the ample space that was on offer, and boy o boy did I get some comments, some good, some bad, some outright wierd… Some Joe wandered aimlessly in the path of my movement and subsequently lost his tinny, then proceeded to challenge me to a fight, which I obviously ignored and some other guy stepped in and disbanded the agro… Mr Pushack was seated up in the stands and got some cool video and photos of me dancing from up there. They’re yet to make it onto the net, but when they do, check back in here.

Felix Da Housecat pounced on the crowd when Nick Warren finished and proceeded to play a big festival set, which I wasn’t too pleased with, so I went for a wander around the grounds, visited the Godskitchen arena and Kink arena… Nothing to prick my ears up despite Ferry Corsten and Joachim Garraud playing during my wander. I ended up finding Tiff and sitting down to catch up with her whilst she went through a bucket of chips, we got a photo together on her camera, so if I can get a hold of that it’ll be up in the photo journal as well…

I dropped into the Air arena to hear the ambient sounds of LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, which was a pleasant relief. I did see some guy trying to shank another guy with a Screwdriver which was rather disturbing. The evening ended up with me joining the masses at the main stage for the Big Black Carl Cox and his unique brand of funkinjackinacidhouse with not enough room to spare at all. I had a short shuffle right at the front of the stand, but ended up rounding out my night in the stands with Pushack and Fleur.


SHE Summer Boat Party

Sydney’s funkiest house family takes to the water for their annual Summer Boat Party, on a 3-Level luxury cruiser on Sydney harbour. Special international guest Richard Earnshaw (Soulfuric Records | Duffnote Records UK) joins us direct from UK to headline this all-star line-up for an afternoon of the coolest house vibes across 3 floors of DJ’s and musicians.

RICHARD EARNSHAW (Soulfuric USA | Duffnote) | RANDOM SOUL (Yogi & Husky – Shifted Music NYC) | GRAHAM CORDERY | TIMMY TRUMPET | DAVE 54

John Devecchis | Alex Almedia | Liam Sampras | Corin Hansford | Tom Da Silva & Ben Kelly (Nitty Gritty) | DJ Gemma (Brisbane) | Danny Bass | Niche DJ’s (Sasa & Mattje) | Nick Vidal. Plus: Amy Brogan (Live Vocals) | Merenia Gillies (Live Vocals) Olsen (Percussion) | Vincente (Percussion)

SHE Summer Party Flyer