The Sunday Summary [11-33]

I don’t remember a whole lot of my week to be honest… I’ve had a fair amount to think through and talk about some of the things I wrote on last weeks SunSum.


The Sunday Summary [11-24]

Wow, this week has been really busy and intense…

Monday was the double act of N E X U S and the aftermath of the server upgrade. I was pretty much non-stop G.O. from about 8am. It wasn’t a stressful preparation for the conference with some last-minute sign-making, nametags and final room setup. The other side of the coin were questions relating to the use of our computer network, which had gone through some significant changes, for the better, over the weekend, but weren’t totally complete. I had the great opportunity to say “No” to various requests and questions, passing them off to Craig. I got out to have lunch with some of the guys before entering zero-hour as guests started turning up. The talks from the day were really good, looking at what the church is, and ways in which we can improve and make changes. Last year for dinner, I went and ate by myself, and I made people aware of this fact because it was such a disappointment. This year I had 5 groups of people ask me to eat with them, a significant change up from last year. I ended up going with Gary and Pearl with a few older guys up at Carlingford Court.

On Tuesday morning, there was again some computing issues (something that would ‘plague’ me all week), but we got to discussing a fair bit of the things that were said at N E X U S, especially at graceat6 meeting. One thing that was of note was the church and it’s mission: whether evangelism, and holding an evangelistic meeting, was part and parcel of that.
Tuesday night I went home to pick up my dad, before heading out for dinner at Fook Yuen in Chatswood via Macquarie Uni to pick up my mum. We were out for my sister’s 28th birthday, which was happening on Wednesday. Dinner was tasty; dishes of note were the spicy & salty pork chops, and the pigeon.

Wednesday night at growth group, despite intending to start at 7pm, we got going at 7:30ish and read through a great chunk of Matthew; the main concentration being on chapter 24. We split into groups and creatively worked out ways to explain the passage as well as come up with questions for the sections we were assigned. To be honest, I found it detrimental to the study, as I’m not a fan of the creative, and I’d prefer that we just go through the passage and discuss it as a group. I do see the reason why our leaders are doing it though; it gives our less vocal people a chance to interact and speak up, whereas they may not do so whilst the main group is together, either because they’re a bit shy, or more vocal and opinionated people constantly speak up, something that I think need to be addressed, or they need to be made aware of…

Thursday night was the last night of lectures for college for this semester, and sadly the last night of college with Nicky. In the lectures, Peter spoke about preaching biblical theology, something that is commonplace at St Paul’s, but apparently less so at other churches, by the way people were asking questions. There were some interesting (practically pointless) questions asked by some of my classmates again… I’m really going to miss Thursday night college with Nicky, she is a great sister in Christ and always helped to calm me down, listen and talk through things over the last semester. I really really value her friendship, but at the same time need to be quite cautious in how much I tell her/rely on her since her main male relationship is, and should be, with Steve. If God does bless me with a significant other, I hope and pray that she is as kind, caring, thoughtful and loving as Nicky (And no, I’m not writing this just because I know she is reading this).

Friday was a long long day. More computer problems, quite demanding ones, which I still managed to avoid, before talking to Rose and Toni about some of the duties they may need to cover in my absence over the next three weeks. At the end of the day, I got onto the usual touch footy. Numbers were down, I think a combination of long weekend absentees and ‘wet weather’. We ended up with probably 13 people. I managed to score 4 tries coming from a few intercepts and a few well timed runs. At SALT we had Pat Jones from Menai Anglican come to speak for an evangelistic talk from John 3. After SALT I headed out to The Argyle with Nicky for Random Soul Recordings’ first Sydney party called Takin’ It Back. Yogi and Husky AKA Random Soul pumped out a great mix of funky, deep and jackin house tunes, warranting some great dancing.

Saturday morning I got a good sleep in, something that is rare in my world… After a little bit of room organisation, I headed down to the bowls club in Denistone for part 1 of Hamish’s bucks. It was a good bit of fun, and I got to rekindle some of my lawn bowling skills. We wrapped up mid-afternoon and I snuck in a quick nap before heading out to the Red Oak Brewery in the city for part 2 of the bucks, aka dinner and drinks. Traffic in, and parking were a bit chaotic; I took a good 40 minutes to make it from Milson’s Point to parking the car. For dinner I had the bread board, quite the tasty light meal consisting of 4 types of breads with a pumpkin dip, avocado dip, Asian marinated olives and garlic oil.

This morning, Nic and got to read Acts 16 and talk about a number of different things, including Hillsong and the way that we approach it as Anglicans… In the afternoon I headed to the movies to use up another movie ticket that I had, due at the end of June, to see X-Men: First Class. It was a good film, looking into some great X-Men lore. Some of the effects were a little off, I don’t recall seeing Stan Lee, and unfortunately there wasn’t a post-credit scene. There was also a scene in which Raven/Mystique is speaking to Hank/Beast about living in the world, but not being a part of it, which I thought rang true with the Christian experience.

Tonight at graceat6 I tried to do as little as possible, quite a difficult task really, hopefully to gear up everyone to ‘cope’ in my absence. I got to sit in the ‘pews’ with the regular people and experience church without tasks or jobs to do. I managed to hold myself back and not touch any equipment, or get up to correct errors, in the hope that people would learn to fix things themselves. Our preacher tonight was one of our overseas ministry partners: Kent. He spoke from Mark 1, which, after introducing Jesus, goes on to speak about guilt and shame in the healing of a leper and a paralytic. There were some great insights into the text, drawing out the deliberate actions of Jesus, and helping us realize/remember the relational nature of God.

This week will be an extra extra short week with tomorrow being a public holiday, and I have Wednesday off as a make up for the Saturday server install. I have quite a bit to do, and I’m flying out to Hong Kong next Saturday for just under three weeks. I’m looking forward to the time off, but then I am also aware and a bit fearful of the fallout that this will cause and I’ll have to sort out on my return.


So Long Summer

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote here. The month of February has been seemingly long and extremely busy. Here’s a run-down on what has happened, with a view to potentially blog happenings at a later date:

  • Graceat6 launched
  • My sister Anna married Arthur
  • Con Campbell gave an intro to Colossians
  • Growth Groups started for the year
  • I turned 30
  • Moore College
  • The Hurt Locker
  • Mens Katoomba Convention
  • One Night Only with Way Out West and John Digweed

I’m currently in the process of re-theming CHONGLAND again. This year should hopefully see an upgrade to HTML5 & CSS3 in the code as well as a mobile site for you iPhone users.


Happy New Year

I’m standing at town hall awaiting a train to take me home to a nice cleansing shower and my cosy bed.

My night was spent at Chinese Laundry to hear UK DJ Danny Howells. His set tonight was good, but not great, having plenty of nice tracks, especially those of the funky bouncy progressive variety, but it was missing that spark that binds a set together making it flow on a proverbial journey.

Tonight was the first time I was able to test out my leg on the dancefloor after my knee reconstruction 4 months ago. I had a great boogie towards the start of the night before the crowds started to fill up the space around the dancefloor. Everything seemed to flow smoothly giving little to no pain, which was good. The only thing that seemed to be lacking was stamina, mainly in my calves and soles of my feet. As usual there were plenty of looks, stares and giggles, some of them appreciative and others in jest, along with the occasional request for pills…

The crowd tonight was a big mix; probably 1/3 was there for the DJs and got into it well, the other 2/3s seemed out of place or to not be enjoying themselves. There were plenty of beautiful girls fluttering about, dressed to impressed. It was tough not to continually look at them and cross the dangerously thin line of appreciating beauty and lust.


Saturday night notes….

I found this note on my mobile this morning. It’s obviously some kind of flow of thoughts from Saturday night, yet I don’t remember writing it…

It’s a Saturday night out in Kings Cross and I’m at the Piano Room witnessing a whole heap of broken women settle for broken sinful men.

The women are dressed to the nines with legs to oblivion lustng after anything they can get their hand on.

I would have been fairly under the influence of alcohol whilst writing that note… I do like the fact that with inhibitions lowered, I can think of things in this manner.



So I’m in Melbourne until Tuesday. So far I’ve wandered the streets of the cbd, stopping in for a haircut at Synergy on Collins St, caught the train out to Malvern to see Veigli’s pad, missing the last tram back to the city and being ‘rescued’ from a tram headed for Kew. I’ve dined on ribs, red wine and taster desserts at The Grill Room, been dancing at Allumbra and heard 2 days of inspirational and informative talks at the innaugural Semi-Permanent Melbourne.

The last time I was south of the border was about 5 years ago when coming down to hear DJ Hernan Cattaneo play. Since then there has been a mass of development in the cbd and surrounds. The buildings going up seem to be nicely designed, interestingly shaped and quite colorful. It’s also interesting to note how branded Everything here in Melbourne is…

I’m not sure what the remainder of my time down here will consist of, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, let me know!!


London Elektricity@Bassdrop

On Wednesday night I had the absolute pleasure of seeing and, more importantly, hearing London Elektricity aka Tony Coleman and MC Wrec for Bassdrop at Favela.

It was odd heading out on a Wednesday night to a Kings Cross club, but upon arrival there was a short queue to get in, the lovely Sorcha managing the entry. She greeted me with a smile, a peck on the cheek and stamped my arm and it was off to join the masses upstairs, which was already at 80% capacity.

The crowd was already bouncing off the walls thanks to the $5 drinks happy hour between 8 and 10, some more evident than others, and the warmup DJ and MC, who seemed to be doing a good job. I settled into the tightly packed crowd atop the mezzanine steps, where I would drift back and forwards for the remainder of my night, and began to reacquaint myself with the drum n bass style of dance. There’s not a whole lot to it; it’s kind of like doing standing situps or ab crunches, but to the music, and with regular bending the knees, and then there’s various modifications you can add. The speed is quite fast though, a regular DnB track will run along at 174bpm, and you’d want to be hitting every beat, or each off beat at least.

When London Elektricity graced the decks, the crowd bellowed with excitement, and Tony responded with his track Just One Second, I think it was the Apex Remix, followed by Deadmau5 & Kaskade‘s I Remember (J Magik & Wickaman Remix), a great party tune, nice and summer-y. Completing the magical triplet was the dnb mix, possibly the High Contrast Mix of MGMT‘s Time to Pretend. The rest of the set just took off from there, including a few sections full of low end dubstep. Other tracks of note were:

  • London ElektricityAll Hell is Breaking Loose
  • Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Vocal Mix
  • MistabishiPrinter Jam (Barbarix Remix) This was teased and sampled multiple times before actually dropping.

Overall the crowd was pleasant. It was pretty refreshing to be out without having all these dolled up girls in short dresses showing plenty of flesh, rather the girls were mainly in singlets, jeans and sneakers. Not many “look at me girls”, but they seemed to be just out there for a good time with good music.

Big thanks to Paul Strange, Sorcha, Bassdrop,
MC Wrec and Tony Coleman for one of the front-running gigs of the year.


Ray Man 3

I’m currently at The Forum listening to these guys lay down some really phat basslines with some slow funk laid over the top and great drumbeats. They’re supporting Jamie Lidell!!!


Danny Howells @ Chinese Laundry

Right now I’m sitting inside Chinese Laundry listening to Jeff Drake warm up for Danny Howells who comes on at 11 for a monster 5 hour musical journey. What a way to spend Saturday night!!


Mushroom Jazz

Listening to some Mushroom Jazz by DJ Mark Farina after seeing him play at Oxford Arts Factory on the weekend….