A quick burn

I’m currently sitting in the Melbourne Airport waiting for my flight home to Sydney, after a quick trip to BurnCity.


mmm…. coffeee…

This morning as I was grabbing my daily morning coffee at Fioro down at 62(?) Pitt St, there was a lovely raven haired beauty that was picking up four coffees that caught my eye… Great looking cute girl that was enjoyably munching on a granny smith apple and semi-nervously waiting for her order to be ready. Being the strong gentleman that I am, I failed to talk to her, but I enjoyed the experience and the view, it kept me smiling for the most part of the mornings, and even now it brings me to a little chuckle and a smirk. She vanished off into the Macquarie Bank building as I trundled up Abercrombie Lane towards work…. With any luck she’ll be a bit more regular there and I can man up somewhat…