Long Exposure

On Wednesday night we went out for dinner with some family friends who were here from Hong Kong at Marigold. Dinner was scheduled for 6:30pm, so in the 1.5 hours spare I spent playing with my camera and it’s ability to shoot longer exposures.

I made my way down to Darling Harbour and setup my mono-pod and camera and played with the settings on the camera, dropping the shutter speed down to 1sec or longer, even as long as 10 sec, to see what kind of effect I would get.

The trick to this kind of photography is having a still camera, opening up the shutter for a while and fiddling with the aperture to let in enough light, but not too much as to flood the shot and over expose it.

As you can see, the images are quite nice. Here are a few more of my favourites:

If you want to see the entire collection, they’re up in a set at my Flickr


G&T’s Engagement Party

On Saturday I spent the majority of my day at the Newport Arms Hotel to mark the engagement of Geoff and Tiff.

I rocked up just after 2pm with Geoff, Tiff and Kim to find the place pretty busy with the lunchtime rush; sitting in the sun, looking over the water and enjoying their time. There was already a table of people when we arrived; we were a tad late on account of a compounded effort.

As the day progressed, many people turned up; uni friends, current and previous church peoples and family. It was good to see and catch up with the many people that I used to church with and don’t get too see as often any more. It was funny how some groups seemed to just keep to themselves, and how others branched out to meet other people. It was also good to meet baby Milo.

For dinner I had the Atlantic Salmon with chips and salad. It was really average, especially for the price…. There wasn’t much to the flavour and it was a bit dry as well.

I got some happy snaps which are up on Flickr, including some guest portrait shots by Geoff.

At the end of the night, about 10:30pm, we ended up leaving the Arms and headed back to Geoff’s place where the happy couple opened some engagement presents before we called it a day/night.


Sore Knees, need prayer.

I had an extra long weekend – Thursday through to Sunday and pretty much kept to myself for the whole time unfortunately…. My parents went for a road-trip down to Canberra for a conference and will be back today, and my sister kept up her busy schedule….

On Thursday night I played basketball and again hurt my knee, this time was just a twist as I changed direction on my way through the key, halfway through the first half. I was out until early in the second half when I decided that I would play through the pain, before the swelling came on. We lost, but it would have been worse if I hadn’t come back on…

Friday I spent the day hobbling around due to a swollen right knee. Went to the Physio and did some shopping for ingredients to make bolognaise, which I spent the greater part of the afternoon doing. The evening was spent at Code Red taking photos for SALT’s end of term social.

Sunday was by far the most productive day of the weekend. I did washing of 2 varieties; dishes and linen, before heading to church at night. The service seemed quite small, especially at the start, due to holidays. There was another engagement this week; Imanuel and Allison, but with a downside: Imanuel was set to lead the congregation in prayer, and we were told that since he was busy getting engaged, that we’d let him off….. So we had no general prayer, nor did we have prayer in response to the sermon on alcohol, throughout the entire service, there were 2 prayers; one after an interview with a member about their experiences with alcohol, and one during the Lords Supper.

This morning at work, I find out that another 2 colleagues had gotten engaged over the last few days…. That’s 6 guys that have, theoretically, dropped to one knee in the act of proposing in the last 2 weeks in my circle of separation…. I must admit, I’m a little envious that my knee hurts for other reasons….


Ghosts and Stuff

Today on my weekly catchup with Julie we wandered up to the Japan Foundation Gallery inside Chiefly Place to see an exhibition by Andrea Innocent aka innocentgirl called Facetnate! Love, Thieves and Fear Make Ghosts: old tales and new forms of Japanese ghosts.

The exhibit is a gorgeous collection of about 10 hauntingly beautiful images, with a touch of tongue in cheek. I couldn’t find a pic of my favourite piece, but here’s her piece entitled The girl in the blue dress

Definitely check out the collection if you get the opportunity before the 3rd of July.

We grabbed a bite up there for lunch. Being a new food court with new and fanciful food joints we were interested in everything. I finally settled upon a mini prosciutto pizza which set me back $7 and came with greens from a place called __dish__. It was pretty darn tasty!!! On the menu were also a number of breky pizzas which looked interesting…

Have you enjoyed any new arts and/or food of late??


Life Detox – the cover and the title page

I read (or at least used to) this Tumblr (an artsy type blogging platform) by Rachel Manchester, I guess I’d class her as an acquaintance…. Someone I’ve seen and know of, have communicated with, but not actually met. This was one of her last posts before going on hiatus:


things in life i need to discipline:
– computer/internet use
– compulsive iphone checking
– bedtime
– quiet times
– morning times
– school planning work
– eating well
– exercise
– money
– being outdoors

per day
– can check facebook three times per day (including phone check)
– can spend maximum one hour online (total)
– no tumblr
– must go to bed before 10:30pm unless out
– only three nights out a week
– prayer and praise on the way to school
– quiet times as soon as home from school (unless circumstantial)
– out of bed at 5:50am every morning
– eat breakfast at home
– stay back at school for at least an hour to mark and plan each afternoon
– free periods at school scheduled
– to do lists realistic and completed
– three meals a day. 2L water a day.
– at least one outdoor activity per day (no excuses)
– three instances of exercise per week
– money transferred for london trip within 24 hours of pay
– no extras bought between now and july
– read a book a week

It looks like a great plan of action to make some changes in ones life. I’m keen to take a leaf or two out of her book and work on a few disciplines as well. Here’s the disciplinary list:

  • bedtime
  • morning times
  • quiet times
  • prayer
  • eating well
  • screen time
  • home cleanliness & service
  • site maintenance, creativity
  • physical wellbeing
  • money

And the action/reactions:

  • bed by 10:15 (unless out)
  • up at 5:15am
  • 1st devotional bible reading after shower
  • breakfast before train
  • prayer session on train
  • 3rd devotional bible reading when home
  • 4th devotional bible reading before bed
  • exercise knee daily
  • weights 3 times a week
  • file things away, throw things away
  • bi weekly site updates at a minimum
  • minimum weekly photo shoots
  • three meals a day. 2L water a day.
  • budget & stick to it. Pay off loan asap

Looks like a sturdy list of things to do. Keep up on telling me if I’m dropping the ball, ask me how I’m going etc etc.
Are there any things you need to go about changing in your life?? Got a standard plan of action?? How’s that workin out for you?


Lunch @ World Square Pub

Had the pleasure of dining with some of my fellow St Paulians today down at <a href="World Square Pub, previously named Equilibrium. At the table were Ally Serje, Manny Costigan, Becky Chan and Josh Lear; a smaller number than I’d expected, but still great company nonetheless.

The menu was filled with plenty of interesting dishes, but I opted for the Pear & Cider Chicken with chats. It came well presented: almost a quarter of a chicken, a stack of chargrilled eggplant & capsicum and the chats with some sundried tomatoes, topped off with the cider sauce. There were a few things wrong with the dish which meant that it didn’t satisfy as much as I’d expected:

  • the chicken was to be a breast, stuffed with pear, mine was not breast and there was no pear flavour that I could pick up.
  • the taste was quite bland overall, especially the chicken, vegetables and sauce.

As a dining venue, the pub is a nice place, itdoesnt feel like a pub at all. Prices are a little on the expensive side, but reasonable for the city. I’d head back there for a drink at least, not too sure about eating there; whilst the food choices are interesting, I’m wary of their execution.


St Paulian Luncheons

Had an enjoyable lunch today at the Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe with several of the people from St Pauls (past and present) who work around the city. In attendance this time around were: Allison, Imanuel, Rod, James, Matt and Simon

I consumed the Egg Linguine with Hawkesbury River Squid with chilli, salsa verde, lemon and Asian herbs accompanied by a refreshing Honey Ale. A tasty combination indeed. I think it’d be nice to have had some dessert thrown in there for good measure, the menu looks delicious!!!

Redoak Website