The Sunday Summary [11-40]

Yet another late entry in the SunSum this week. I’ve been away again, this time down south at Port Hacking for the Mission Minded Network Conference.


The Sunday Summary [11-34]

This week I’ve been blessed with a quiet-ish week, which is just what I’ve needed…


The Sunday Summary [11-27]

Monday was the last day for my sister Anna and brother-in-law Arthur in Hong Kong before they shipped out to London and Europe, so the majority of the day was spent taking care of final bits and pieces for them. We headed to the General Post Office in Central so that they could send a few bulky items back to Australia, cutting down on their travel luggage. Next stop was Cheung Hing Tailor for Arthur to try on his tailor made suit and trousers, which needed a slight lengthening. I decided to take advantage of getting measured up for another suit and some trousers, which fit better, and are cheaper than street bought suits and clothes… We took in a late lunch at Crystal Jade Xio Long Bao in Causeway Bay before heading back home for them to pack and head off to the airport. At night with just the three of us, we wandered around the streets of Causeway Bay to find a place to eat, we ended up at a very busy little Hong Kong Cafe which serves a variety of foods. I ate tomato & beef with fried egg rice and drank a very tasty and refreshing tangerine with honey and lemon, served in a wine cariff…


The Sunday Summary [11-13]

This week has again had a great amount of biblical thinking and learning, but not without it’s struggle; I’ve not really dedicated much time to my own personal bible reading and prayer, I’ve been distracted and undisciplined.

Monday night I went back to my folks place to check that it was still standing whilst they’re away. After checking the place and collecting my mail from the next door neighbours, I ducked out to the shops before coming back home to cook dinner: a chilli and lime mushroom risotto. It took a good hour or so from start to finish, but the fruits of my labor proved to be a very very tasty and creamy risotto.

Tuesday was a frustrating day. Important things that I said didn’t seem to get noticed and less important things continued to be blown out of proportion. Towards the end of the day, though, I dropped in on Steph and Hamish, aka SHToose and had a good little chat about rewards in the kingdom of God, and faith by works. For dinner Steph cooked us an avocado and chicken pasta with bacon bits; a tasty meal indeed.

On Wednesday night at growth group we continued to look at Colossians, this week at Chapter 3: 1-17 which talks about our resurrection with Christ, how we are hidden with Christ our God. As an outworking of this resurrection, we are to set our minds on things above, rather than earthly things, and to love and serve the body of Christ with the word of Christ dwelling richly within us and doing so in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with thanksgiving.

Thursday night at Moore as we continued to look at Biblical Theology, this week looking at how to listen, reflect and let the Word renovate our lives and thinking. We applied this pattern of looking at the bible to the first three chapters of Genesis. It was really good to get into some good detail over these important chapters of the bible, especially to hear about God’s created order. I don’t think I’ve really pondered the way it’s reversed and restored in the fall and judgement.

Friday night touch was a pretty interesting one. I scored 2 tries early on in the game, one with a quick dart around a couple of players down the wing early on, and the second grabbing an intercept on our 15m and being able to ‘run’ the full length of the field before it being called a try. About 1/3 of the way through the game, as Kinsella crossed the line for a try with Wolnizer in tow, somehow Simon managed to trip over Kinsella¬†and hit his head on the ground, knocking himself unconscious. He was out for a good few minutes, warranting a call to 000 to hail an ambulance which took him away for a checkup and cat-scan.

Yesterday was pretty quiet again… For most of the day I watched some tv, played around with music files and played some Gears of War with Jase. In the evening, after dropping in to vote, I drove Jase back out to Newtown and then worked on my video for SALT.

This morning Nic and I sat down to read Acts 7 and 8 together. These chapters are really great!! Stephen’s speech is a great summary of milestone Old Testament passages, and then he rebukes the crowd before they stone him, but he commits his life into God’s hands and also asks God not to hold their sinful act of murder against them. Then we read the story of Simon the Magician who hears the gospel, but doesn’t quite grasp it and tries to buy his way into the kingdom of God, and then Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch who exclaims “how can I understand unless someone guides me?”; a great rebuke to those that aren’t actively out there helping people to read and understand God’s word.

Tonight at graceat6, we had a great missional focus on our Go themed week. Steph got up and ran through some tips/encouragements on how we can bring the gospel message to our friends by:

  • speaking openly
  • gathering socially
  • <thinking geographically

before interviewing Sophie Antognelli about her blog: Perjoyence and how she is using that as a tool to help answer questions her friends have about Christianity.
Bruce spoke to us about the Progress of the Word. In the book of Acts we see how the Word of the Lord continues to increase, and there’s a kind of pattern that we can see: a transitional point, where something changes, followed by impressive progress of the Word, where growth is both in numbers and also in depth of faith, and all this is because God enables it to happen, He is the author of it all.
This progress of the Word is also unending, as we see in Acts 28:30-31. Jesus is the hero of the ‘story’, not Paul, but the story is not finished: the gospel has come to Rome; not by the witnesses (apostles) because they are dying, but it is by those that have read the testimonies of Jesus and of the apostles. The Word ought to change us so that we are faithful, not hypocrites. Even when we fail, God is not hampered, because His Word will achieve His purposes….


The Sunday Summary [11-01]

Welcome to 2011 sojourners of CHONGLAND!!! This is a new weekly feature that I hope to write weekly on, who would have guess it, a Sunday…

For most of this week I’ve been getting used to my new abode, The Flat. A shared apartment I’m living in with Jase and Lairdy in Carlingford, which I’ve been residing in for just under 2 weeks. I’ve been setting up my room, building and installing a Hackintosh Pro (a PC running Mac software; the benefit being a significantly cheaper machine with some ability to upgrade and add components in the future), and getting reacquainted with the tasks of cooking and cleaning for and after myself. On Wednesday I got out to yum cha at Fook Yuen in Chatswood with my folks, sister and brother-in-law and his mum. It was a tasty meal. Thursday night was a BBQ at the Billet residence with some guys and girls from church.

On New Years Eve as i was making my way in to the city, i caught the 9pm fireworks on the train as it made its way between Milsons Point and Wynyard before I got down to Slip Inn to catch Random Soul aka Yogi & Husky DJ, and see Julie before heading downstairs to Chinese Laundry to see and hear one of my prog heroes Nick Warren ring in the new year behind the decks. He was impressive as always, managing to maintain a regular thump through a range of progressive house styles. Carl Cox also made an appearance down at Laundry, but didn’t manage to jump on the decks for a spin. He was in town for Space NYD, which I made my way to the next day, after getting a train home and to bed around 4:15am.

I got a fairly late start to the day, cooking up some scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon, and a banana and whey milkshake, before heading off to Moore Park around midday for Space NYD. Upon arrival I wandered into the main arena to find Darren Emerson playing to a small crowd of maybe 30 people spread out across a large grassy area. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was pushing out some funky proggy tunes. As he wound up, with Rock To The Bit by The Youngsters, I could see Dave Seaman in the wings ready to take to the stage.
Dave masterfully pushed a great progressive set out to the slowly growing crowd with peaks and troughs, hard hitting tunes and softer melodies. It hardly felt like he’d even warmed up when his set came to a close… I moved on from the main arena over to the smaller Coachbay Arena to hear Ralph Lawson of 2020 Vision Recordings, making a slight detour into the cool of the air-conditioned Forum where Bassdrop were hosting the drumnbass party, catching a small taste of AndyC who was going hard. Back out in the sun with Ralph, I danced up a storm to his funky deep house, stirring up cheers from many a passer-by, people with video cameras to record some footage (of which I’d love to see, if anyone comes across any…) as well as less welcome visits by drunk-guys asking me to teach them how to dance, or poorly imitating me. By the time that Nick Curly jumped up on stage to play my feet and abs were in pain, so It was time to sit in the sun for a bit. During this time the medics and cops descended on a guy that was in a bit of trouble, strapping an oxygen mask over his mouth and leading him off. Another chick was escorted off by the cops, which is always a sight to see…
After another short dancing stint to Nick Curly, met with a hearty cheer by one of the professional dancers passing by, I decided that it was time enough to stop dancing for the day and retire into The Forum again for some drumnbass madness. I got in there just on the changeover from Kobra Kai to Netsky, who was met with many a great cheer by the crowds. His set was a great rollercoaster through the Hospital Records discography as well as a few other popular dnb, dubstep and grime tunes, mashed together. There were a few technical hitches along the way through, with the sound tech wandering around the stage the whole set, fiddling with levels on the mixer and the amps, and Netsky asking to turn the volume up more often than not. As he finished up, Lincoln Barrett AKA High Contrast took over to the sound of almost silence, thanks to another sound hiccup… After that got somewhat sorted the crowd gave up a great cheer for the man who threw down a great deal of quality tracks whilst also battling with sound problems. Halfway through the set I decided that the mediocre production quality and the fact that I was fading fast was enough to drag me away from The Forum and Space NYD to head off home.

Today was a lazy day full of rest and relaxation, so much so that as I sat down to eat some fried rice on the sofa, I nodded off to sleep twice during my meal….
At graceat6 tonight James Warren returned to the pulpit to speak on Flee Sexual Immorality, Wazzaisms included, with talk of prayer for sex lives & race comments. It was a good sermon, re-assuring us that Jesus is the reason why we want to flee, because He told us to and because He knows how hard it is, helpful in distinguishing the thin line between desire/temptation and lust/action, and outlining & encouraging practical actions to take. The week wrapped up with a bit of hang-time with some guys and girls from graceat6 at the Trevena residence, chatting and catching up, playing iPhone games and a few rounds of Mafia, around some food and drink.

I’ve been slack already in delving into the Word over this week, but I hope to rectify that over the next one…



Last Thursday the 10th of September I went under the knife to have an Arthroscopy and an ACL reconstruction. I was booked as the second in the operating theatre, so it was an early start, arriving at the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN) at 7am. After heading to the Day of Surgery Admissions area, my Dad and I sat down to wait for things to kick off….

First up was the Anaesthetist who took us off to run a patient history and check to make sure that what was planned in the drugs department would be alright. Then it was back for a short wait before the clerk took us through the admission, mostly paperwork and money….

More waiting before a nurse took me through to be weighed, changed and put into a bed to wait to be prepared for surgery. This involved getting my right knee and surrounds shaved, washed and sterilised, and having a teds stocking on my left leg. Not long after that a porter came and took me upstairs to the operating floor, saying farewell to my Dad in the process…

After being placed in the operating queue, I was quickly whisked away to the outer operating room, kind of like an air-lock on a space ship. The Anaesthetists came and stuck a catheter in my left arm and then it was into the theatre to see Dr Hope, with a few last minute checks, like which knee was being done, it was G.O. time. The last few moments of consciousness began with the words “Think of your favourite place on earth“, my inner monologue went along the lines of “What’s my favourite place on Earth?? I wonder if Heaven counts??“…..

The next thing I know, I’m in the hospital bed in a ward with an oxygen thingo in my nostrils, a drip in my left hand, and little to no feeling in my legs. There’s also a cord with a green button tied to my right hand, which I soon work out is the pain relief drugs…. Throughout the afternoon I became accustomed to my new surrounds, drifting in and out of sleep…. I also worked out that intravenous pain drugs and I don’t mix particularly well when they make me vomit up any water that I’d drunk…. It kinda felt like the hamster experiment where it tries to eat the food with an electric current through it. After a couple of attempts, it just leaves it alone, preferring the hunger to the shock. I preferred to put up with the pain than to vomit and get hot and light headed. The nurse did offer a shot in the bum OR a pill up the rear to stop the vomitting, but I quickly refused those too… It was a shame that the nausea was still present at dinner time, resulting in a watery dinner tray, because the only mouthful of soup I had tasted very nice: a creamy tomato soup.

The night went very slowly, drifting in and out of sleep and having the nurses check oxygen, blood temperature and feeling in my toes every once in a while…. When the morning finally arrived we got breakfast and I was very relieved when I was actually able to stomach it. The cornflakes with apricot halves and skim milk, wholemeal bread with marmalade and Orange Juice went down nicely. Then the discharges started, with all four guys in my ward being discharged that day.

My discharge was the longest: After Dr Hope came and saw me, telling me how happy he was with the surgery and that he wished all his patients were like me, the nurses finally came round to unplug all the tubes and whatnot…. and then when they went to take the dressing off of my leg, we found out that the bandages over the stitches had soaked through, so they needed to be re-dressed, which took a bit of time… Then the Physio came to give me some exercises to do and teach me how to walk on crutches…. Her phrase for stairs was helpful, but not quite right:

The good go to Heaven, the bad go to Hell

meaning that when approaching stairs, the good foot goes up first when ascending them and the bad foot goes first when descending. Then it was another wait for the pharmacist to tell me what drugs I had to take, one for anti-inflammation and a pain-killer. And then I had to wait for my Dad to come and take me home…

Since I’ve been home I’ve been in bed for most of my time, sleeping and watching television…. I’ve had to battle my way through some headaches as well, mostly just with sleep…. On Sunday Mike came over to visit in the afternoon which was enjoyable.

On Sunday night despite wanting to go to church I wasn’t able to, but I did attend via Skype and was able to hear the majority of the service. Wazza spoke on 2 Peter 2, and I was able to catch up with a couple of people after the service through the chat window….

So for the remainder of my time off (2 more weeks) I plan to:

  • read
  • write – specifically my Engage posts
  • some design work – CHONGLAND, and maybe SALT
  • play games – Marvel Ultimate Alliance comes out soon and I’ve a copy on order
  • setup some computer stuff, if my body allows for it

Thanks goes out to all that have been praying for me during this time, it mean alot and I love you for loving me in this way



A couple of announcements from companies that have registered on the CHONG radar in the last couple of days:

  1. Apple
    • Copy & Paste text
    • Copy & Paste photos
    • New Spotlight – This will enable searching for anything in the phone, no matter where it sits
    • Search in Mail, Calendar, and iPod
    • 3G Tethering – Finally, and especially after the app was taken off the app store shortly after making an appearance
    • Landscape keyboard
    • Multimedia messaging AKA MMS. This may not actually make it to
      Australia, given that the visual voicemail feature never made it, I won’t be surprised if this feature won’t either.
    • Support for new calendar types – CalDAV (supported by Google and Yahoo) and .ics format (Apple iCal)
    • Improved stocks application
    • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio – An awesome addition, although battery life will need to greatly improve for this to be particularly useful and functional
    • Note synching with iTunes – I’m a big iPhone notes user, so this shall be very useful. It’ll be interesting to see how well it will integrate into iTunes
    • Automatic login in Safari
    • Shake to shuffle music
    • Wi-Fi auto-login
    • Anti-phising
    • Extended parental controls

    • Voice memo application – A great app addition, especially considering the 16GB iPhones with plenty of room to move. Voice memos will be a great time-saver, next thing will be some kind of dictation or conversion from voice to text.
    • Send and receive files

    • Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Browse remote content
    • Use your iPhone/touch to control peripherals
    • Maps inside other applications
    • Turn-by-turn directions – Finally, the ability for developers to put the GPS to the uses I believe they were intended for.
    • Push notification
    • Voice communication in applications
    • Rumbling
    • Audio recording – Another great feature that hopefully developers will utilise to it’s full potential
    • Access your music from applications

    They held an event to showcase their upcoming iPhone OS (Operating System) 3.0 on the 17th in America which was about 6-something this morning in Australia. It was long awaited and anticipated that copy and paste functionality would finally arrive, since being left off the iPhone since it’s launch almost 3 years ago…
    The list of features and amendments is quite impressive and will utilise some great functions of the iPhone which were slated for a long time ago:

  2. Marvel
    • Spiderman 4
    • Released on May 6, 2011.

    • Iron Man 2
    • Released on May 7, 2010.

    • Thor
    • Released on May 20, 2011.

    • The First Avenger: Captain Marvel
    • Released on July 22, 2011.

    • The Avengers
    • Released on May 4, 2012.

    There was a few announcements for upcoming movies and revised release dates:

    On top of that they’ve agreed with a company to make a number of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMOs) games featuring their superheros. This was slated for a couple of years ago, but fell through, and now they’re in the works again for both PC and consoles. I’m excited about this, and it will be an interesting time to come with rival studio DC Comics soon to launch their MMO with Sony Online Entertainment.


Street Fighter IV

I managed to grab a collectors edition of the upcoming Street Fighter IV which is being released Friday 20th February on Tuesday care of JB Hi-Fi who were amongst a few (many!!) stores to break the street date.

Due to my epic birthday weekend combined with the glorious Saturday night weather, I managed to catch a summer cold and sore throat, nicely resulting in a Wednesday sick day…. Now I was anticipating to play on Tuesday night after the St Pauls AGM, however I made the wise decision to sleep instead….

Yesterday I spent a good 4 hours scattered throughout the day playing. It is a fun game, reminiscent of the old. I was using the standard PS3 gamepad, but I do need to look at and arcade stick as the pad, although sufficient to play with, doesn’t feel like Street Fighter, and has adverse effects on the thumb.

I played through the arcade mode with a couple of characters, unlocking color variations in costumes, characters and titles. I’ve also played a bit of the challenges, which are an interesting addition to the game. There’s 20 per challenge in a range of difficult and style of play, each with a bronze, silver and gold award at the end. The inclusion of these and an online ranking mode make for great replayability.


Super Obama World

Mario + Obama = SuperObamaWorld. BRILLIANT!!!


Diablo III Announced

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Over the weekend Blizzard held their annual World-Wide Invitational (WWI), this year in Paris, France. Last years WWI, in Seoul, South Korea, saw the announcement of Starcraft II, so there were hight expectations for this year!! And They didn’t disappoint with the the announcement of Diablo III!!!

There has been quite a bit of speculation as to what would be unravelled this year, especially with the Blizzard website splash images hinting at several possible titles over the last week or so…

For those that are unfamiliar, let me run through a brief history of Diablo and to a lesser extent: Blizzard. They came out with Warcraft: Orcs and Humans a long time ago (1994), this was then followed up with Diablo in 1996/7 and then Starcraft in 1998. Each of these has had numerous expansion packs and a couple of them sequels and expansion packs, and in the case of Warcraft, an entire world in an online experience.

The original Diablo was a fairly simple action role-playing game, point and click to do most things. I think the big appeal was the engrossing storyline and replay-ability as there were numerous characters that you could use to play the game and each one was a different experience, despite the same quests throughout the game. This was expanded later in the year with Diablo: Hellfire, which added a couple of extra players and another act to be played through, although I never actually bought and played this expansion, and this wasn’t actually a Blizzard creation. Several years later (2000), Diablo II came out and brought the whole experience back to life.; an online, region-based community and portal for playing Diablo, and then other Blizzard games, was more of a focus for me, I actually had some estranged friends online whom I interacted with, possibly more than offline people…. Finally in 2001, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction was released, adding an entire 5th Act to the 4 already present in Diablo II, as well as 2 character classes.

Overall, Blizzard games have been an addictive part of my life so far, with the exception of World of Warcraft. I’ve been known recently to take time off of work to go and play with a bunch of guys from church for a day or more, and will be doing so on iPhone day: July 11th as well. The announcement of Diablo III has been awesome and I eagerly await the day it is released!!

For those interested, check out Blizzard Entertainment‘s Diablo III Website