The Sunday Summary [2012-37]

I have a feeling that I’m in the calm before a storm…


The Sunday Summary [11-26]

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through the year. I’ve felt like I’ve grown a huge amount already, but then I still have so much further to go; the growth has revealed other flaws that I’ve not previously noticed, or given enough attention to… My time in Hong Kong has been très busy, and you can see that by both the length and content of this loong Sunday Summary.



So I’m in Melbourne until Tuesday. So far I’ve wandered the streets of the cbd, stopping in for a haircut at Synergy on Collins St, caught the train out to Malvern to see Veigli’s pad, missing the last tram back to the city and being ‘rescued’ from a tram headed for Kew. I’ve dined on ribs, red wine and taster desserts at The Grill Room, been dancing at Allumbra and heard 2 days of inspirational and informative talks at the innaugural Semi-Permanent Melbourne.

The last time I was south of the border was about 5 years ago when coming down to hear DJ Hernan Cattaneo play. Since then there has been a mass of development in the cbd and surrounds. The buildings going up seem to be nicely designed, interestingly shaped and quite colorful. It’s also interesting to note how branded Everything here in Melbourne is…

I’m not sure what the remainder of my time down here will consist of, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, let me know!!


Change Your Imagination??

This year I changed hair salons from Beecroft to Castle Hill, the reason being that my stylist had left the salon and I wasn’t too pleased with the replacement(s). After three cuts with Ashley I was very pleased with her work and we’d built up a nice rapport, but alas she no longer works at Imagination as I found out on my latest visit.

I’m a little bit particular about my hair, but I had always thought that I was an easy going, easy to please client; I don’t mind how my hair is cut as long as:

  • It’s not extreme.
  • I can style it down for work and up to go out
  • Working at a bank means that we need to be a bit conservative, but then being out on the party circuit also means that I want to stack up to others out there.

  • It’s cut differently to the last time
  • I’m paying for a concept, wash, cut and style. If the concept isn’t there this time why should I pay the same price for re-use on my head??

This gives both me and the stylist room to grow, adapt and learn. It is tailored more towards the creative though, however I don’t see that as a bad thing.

On this visit to Imagination I felt a little awkward as I’d pretty much only dealt with Ashley and didn’t really know any of the other girls. They also seemed to whisper a bit here and there and it felt like it may have been about me.
The girl that cut my hair didn’t speak much, so I didn’t speak much, but if she had of made an effort then I would have happily reciprocated, instead it was all business with only a few questions about how the cut was going and what was done last time… When I came out of the cut, it felt like nothing much had been done, there wasn’t a noticeable change or any advice on wearing my hair….

I definitely didn’t feel like I got my monies worth, so the search begins (for the third time since arriving in Sydney) anew for an impressive and creative salon that doesn’t charge a heap, but will satisfy my requirements. Does anyone have any recommendation at all??


Growing on Me

So my avid readers will know that this year I’ve changed salons to Inspiration in Castle Hill. My latest cut with Ashley was about 3 weeks ago now.

I’m not generally one that likes to stand out. I generally won’t go out of my way to do so, the way that works out in practice is a different story, but I do like to with my hair. This, I guess, was inspired by a previous hairdresser of mine Jo back in Canberra. So the pretense of my cuts is that it needs to look good, different and be fairly easy to maintain; I like to leave the stylist some creative freedoms, something I don’t think they are used to being given often….

Ashley had something in mind for me when I rocked up this time, something she’d been pondering for a little while; a modern day comb-over. When she explained it, I was a bit “What?!?! I’ve still got most of my hair….“, but willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. As things got nearer to completion, she kept on asking how I was coping. I think I told her that I felt like I required a pair of thick black rimmed plastic glasses just to pull the look off…. What I came out of the salon with was a very slick, smoothed comb-over from left to right, with a part on the left hand side, yes, a part, an obvious one…..

Over the last few weeks, people seemed to have seen this new style and just given me a 2nd or 3rd glance with a kind of awkward “are you serious??” look. Those now have subsided as my hair has grown and thickened up, so there’s now some so-called meat to my hair and it’s actually looking quite good. I feel more comfortable wearing it combed-over now. Ashley mentioned at the time of the cut that this look she was going for was a 2-3 cut process, and I can kind of see her vision now.

EDIT: Photo as requested, poorly taken on my iPhone….


Making the cut

Last night I went again to Inspiration to get my hair cut. The second trip being almost as pleasant as my first. I waited a little longer, as Ashley had a few clients to take care of on the night, but when she finally got to me and creatively cut and styled my hair, I was pleased with the result: short on top and sides, to be styled ‘smooth’, and longer at the back, which is to be spiked out, and a combination of both as we go further back on my head.


Haircut – Inspiration

Tonight I went and got a haircut. Having been going to the same place for a few years and seen a few changes filter through, which is great for the hairdressers that have moved on, but not so good for me….

Initially at my old salon I had a consistent hairdresser Renee, but she moved on to work with TiGi. Then it was a mixed bag for a while, mostly experienced/senior stylists, but the level continued to drop per visit. Those that were cutting I had at least seen in the salon for a few prior visits, then it deteriorated to new people that didn’t know what to do….
In the end I left that salon, relying on my friend Jo whenever I was in Canberra to do the honors. I could always rely on her to do a great job on my hair, creatively styling it. What’s more she enjoyed doing it, to the point of missing cutting my hair and it’s texture.

Now I’d driven past Inspiration Hair before and to be honest I thought it was a different salon that I was booking in to which is a couple of doors down. When I strolled in, I was greeted by a lovely young lady who welcomed me in and showed me to a seat. After handing me a new customer sheet to fill in, she brought over a glass of water and a cherry & coconut yogurt topped muesli bar and told me she’d be back with some style books to help choose something she could cut for me.
When deciding on a style, I’m not particularly fussed, as long as I can wear it down for work and up for other times, she told me I was easy, which was kinda funny…
After that I was taken to the basin for a hair wash which consisted of shampoo, conditioner and a massage, that surprisingly extended beyond my head down to neck and shoulders, which was a first….

Back to the cutting bench and I found out my cutters name was Ashley and that she’d been cutting for about 5 years and enjoyed it, which is what you want. I was amazed when she told me that she liked the texture of my hair, something reminiscent of Jo, a good sign to start off with. We had a few good little conversations hand in hand with a few silences, but there’s potential repeat service to Inspiration. All up the service was a bit more expensive than my normal, but I’m happy with the end result, I’ll have to see how things measure up on the next visit as to how creative they can go.