Semi-finals – Mighty Kites vs Grantham

The final game of The Mighty Kites as we know it in this form before several guys take a leave of absense and it almost felt like we’d wrapped up and stopped as a team already… Lacking John and Garth we played as the young team, yet not quick and not energetic…

As Geoff took the tip against Grantham, he actually lost, but the ball was knocked straight off the court. So we had opportunity but sunk nothing; this was to be the trend for the first 4 minutes of the game, to and fro with no baskets… Even a couple of free throws went astray… It wasn’t until about 4 minutes into the game before points hit the board thanks to Geoff at the free throw line. From there we managed to push a bit of a lead, although it took plenty of effort to get there.

The second half felt alot sloppier with plenty of turnovers and intercepts by Grantham, along with their penetration of our key and a fairly accurate 3 point shooter, our lead dropped significantly. Our efforts to keep pushing the points failed dismally and with only half a minute on the clock Grantham were down two points when they got control of the ball for one last push to tie the game or win it. They drove up the court through some traffic managing to get to the key and let off a shot that just missed, leaving us with the win 30 vs 28 and our 5th place on the ladder.

This sees the end of the careers of several players on the Kites team: Gareth, Geoff and James. They probably scored 1/3rd of our teams points, so it’s sad to see them go. Hoping for a return at a later date…
It’s been a good, not great, season. I attribute that mainly to my injury, which has hindered me. Looking forward to he next season tho, where I should be able to step up my game in light of our losses. Signing off for summer comp 08/09. Thanks for reading!