Mushroom Jazz

Listening to some Mushroom Jazz by DJ Mark Farina after seeing him play at Oxford Arts Factory on the weekend….


Mark Farina – Fabric 40

Mark Farina - Fabric 40

  1. Glom – Together
  2. Chuck Love – Yellow Truth (Atnarko Mix)
  3. JT Donaldson & Uneaq – Why Not Rock?
  4. Ricardo Rae – Lead The Way
  5. John Larner & Slater Hogan – Hettin Ready
  6. Inland Knights – Where Ya At?
  7. Homer Espinosa – Got This Feeling (LNS Disco Dub)
  8. Alexander East – Believe En Me
  9. Frank Solano – The Blue Line (Tommy Largo Remix)
  10. Kris G – Feel My Love (Bobby Valentine Mix)
  11. Non Believers – Stasera
  12. Johnny Fiasco – Last Word
  13. Mood II Swing – Closer (Oliver Desmet & Fred Everything Mix)
  14. James Curd – Pick Up What I’m Putting Down
  15. Rylan White Featuring Olly Brunton – There Goes The Neighbourhood
  16. Lawnchair Generals – Broke Acid
  17. Jeremy Joshua – Make Dat Shit (Derrick Carter Mix)
  18. DJ Sneak – Mumbler
  19. Prztz – Brutality
  20. Mark Farina – Das Shibuya (Cheeba Mix)
  21. King Kooba – Hoose Musik

Always a fan of Mark Farina and the amazing versatility he brings to all of his sets, when I saw this, there was no question of whether the purchase was justified, and Mark hasn’t let the audio interceptors down at all. The disc moves between jackin and minimal house the whole way through, which is a nice little change up from Farina’s normal jazzy style and quite reflective of the Fabric label. When Farina mixed the CD he said

“… I played a sort of fictitious set at fabric on a night that doesn’t exist. Musically, I tried to capture the techy, jackin’ Chicago/SF side of the house spectrum – dubby, chunky tracks. I tried to pick tunes from all over the world. I picked a good variation of underground goodies, a lot of which are unreleased or hopefully not on any other compilations. Tracks that have a good “shelf life” but that aren’t proven hits; hidden gems that might go over looked in this fast paced music era.”

Frank Solano’s The Blue Line (Tommy Largo Remix) is one of the standout tracks on the CD and really kicks it up a notch. This is the stuff I’d love to hear all night long, to keep a dancefloor going all night long. The combination of Mood II Swing’s Closer (Oliver Desmet & Fred Everything Mix) and James Curd’s Pick Up What I’m Putting Down is another standout moment on the disc and really picks me up!!! The tracks are melded together so well that it’s hard to tell where one starts and the other finishes. This peak tails off very quickly into a minimal sound, which sounds like Farina was trying to emulate the later hours of the morning of a night at Fabric. The bouncy minimalism of Lawnchair Generals’ Broke Acid is quite fun and enjoyable, and Jeremy Joshua’s Make Dat Shit (Derrick Carter Mix) definitely continues on this trend, albeit slightly tougher… Prztz’s Brutality is just that; quite brutal on the ears, being quite quirky in it’s vocals and fx. The Cheeba’s Mix of Mark Farina’s Das Shibuya is quite mellow and chilled with some crazy japanese man rambling on and on over a bassline that sounds like the hook from Afrika Baambaataa’s Planet Rock which was a bit of a spinout when I first heard it and actually placed the bassline… King Kooba’s Hoose Musik is a nice finishing touch to the disc placing warm synth style chords and unusual effects over a bouncy minimal house sound combined with a quirky acapella sample to sign off and out.


Soothes the soul…

After a stressful number of days, lingering towards a week, I need some time out, or something to calm me down; draw my focus to something else…
Music is one thing which I use to escape….

Today at work I’ve been listening to the Tech-Trance Feb Special mix by some guy that goes by the alias of HeaT1 which I picked up from inthemix‘s trance forums. It’s been a nice smooth flow towards some tougher techy stuff at the end…

Also at lunch I ducked out to JB Hi-Fi in search of some new CDs for purchase. I picked up 3:

I’ll be sure to get some reviews up as I listen through them, so check back soon!! Also on the way I have Global Underground 034 (Mixed by Felix Da Housecat), which should arrive in the next few days!! It certainly is a great time to have ears to hear.