iPhone OS 3.0

The Internets are a buzz today with iPhone OS 3.0 going live via iTunes. The software brings a number of features that were lacking in previous versions of the software, and then a little cream on top of that.

So the main features that are particularly useful include:

  • the ability to cut/copy/paste both text and images
  • the spotlight functionality to search the entire phone
  • ability to use the phone in landscape mode for SMS and emails
  • a voice memo application

Some lesser known features include:

  • (carrier specific) Internet tethering, i.e. allowing a computer to connect to the Internet via the phone
  • notes sync, allowing you to sync notes on you phone to programs like Mail and Outlook
  • IMAP search, so you can search your Internet mail account
  • calDAV, which allows you to sync to Internet calendars like google calendar.

There are plenty of people talking of the pros and cons so far, and a few who have thrown up hints, tips and hacks as . I’ll be interested to see how this plays out with Nuevasync which I currently use to sync my google calendars, and also Optus‘ rediculous decision to charge extra for tethering.

Are you on iPhone 3.0 yet?? Any thoughts, improvements, tips, tricks or insights?


iPhone Visual Voicemail

I was delighted to see that visual voicemail had finally made its way down-under today as reported by Gizmodo and officially at Vodafone, a fairly big plus for purchasing the iPhone.

But this is a bittersweet discovery, at least for the moment (I hope), since prior to my iPhone purchase, I was a Vodafone user. I made a switch over to Optus when the pricing showed them as a better option in pricing at the time – bundled features etc etc. Overall the changeover wasn’t too bad. I have noticed that Optus coverage in my area (Pennant Hills) is poor. On average I get 2 bars of reception and little to no 3G reception at all. This means that phone calls are patchy and drop out quite a bit and data transmission is very poor – 0.03 Mbps compared to 1.84Mbps when on 3G in Sydney Metro.

Come on Optus, lift your game, get this visual voicemail and improve the reception in my area!!!