Where Are They Now??

This year I’ve been involved with our church youth group SALT as a tech guy, designing and maintaining their website:, taking photos and going away with them on trips like to KYCK and, just this long weekend; Awesome. It’s a great encouragement to see how the current young generation is embracing God as their Lord and Saviour, to hear them read Gods Word, Pray, discuss and question things in light of the Word. It brings back memories of my days in Youth and time as a leader.

Recently I’ve been thinking about those that were around during my youth days, both the leaders and the kids that came along. We had a fairly successful group in our time, attracting up to 100 kids a night. I have a fair few of them on my facebook friends list, so I delved into their profiles and had a look. To my surprise approximately 85% looked as if they had either turned from God and Christianity altogether, or just weren’t publicly declaring themselves to be Christians. This was quite a sad and distressing realisation. Was there anything more that I could have done?? Was there anything that I should have done??

I came to the conclusion that whilst leaders can teach, encourage, rebuke, correct, train and set examples for their youth to follow, the decision to follow God ultimately resides with God and the person in question. The greatest thing for me to do now is to pray for these souls. Pray that they will seek the Lord again, that they will remember the great sacrifice of Jesus for their lives, and to talk to them, ask them hard questions, in love.

For those of you that have lost sight of God, be assured that He has not lost sight of you. He loves you and wants to rekindle relationship with you, don’t wait until it is too late.
For those that are Christians, living, breathing and walking with God daily, I encourage you to persevere!! Life is not easy in a fallen and broken world. Worry not only for yourself, but look out for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, for Satan is always crouching at our door, and once you let him back in, it can be extremely tough to get him out again.


Mis-fortunate rebuke

I’m feeling kind of upset at the moment after a long and tiring KYCK weekend up at Katoomba with SALT.

My role at KYCK was two-fold: part of the site-host team for Katoomba High School and SALT-o-grapher.

Having taken approximately 300 photos. I managed to rush together a slideshow of some for church this evening… As about half of the service watched the show during supper, we reached the end and my desktop wallpaper showed up, then randomly rotated, as it has been set to do, to a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt to everyone’s surprise and my embarrassment and surprise…

Now this isn’t something I’m proud of… and something that I need to work on. So it was a timely rebuke, and the mis-fortune was that it was a very public one… My feeling of upset-ness is that there wasn’t much of a personal reaction to it from my Christian brothers or sisters…. They were all very much surprised and made comments when it popped up, but I felt so much like a black sheep when almost no one said anything to me after it had happened… Please pray that I will give this up to the Lord and that He will help me to overcome this and other related areas of my life….


I’ve been working away at three websites of late, one of them bring a new site for SALT; the youth group at St Pauls Carlingford. Tonight I’ve unleashed it in a somewhat acceptable form. Go on and check it out!!