The Sunday Summary [11-04]

Well this week has been an extremely exhausting one with January Ministry Conference (JMC) filling up my days. Basically I have been leaving the house around 8/8:30 each morning to make sure everything was fine for the day and that the sound and powerpoint stuff was ready to go for the morning talks, along with my normal duties of collecting mail and answering queries. A typical JMC Day would be talks in the morning by Craig Schafer on Psalms, followed by morning tea before Strand Groups. Lunch would follow before Electives, which then fed into free time. After free time was dinner and then night talks by Paul Grimmond on 1 Timothy. I plan to give a semi-in-depth run-through of the talks in a couple of posts.

I ran my first ever elective on the Wednesday afternoon of JMC, in my specialised field of Tech Training. I had 3 participants who all managed to get the hang of most things. One of which is on board for tech team this year, with the other 2 potentially coming on board later on.

On Thursday night after JMC, I went to play indoor soccer in The Derby: the match between Jesus Lives and Destiny FC. I played particularly cautiously due to my shoulder still not feeling 100%, but came away seemingly unscathed, only suffering an unnecessary kick to my ankle in the post-game. There was a fairly close call at one end of the field, when I was double teamed and barrelled into the net. I bounced off the net, but felt the chairs that sit alongside the court… It was an alright game, despite us losing to Destiny FC 8-2.

Friday afternoon touch was a bit less popular this week than the last few weeks. We had about 8 a side with many of the regulars not there. Highlights of the game were:

  • Bruce scoring a try by stepping JJ and outrunning him.
  • Scoring a hat-trick with some fancy stepping

The last couple of days have been pretty quiet as I tried to recover from the exhaustion of JMC plus sports… My day today has been tainted with the fact that someone stole my laptop and ipod touch out of my room by removing the fly-screen and reaching through the window of my room whilst I was out of the house for about 45 minutes, and whilst Jason was still in the house….

Tonight Jason spoke on Flee the Love of Money from 1 Timothy 6:3-19. Jason drew some great observations from the passage that apply to money, particularly our attitude towards it, in this day and age being:

  • Spending of money to be content
  • Using money as a measure of worth
  • Finding security in money
  • Finding our joy in money

He reminded us to flee from these things and to find our contentment in Christ, pursuing good Godly things instead like righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness, as it says in the passage. There were plenty of examples given by Jase of ways in which he has fallen victim to each of the points he made, which helped listeners to connect and relate. It was another great and timely reminder to think about where our priorities lie.

Post graceat6 we went back to The Everett’s for pizza again, this time around there were plenty more pizzas, and less people, but still an enjoyable time sitting around and chatting.

My bible reading has really suffered over this week, which is not good, despite still being in the bible for JMC stuff. Pray that I would continue to find my joy in Jesus and God’s word, that I would make my reading and prayer a priority, meditating day and night.

Finally the MTS blessing has manifested itself in the engagement of Hamish and Steph. Congratulations to you both. Here’s a photo I took of the lovely couple back at Awesome last year.


The Sunday Summary [11-03]

This week has been a bit busier in my down-time… and a still fairly quiet in the office, with the majority of ministers being at CMS Summer School. I’ve had the opportunity to work on redesigning the graceat6 website, which is planned to (re)launch on the 30th of January.

After getting the guys back in the house, we got on to playing Xbox on Monday night, with COD Black Ops: Zombies which was pretty fun… Though I’ve been finding that living here is not quite what I expected. My previous shared house experience with my uni mates John and Ed was mostly enjoyable. We bought groceries together and shared food, cooking and cleaning together. So far here, it feels like I’m renting a room… We all spend time in our own rooms, or out, there is little communication, and I feel a bit strange coming in as the third person to a couple of people that have lived together for a little while already. I’m sure that it will just take a bit of time to sort out, or adapt, but for the moment, life is really developing my graciousness and patience..

On Thursday night I dropped back home for some dinner with my folks before heading off to play indoor soccer with Jesus Lives. We played a good game of soccer and beat them, though I’m not sure what the final scoreline was, but I came away with a hurt shoulder. I was running up the right side of the field after the ball, and was tripped/tackled fairly abruptly. I wasn’t expecting it and wasn’t able to get my hands onto the ground to soften the blow, so I landed on my right shoulder, grazing a 2.5cm by 1cm patch and bruising a bigger patch around it. I didn’t really notice the damage that was there until after the match had finished, and then the severity of it hit again when I was driving home and wasn’t able to move my arm properly without experiencing pain. My folks suggested that I get to see the doctor as soon as I could. Sleeping proved fairly difficult as well, since I could only sleep in a couple of positions…

Friday morning I was off to see my Dr down in West Ryde at the medical centre. I arrived just short of 8am, which is when they open, to secure a spot in the line to see her when she arrived at 9… As I waited, I got to delve into some more bible reading, on a bit of a catch-up session. I didn’t get in to see the Dr. until about 9:45am… She examined my injury and told me to get it x-rayed, along with my chest, since I told her that I had been having a fairly sore throat for a few weeks. So I went upstairs to get my x-rays done, and dropped back down to see her, where she told me that there was no break, which was good, but that the muscle was bruised and that it would take a week or 2 for recovery, and also that I had chronic laryngitis…
The rest of Friday at work was pretty enjoyable; doing up bits and pieces for JMC (January Ministry Conference) which is happening from tomorrow until Friday at St Paul’s Carlingford with Craig Schafer speaking on Psalms in the mornings and Paul Grimmond speaking on 1 Timothy in the evenings from 7:30pm. I also spent some time in the afternoon making a wedding card for James and Charlotte’s wedding.
After work was touch footy. We had a fair amount of guys turn up again this week. I struggled to play a bit with my shoulder meaning that I couldn’t catch the ball or pass it particularly well, though I managed to get a couple of good attempts, including an intercept which led me 2/3 the way down the field, only to be tagged by Jace. At night I ended up at the folks for dinner again, this time with my sister and brother in law, plus a family friend. My sister also tidied up my hair with the clippers, taking out some length around the sides of my head.

Saturday was the union of James and Charlotte at Trinity Grammar School Chapel. Despite it being overcast, the weather was still quite muggy, especially uncomfortable in a suit.. James and his groomsmen: Hamish, Gareth and Geoff all looked quite handsome in their dark, subtley pinstriped suits, white shirts and green ties. The bridesmaids: Emily, Sophie and Peneloope looked equally as beautiful in their green dresses, but Charlotte was the standout, as she should be; a radiant bride in her lovely white dress, complete with a massive smile on her face. The reception was held at Angelos on the Bay in Cabarita and was an enjoyable time with family and friends of the lovely couple, with the traditional speeches from the fathers of the bride and groom, the best man, and the groom. The meal was tasty; I had salt & pepper calamari, beef medallion on a bed of mashed potato with vegetables, and an icecream pyramid. It was also good to see Sootie & Will; the photographers, who were the same ones who took photos for my sister’s wedding last year.

Here’s one of my favourite shots from my camera on the day. I plan on working on the rest with adjustments and what not soonish. They’ll go up on my Flickr eventually, most probably after I’ve given a copy to James and Charlotte.
James & Charlotte Moore

Today has been a pretty lazy day: playing computer games, watching some NFL with Jase and Lairdy and a nap in the afternoon before graceat6. graceat6 felt pretty disastrous: the church server had no power when I got in there, so that meant no network and no internet, I didn’t get the song details till late this afternoon, and of the four songs that I got, we didn’t sing one of them, which was the first one up. These things aren’t a huge importance, but it’s helpful to have them done right and with sufficient preparation. I wonder how things will be this year if I pull back from doing tech….

My bible reading plans have fallen through this weekend… I’ve not done as I said I would do… I guess it’s a good thing that the plan I’m on has a few days le-way, but it’s something that I shouldn’t take advantage of… This week won’t help much with it either with JMC.


The Sunday Summary [11-01]

Welcome to 2011 sojourners of CHONGLAND!!! This is a new weekly feature that I hope to write weekly on, who would have guess it, a Sunday…

For most of this week I’ve been getting used to my new abode, The Flat. A shared apartment I’m living in with Jase and Lairdy in Carlingford, which I’ve been residing in for just under 2 weeks. I’ve been setting up my room, building and installing a Hackintosh Pro (a PC running Mac software; the benefit being a significantly cheaper machine with some ability to upgrade and add components in the future), and getting reacquainted with the tasks of cooking and cleaning for and after myself. On Wednesday I got out to yum cha at Fook Yuen in Chatswood with my folks, sister and brother-in-law and his mum. It was a tasty meal. Thursday night was a BBQ at the Billet residence with some guys and girls from church.

On New Years Eve as i was making my way in to the city, i caught the 9pm fireworks on the train as it made its way between Milsons Point and Wynyard before I got down to Slip Inn to catch Random Soul aka Yogi & Husky DJ, and see Julie before heading downstairs to Chinese Laundry to see and hear one of my prog heroes Nick Warren ring in the new year behind the decks. He was impressive as always, managing to maintain a regular thump through a range of progressive house styles. Carl Cox also made an appearance down at Laundry, but didn’t manage to jump on the decks for a spin. He was in town for Space NYD, which I made my way to the next day, after getting a train home and to bed around 4:15am.

I got a fairly late start to the day, cooking up some scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon, and a banana and whey milkshake, before heading off to Moore Park around midday for Space NYD. Upon arrival I wandered into the main arena to find Darren Emerson playing to a small crowd of maybe 30 people spread out across a large grassy area. He seemed to be enjoying himself and was pushing out some funky proggy tunes. As he wound up, with Rock To The Bit by The Youngsters, I could see Dave Seaman in the wings ready to take to the stage.
Dave masterfully pushed a great progressive set out to the slowly growing crowd with peaks and troughs, hard hitting tunes and softer melodies. It hardly felt like he’d even warmed up when his set came to a close… I moved on from the main arena over to the smaller Coachbay Arena to hear Ralph Lawson of 2020 Vision Recordings, making a slight detour into the cool of the air-conditioned Forum where Bassdrop were hosting the drumnbass party, catching a small taste of AndyC who was going hard. Back out in the sun with Ralph, I danced up a storm to his funky deep house, stirring up cheers from many a passer-by, people with video cameras to record some footage (of which I’d love to see, if anyone comes across any…) as well as less welcome visits by drunk-guys asking me to teach them how to dance, or poorly imitating me. By the time that Nick Curly jumped up on stage to play my feet and abs were in pain, so It was time to sit in the sun for a bit. During this time the medics and cops descended on a guy that was in a bit of trouble, strapping an oxygen mask over his mouth and leading him off. Another chick was escorted off by the cops, which is always a sight to see…
After another short dancing stint to Nick Curly, met with a hearty cheer by one of the professional dancers passing by, I decided that it was time enough to stop dancing for the day and retire into The Forum again for some drumnbass madness. I got in there just on the changeover from Kobra Kai to Netsky, who was met with many a great cheer by the crowds. His set was a great rollercoaster through the Hospital Records discography as well as a few other popular dnb, dubstep and grime tunes, mashed together. There were a few technical hitches along the way through, with the sound tech wandering around the stage the whole set, fiddling with levels on the mixer and the amps, and Netsky asking to turn the volume up more often than not. As he finished up, Lincoln Barrett AKA High Contrast took over to the sound of almost silence, thanks to another sound hiccup… After that got somewhat sorted the crowd gave up a great cheer for the man who threw down a great deal of quality tracks whilst also battling with sound problems. Halfway through the set I decided that the mediocre production quality and the fact that I was fading fast was enough to drag me away from The Forum and Space NYD to head off home.

Today was a lazy day full of rest and relaxation, so much so that as I sat down to eat some fried rice on the sofa, I nodded off to sleep twice during my meal….
At graceat6 tonight James Warren returned to the pulpit to speak on Flee Sexual Immorality, Wazzaisms included, with talk of prayer for sex lives & race comments. It was a good sermon, re-assuring us that Jesus is the reason why we want to flee, because He told us to and because He knows how hard it is, helpful in distinguishing the thin line between desire/temptation and lust/action, and outlining & encouraging practical actions to take. The week wrapped up with a bit of hang-time with some guys and girls from graceat6 at the Trevena residence, chatting and catching up, playing iPhone games and a few rounds of Mafia, around some food and drink.

I’ve been slack already in delving into the Word over this week, but I hope to rectify that over the next one…