3rd and a 1/2 Bi-Annual IT Forum

Today instead of heading to the church office, I caught a train into the city to attend the bi-annual IT Forum, run by Sydney Diocesan Services for parishes and larger Anglican organisations.

We started out in prayer followed by a 15 minute focus on the Bible, led by bishop Ivan Lee. He pointed us to Genesis 11 which talks about the tower of Babel. Ivan demonstrated how this was the initial procurement of technology in the brick, and the building of cities and how it in and of themselves were not bad things. Rather the way in which man were using them to honor themselves and try to be on the same level as God was the error and thus causing Him to come down and scatter them. Ivan then went on with some biblical theology, taking us to both Acts and Revelation to see this idea of many tongues at Pentecost and the final one tongue with which all will worship God at the end, which he claims will be Chinese.

Next session was a word from the IT Manager of Anglicare who spoke to us about working in a Christian organisation and how that should be different; how we need to be living one Christian life which encompasses all that we do, rather than two lives that juggle things in the middle. One thing that was was said was that “we need to keep one eye on the desk, and one eye on each other.” which pretty much meant that whilst we do the work we are there to do, half of it is about relationship.

We then split up into 2 groups: parishes, and organisations to hear about more specific and related things. In our session we talked through the concept of a web portal for parishes and what that would look like and require and then a little bit about PAM: a records management database for parishes.

After lunch we came back together to hear from Dell about Desktop Virtualisation. It was probably a bit involved and complex for parishes, especially considering the cost involved, and the level of technical knowledge required.

Final session of the day was Rob from Anglican Retirement Villages speaking on their tender process for a new telephony service provider and how they went about measuring what they were paying for and finding the best service for good service that suited them.

The IT Forum runs twice a year for parishes and Christian organisations. They are looking to expand to have more parishes come along. If your parish has an IT or admin person that you think would benefit from the things I’ve written about or even just fellowship with some technically minded, drop me a line and I can pass your details onto the SDS team for an invite.



Header - Sony

March has been a big month for me and Sony. I went and grabbed a Playstation 3 at the midnight launch on the 23rd of March. It’s such a great machine and I’m loving it. At launch I picked up and extra controller and Virtua Fighter 5 along with my PS3. I’ve been playing that on Quest mode using Sarah, which has been alright, gets a bit repetitive though… There is a HUGE list of moves that can be used, but half of them don’t work 80% of the time, so it’s just easier using the others.

Other games I have are Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, B-Boy, Burnout Dominator, Gran Turismo 4 and Final Fantasy XII for PS2 and NBA Street Homecourt for PS3.

They’ve been very entertaining and seem to be consuming a tonne of my time, especially Final Fantasy XII of late.

Second Sony in March was a 40″ X Series Bravia LCD TV, has a built in HD tuner and sits nicely against a wall in my room atop an ikea cabinet. It’s also taking up most of my time, I get to watch the AFL in High Definition, whcih looks real nice, plus the movies on TV also seem to be showing in High Definition and looking very pretty.  I’m looking forward to combining the PS3 and the TV to watch some Blu-Ray movies.  Sony is due to send out Casino Royale on Blu-Ray when it’s released, so that shall be good and hopefully there’ll be plenty more of those surfacing in the near future as well.


Caz & Dave’s Wedding

Went along to a really great wedding to see the joining of Carolyn Finnan and David Hall. I was on sound desk duty and boy was that a workout!!!

The main reason for the difficult task was that they had a band on both sides of the stage that needed to have microphones setup. The band on the left handside because Mel, one of the SIX bridesmaids walked down the isle whilst playing the violin and then joined her ‘band’ there to add her composition onto the end of the processional track, which was quite amazing. With Mel there was another violin, cello, guitar and bongos…

On the other side we had a fairly normal band setup with piano, cello, guitar and drums and also a couple of singers plus Jems’ acoustic guitar for some songs.

The vows, the sermon, the prayers and the item were all great as well. The recessional was a Jurassic 5 song, which was great to hear playing on the church system.

After packing up quickly and having a very short chat to a couple of people, I jumped in the car and made my way to the reception to setup as ‘the wedding DJ’. Took a fair while to get from Carlingford all the way up to Oxford Falls. the main holdup was arround Forrestville where the traffic came to a complete halt, it was pretty rediculous and with the temperature today, it wasn’t pleasant.

Once I got into Oxford Falls, it was onto the reception place to setup my laptop and plug into the sound system and we were ready to go. Wedding guests started to trickle in over the next 20 minutes and once everyone had settled into starters and beverages it was about time for the massive bridal party to make their entrance to ‘Rappers Delight’ by The Sugarhill Gang, followed by the Bride and Groom to ‘Diamonds and Guns’ by The Transplants.

The lunch soundtrack was some Mushroom Jazz mixed by DJ Mark Farina. After lunch were speeches which were funny and nice, cutting of the cake and then the bridal waltz followed by some dancing. When the time came, we had to cut the music for the throwing of the bouquet and the garter. After that Carolyn & Dave got ready to leave, so I threw on some Superchunk mixed by Krafty Kutz and A-Skills.

During the course of the reception one of the waitresses, Brienne, asked me a couple of times what was beng played, so I told her about Mushroom Jazz and Superchunk and where she couldget them both, I need to get her a copy of Superchunk on CD shortly.

All in all a very nice day, good company, pretty good food, and good music of course!!