Fire Eaters

I’ve just gone and burnt my feed using feedburner. To those of you out in RSS land, you shouldn’t need to do anything if plugins work correctly. If you have any problems with my RSS, please amend your feed to:


WordPress 2.8 & subsequent new theme

Today WordPress released their latest version – 2.8 entitled Baker. I’ve gone ahead an installed (with a little difficulty) and hence there’s a lovely new theme based on the Hybrid template, customised for CHONGLAND.

Installation broke my blog for a matter of hours until I was able to get away from work, to MacDonalds across the road with free WiFi!!!, for some debugging. I hastily hit the upgrade button without disabling my active plugins and with the new widget structures and API, not all are compatible… One of my many active widgets left me blogless without a paddle for a while. I managed to ftp into my site and rename the plugins directory, forcing WordPress to disable all plugins, then rename the plugins directory back to the original.

So now that WordPress 2.8 is out, it’s time for me to get back on my theme horse…. I’ve got some good ideas up my sleeve and been reading a heap of inspiring bits and blogs, like Smashing Magazine, that are presenting me with new ideas, tips, tricks and tutorials. I’m excited to get it all rolling and hope you’ll enjoy it when it comes about!!!!


Temporary Theme

For those that visit the site, please excuse the current theme. I’m having difficulties with the current one and am awaiting WordPress 2.8’s imminent release on the 10th to develop CHONGLAND’s custom theme.



A few changes afoot on CHONGLAND, most notably on the main site with a theme change. This is something that is in progress and updating per acceptable version….

I decided that I’d like (yet another) re-theme. Certain elements were a target, but as I thought about it more and more it became apparent that I wanted to change more and more… Some words of wisdom from Sam ‘Rusty’ Russell [one half of The Fountainside and the first featured guest on The Pilgrims Podcast by Mark Earngey of seeing in a mirror dimly and Stephen Gardner of All Things New] encouraged me to update in small increments rather than putting off the whole change till EVERYTHING I wanted to implement was done.

So what’s changed??

  • Search function located in the top right hand corner
  • Login panel in the header. Features a few easy links for logged in users
  • RSS subscription link in the header as well
  • Full posts now show only on the individual posts page. Front page is more of a summary
  • Tidied up the meta data for posts
  • Played around with the footer information. A few new widgets. More changes to come here.

Now I have the arduous task of going through old posts to re-categorise and tag them. Should be an interesting trip down memory lane….

So what do you think?? Is there anything I could do to improve these changes, or is there anything else you’d like to see?? Do you miss the comment counter or the photos?


The Status of CHONGLAND

Good Morning Blogosphere!!

Apologies for the neglect and lack of blog posts…. Things have been pretty hectic of late, resulting in a lack of time to complete blog posts…. (I have about 5 draft posts sitting here to be completed….)

So what’s been taking up my time and energy??

  • I’ve been coming to work early (getting in between 7 and 7:30am) because my sister is catching an earlier train due to her job demanding longer working hours. I’ve decided that the loving thing to do for my dad is to go at the same time as her so he doesn’t have to make 2 taxi runs to the train station…
  • I’ve been working on the SaltYouth site. It’s now in its second skin and hopefully staying that way for a few months, at least until the lead-up to AWESOME: their annual youth camp in October
  • Just the general flow of life, being up and down….

I am hoping to get the ball rolling again now that things are more complete….
As for the content?

  • Bible Study coverage will still be a feature, I’m enjoying the time I spend with the group and the things we’re discussing…
  • I fear the Mighty Kites coverage may drop off…. The new look team isn’t providing a great write up… the first two games of the winter competition we’ve consecutively scored 18 points, but the opposition has clocked up 45 and 58 respectively…. Plus my Meniscus/Knee still haunts me and I doubt I’ll play until mid June…
  • Music should be getting a good plug as well, I’ve promised many album reviews, but provided little…. And there so much great music I’m enjoying that I’d love to share with you all

I am working on yet another visual metamorphosis of this site, which I hope to get up soon.
I’m aware that my readership is generally reading via RSS, but for those of you that do drop by the site, I’d like to know what you think of the sidebar; that thing that sits over there -> ->.
Do you find it useful?? Do you have an account setup to login to and see how many comments you’ve made?? I’m thinking of ditching it, or refining it and it’s position, plus moving the b-sides back into the everyday blog….


Comments Open

Those who read can now comment without having to login… Viva la technology & security!!