Time to ‘show off’ my new playthings :)

Fresh from the Puma concept shop: Future Cat Hi: They are ‘supposed’ to be rally driver boots :D 

Future Cat Low: Dunno if these are rally driver inspired, but they’re real comfy and I was lookin for something in a darker color and these kinda stood out :)

From the Stanley street markets where many fakes and cheap items are found I grabbed this guy:  King: The first character out of the mind of Tim Tsui, King is part of Da TeamBronx. I would have liked to have picked up a few more, but time and money were a little factor. For more info on Tim Tsui check out teamzero

In retrospect, I really should have picked up some BAPE gear, which is only officially available in Japan, Hong Kong and New York. It’s kinda dropping out of fashion in Japan, but picking up in America. The gear is quite exclusive and therefore expensive, unless you grab fakes. Bapesta kicks are pretty damned fresh, they’re customised Nike Airforce 1’s but there’s plenty out now. If you are keen on Nikes or Reeboks, may I suggest Hong Kong shopping, they’re EVERYWHERE!!!!