Things have been pretty stagnant, slow and slack over the last two days. Yesterday was almost a complete write off with pretty much procrastination and time wastage the whole day long. This morning was much the same, but I consciously decided to get up and out of the house for the afternoon and go and do some work where the self-distractions are less.

Armed with about 7 reference resumes/CVs, an email from Mike Barry of [Redacted], my latest sketchbook, several pens and a pacer, I headed off to Macquarie Centre to sink my teeth/hands into some design related work, both for getting me a job and improving my skills. Odd place I know, especially when Multimedia usually consists of computerised stuff, but I actually managed to get a fair whack of work done.

I proceeded to ‘The Loft Cafe‘ and 2 Lattes’ later I’d gone through the CVs and found some good language to use and several pointers for structure and style, as well as planning some CHONGLAND extensions and refurbishments, including Jacques De and Lambs2Slaughter ‘mini-sites’.

Big bonus was some of the company that happened to be at the cafe, let’s just say that she is real pretty and has a great smile. Luckily I got to have a short chat and that was expanded on/developed later on.

The bad thing is that I’m struggling to get to sleep now, not sure if it’s the 2 Lattes’ or if it’s the great feeling that comes about when you talk to a nice person, but if this keeps up I might need some sleeping pills or something. All in all a good day that seems to be shaping up a great week to come. Props to all involved