How goes it fellow citizens of and exiles on Earth?? I’m doing pretty peachy, but I have questions floating about inside my noggin (which are usually few and far between…) that are kinda buggin me and frustrating, annoying, perplexing and all the mumbo jumbo that goes along with it…


Q1) Why is it that people (me) do things that I’m not supposed to do, and in fact don’t really want to do, but I still do it anyways???

Bad things that good people do… How do we avoid it?!? How can we put an end to it?? It’s a mystery to me how those that surround me can see me and think that I’m some ‘good guy’ when deep down (well not that deep) I am some hideous beast that needs some crazy crazy plastic surgery rennovative renewal, we’re talkin billions of dollars worth here peoples!!!! I mean even I get scared of some of the things that cross my mind at times and apparently I’m in control of that thing slotted between my ears…
Yeah I know that I myself alone can’t change things and that God with JC and The Holy Spirit work within me to change me, and I really really want that to be happenin, but if I’m not dedicated enough to get the ball rolling consistently then how the heck is it going to eventuate?!?!

If anyone is reading this then please kick me in the pants and help my proverbial ball to get rolling (and NO not literally in the pants because that would hurt…. ALOT!!!!)


Q2) If you like someone, how well should you know them before you ask them out?? Where’s the line between something casual and a date?? Why do you get scared of them?? How come things are different when certain people are around??

Some of you know that I have an eye on a certain someone, others don’t….
Problem here is that I can’t read the signs and if I am reading the signs correctly, they’re mixed up real good. At times there’s just this great vibe and other times it’s like we’re strangers passing in the street.
I know, I know, you’re gonna tell me that the problem lies within and that I should just swallow whatever and go in for it, no fear, bite the bullet and take the plunge.

As a non-betting man, I like to minimise risk as much as possible so that
1) I won’t get hurt too badly and 2) those in existance around won’t be struck with a blow of awkwardness (how wierd does that word look!!!).

I’ve been there before and caused a whole heck of a lot of troubles for myself and people involved and it sure ain’t pretty. Perhaps we people of society could help to make things easier by relaying to each other things on a deeper level rather than just small talk that convolutes the airwaves daily, but I suppose that that requires trust and understanding that is perhaps built up by the aforementioned small talk.

Damn that ‘Catch 22’ which seems to be ‘ruling’ my life at this particular point in time…..