So here’s whats been happening in the life of me: I’ve been scanning papers for jobs and writing the odd application from time to time…

It’s actually pretty hardcore to apply for a heap of jobs… and it’s damned frustrating not hearing back after an application has gone in….

I’ve been trying to get my online portfolio online, but that’s slowed to almost a complete halt due to job apps, and a re-formatting of my computer. I still need to finish editing a wedding video as well….

Started on brainstorming an idea for the Ignite Film festival which I wanna do separate from the Se7en Samurai team, I’ll still be involved in their production, but I just had a nice idea for a video of my own… still need to play around heaps with the idea and run it few some people, and then think about how to go about actually acting and filming it out, but as an idea it’s pretty snazzy…

Trying to develop myself in terms of how I deal with letdowns, insults, mockery and other negative things in general… Not working the best, but my ‘skin is starting to thicken” I think….

Been rather sporty also; played indoor soccer last night with some people from church. I managed to score our teams only goal and almost had a second one in the last 13 seconds of the first half.

How do I know it was 13 seconds you ask?? (or maybe not….) Well someone wanted a sub and there was only 13 seconds left on the clock and I managed to race on the field, grab the ball, get round most of the opposition and shoot. Unfortunately it was my left foot and quite frankly that one just doesn’t work.

And today I went to kick a Sherrin around with Matt Lee (AKA Fleaster) at the local oval… he was tired after about half an hour though…. Sometimes I’m amazed at how quickly peoples energy is depleted and I guess I thank God for the stamina and endurance that I have, or have been lucky enough to gain. It’s something I’d like to develop a bit more though….

Tomorrow sees more PTC and then Church, so things should be good there…. with any luck I’ll be able to get some words in with certain people, but no promises….