My hair is in a bit of a state at the moment. I plucked one out, straightened it (yes my hair is slightly curly) and measured it and it’s 10cm in length….

My last haricut was in January before we went to Hong Kong at Hair After, and that was just to neaten things up. The last ‘radical’ change was in September last year?? when I went down to Canberra for Johns 25th. I went and saw Little Jo at Antics and she sorted me out with some form of stylisation and some colour (red and blonde if I remember correctly)

Anyway, there is some form of point to this; I figure in my current financial situation I shouldn’t be gettin pricey cuts, or even medial priced ones, but like $8 asian cuts or something….

But then I see in the paper that Hair Models are needed by Redken, and with any luck I’ll be struttin my stuff down some ‘Hairwalk’ with a fancy new style sittin on my head.
I find out on Wednesday whether I’m eligible or not.