What do people think of these organisations?? Have you had any luck with them??

I personally think they’re a bit of a farce and a front to keep the employment rate up.

Today I visited 3 to register as a candidate with some varied reactions and little results as such…

First of was Mac People/Future Prospects. I went to this smallish office in Wynyard somewhere and there wasn’t even a secretary manning the front desk. I had to ring the bell for someone to come and see why I was there. Anyways, she got me to fill in a form and proceeded to run off out the back again. Once I had finished the form and got a cv for them, I had to ring the bell yet again!!! They said they’d call me if anything came up…

Next was Julia Ross Hot. They were a bit friendlier, with an actual receptionist that sits behind a desk and does reception stuff. I filled in a whole bunch of forms and then she referred me onto a consultant who asked a couple of questions and explained what they were going to do from there on.

Lastly I went to Ambit. These people seemed like the most useless people in the world!!! I walked in to the reception area. There was a lady sitting at the desk and I told her I’d like to register as a jobseeker/candidate and she told me to get her a business card from the desk and she wrote an email address and told me to send it there, and IF there was something suitable someone would call me.

There seems to be an abundance of these ‘firms’ and if they all act this way then how do people ever get a job???